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Shop safely online during Black Friday

It's not risky or complicated to shop online if you follow some basic rules. Here we recommend five things that are worth considering when buying from an online shop, so you don’t have to be fooled or disappointed.

1. Make sure it’s the right product

The market is overflowing with products that look similar or have difficult product names. Before ordering, double check that it really is the product you want that you’re ordering. Check the full product name, any product number, colour, size, and other variations that may exist.

2. Check the shop

Some shops are good at handling orders and customers, others worse. Check what others have written about the shop, for example on PriceSpy. Also, make sure that there are phone numbers and addresses that you can use if you need to get in touch with them.

3. Check delivery time

Delivery times vary widely between shops on Black Friday. If you are in a hurry, check how fast the shop promises you will get your product. Here it’s good to be on your guard because some shops only indicate how fast they ship the goods, not how quickly they are transported and arrive.

4. Purchase from a chain that also has physical shops

In addition, it is easy to shop from retail chains that also have physical shops. Then you can usually order on the internet and pick up the item in the physical shop, which allows you to check it on-site. You can also return the item to shop if you change your mind or if it breaks. That way you’ll also avoid shipping fees.

5. Verify that the shop has "https"

If you pay with your bank card in the online shop, make sure that the site uses "https" and not "http". You'll see it at the top of the address bar of your web browser. With "https" the information you send over the internet is secure and the card information can only be seen by the shop.

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