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How to shop smarter on Black Friday

Fooling someone who doesn’t know much is easy. Fooling someone who knows a lot is significantly harder. Therefore, we give you five smart tips to help you keep an eye on Black Friday. These make it easier to find the good deals and avoid the bad ones.

1. Check the price in several shops

Many shops try to be nice by comparing prices for you when they lower their prices. But there is every reason to be sceptical about shops' own comparisons. They obviously have a lot to gain by making the difference look as big as possible between the regular price and the sales price, by quoting a sales price that doesn’t actually exist.

The first thing you should do is to check if an offer is really as good as it sounds by checking other shops’ prices on PriceSpy. You can do this easily by looking up the product on PriceSpy.

2. Check the price history

The price of products varies over time and many shops adjust the price continuously. A common method of making prices look cheaper is to first raise the price, then lower it, and compare it to the old one.

By using PriceSpy's price history, you can find out what the lowest price of any given shop has been previously, and you will find it on every product page. If you are using your computer, click on the "Statistics" tab. If you are using your mobile browser or mobile app, tap the price graph, which is located at the top of the product page.

3. Automate the search for discounts

A smart feature on PriceSpy that you can benefit from during Black Friday is the ability to monitor price changes. By monitoring a product, you will receive notifications every time a shop lowers the price. You can be notified via email, text or push notifications on your mobile. This way, you do not have to be glued to the computer screen to keep track of the products that you’re interested in.

You monitor by clicking the "Activate alert" button located on each product page.

4. Discount codes

Many online shops use discount codes during Black Friday. They give a discount on all or part of their range, thus lowering the price stated in the shop still further when you enter the code at the checkout. Keep an eye out for discount codes if you are looking for a product in a specific shop.

5. Free shipping

Don’t forget to check the shipping cost before ordering. Different shops have different shipping options and during Black Friday, some shops offer free shipping. In the end, the shipping price can be what determines where it’s cheapest to shop.

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