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yinyanman(1 review)
Deserving of their high rating. Will only shop here from now on. Hadn't bought a new computer component since 2014. As I usually buy second hand. I was searching specifically for a 5700xt and couldn't easily see one second hand. So thought why not just get one new for once. I called to check pick up times (because of lockdown) they instantly pick up. Instant answer. So I buy, leave the house. In the store greeted and served instantly. Asked a question about another product and the dude was helpful so decided to on the spot buy another SSD. Got home and realized the card had a code to get some free games. Emailed back to check how to unlock. Got a response in only a few hours. This is three wonderful customer service experiences in ONE DAY. Support this store, NZers. I can't say the same for some of the other stores around Auckland. COMPUTER LOUNGE IS THE WAY TO GO!
kiwijinxter(4 reviews)
Computer Lounge is amazing in so many respects. Paul Pattison responds to every single email and in good time. He is patient, always answering questions. Purely on account of the good reviews I saw, and his email responses, I felt I could trust them, and got the Blue Yeti microphone from him. The service is top notch, and I highly recommend Computer Lounge. I'd be more than happy to make any future purchases from the store. Highly recommended.
jennyclaire(1 review)
I recently had a high spec custom PC built at Computer Lounge for animation and motion graphics. With looming projects coming up, Ethan put together two potential system proposals for me to choose from, and completed the build in a very short time. He was really helpful in the process of tweaking the build to get exactly what I wanted. For a long-time mac user making the switch, it was a totally painless, efficient and friendly process, and I can't wait to put the system to work! Will definitely be coming back to Computer Lounge for their helpful and professional service and advice.
Dylexd(1 review)
I bought a pre-built system at Computer Lounge and received great service in store. I called for some help from someone we'll call Ethan. The help was fantastic, no hassle and fast. Im sure all their representatives are great but because It was so simple and i was understood to the point without even having to repeat myself, i just had to leave a review. I highly recommend computer lounge, they listen and are extremely friendly. I have no regrets buying from there, it's basically my go to store. Thanks computer lounge, you definitely are one of the best. I look forward to going to your store again if i need anything. Cheers!
Mad_Geek(1 review)
Computer Lounge is absolutely fantastic! I recently had a custom high end PC build done by the team at Computer Lounge and I couldn't be happier. They offered top notch customer support and advice at every stage, from my initial inquiries about putting the build together, right down to the final spec list and build assembly. They were so patient and accommodating in answering all my questions (weeks worth of back and forth emails never went unanswered, and I'm so grateful for that!), and they gladly offered their time and knowledge to help me build the perfect PC for my needs within my budget. I'm so happy with the PC they put together and delivered and they'll be my go-to store for every PC purchase I make in the foreseeable future. If you're in the market for a new PC build, whether it's a custom build or a pre-built system, you won't go wrong with Computer Lounge, no matter what your budget. They are absolute professionals and you'll be very pleased with the results!
sharonz(2 reviews)
My go-to computer store!
ramb4ldi(4 reviews)
The staff at Computer Lounge are great! I recently put an order through with them, not realising that some of the items weren't in stock (clear on their website, it was my mistake). Their really awesome staff helped me to correct my errors, sorting me out with a different set of parts so I could get at it that day! They really knew their stuff and made the whole process easy.
mranderson123(1 review)
Use these guys a bunch of times and would use them again.
kumadarelax(1 review)
Ordered a bunch of cpu cooler and fans from them one afternoon and got it two days later. The components are all nicely packed and shipped. Great price and quality.
MATTJHAIGH(1 review)
Excellent. I had thought of building my own computer. I had evaluated the options and was thinking of embarking on the challenge. I am glad that I did not. The team at Computer Lounge listened (and read all my emails!) and helped me through the process. Perhaps the best part was that I felt that I could bounce ideas, tweak the configuration and talk with a peer about the implications of the design. The sales process was enjoyable and I think that I ended up with a better solution because of it. Cost of the computer was very close to other online vendors but they clearly took their time, did a great job of the building, cooling and wiring, and a full burn-in test. The new Ryzen is working really well - the team even trying new BIOS settings for this latest chip to ensure that I had a stable build. Very happy with the outcome.
gabeloh(1 review)
CL and Paul have been nothing but responsive and super helpful. They were accommodating with my request for a quote and once I confirmed were good with confirming timelines. They also put care into assembling my custom build and gave me general advice (since it's one of the new AMD3X00 Ryzen CPUs) which is always helpful. Would recommend to anyone - prices may seem higher than other retailers but you can't beat the genuine care and service.
Gareth(1 review)
I recently bought a new PC from these guys, after a recommendation from another website. Customer service was top-notch all the way through. Very fast response to my questions, provided me with a range of options to upgrade an 'off-the-peg' PC according to what I needed. Fast delivery, too, after I confirmed my order. Great product, excellent service. I'd highly recommend buying from here.
nicoskee(1 review)
People here are so genuine that they don't talk you into just buying stuff from them. Real honest people with real quality products. Talk about a perfect combination (:
Azza2(1 review)
Staff helpful and friendly, would happily shop there again.
rolfegang(1 review)
Was in the market for a custom built rig for gaming/streaming, had no idea where to begin. Reached out to Paul and gave a budget, him and his team at computer lounge had me setup within a week. Would recommend to everyone i know!
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