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very quick delivery and excellent communication. I ordered a monitor on thursday evening and got it Saturday morning
I called Paradigm PC's friday around 4pm to purchase a monitor with saturday delivery. I had already called several other places asking the same thing and none of them said they could do it, it was too late in the day. Paradigm PC not only specifically has an option for saturday delivery - when I called up they were fairly positive they could get it out to me overnight on such short notice. They did. I placed the order at 4:15pm friday and I had the monitor at 8am saturday the next day. Truly fantastic turnaround speed. I've always seen Paradigm PC with low prices on pricespy but hadn't yet used them. Now that I have - I doubt I will deal with anyone else ever again. Thank you very much Paradigm PC!
Extremely prompt and efficient service in organising my order. This is easily some of the best customer service I've received of late, not to mention the speed at which their team have assembled and shipped my order is nothing short of exemplary. Looking forward to utilising this company for repeat business in the future
Big Morsuser.total-reviews
Just all around good service. Above and beyond. Next day delivery. Couldn't ask for a more streamlined and friendly approach to cheaper and more reliable, recently stocked parts.
The monitor has arrived only 1 day from order. Great, efficient service from Paradigm PCs 👍 The Asus PA 329Q monitor display is absolutely stunning ❤ I have never seen a computer screen display so beautiful, clear and so true to colour. It is easy on the eyes. No flicker. The photos and videos look amazing.
Excellent service when I bought an SSD the other day. Shipped the same day as I ordered.
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Ordered a laptop on friday and arrived on monday.
Edited 22/03/2018
2013: Very quick delivery of a motherboard, with competitive price, recommended! 2018: I ordered an SSD at 7pm, they received my payment at 9am the next day, and the SSD got to me (in Wellington) at 2pm. ONLY 19 HOURS! HOLY SHIT FAST!
Edited 22/02/2018
Excellent service. I've had many transactions with Paradigm PCs and they have always been incredibly helpful and fast. I would recommend them to everyone.
Edited 04/12/2017
Excellent service, Bought a power supply 1 year ago and it toasted itself a couple weeks ago, got in touch with pp while the warranty was still in tact and they were very fast and reliable to get a refund (there was no more in stock) in place straight away, regardless of my late night emails. They even paid the courier cost to send it back to the supplier. Always free shipping A perfect 10 out of 10 for me, only one suggestion: The site layout could be a little more user friendly as it seems rather difficult to order items and there doesn't seem to be any hint of a graphical theme. Regardless the cheap pricing and instantaneous service well made up for it.
Edited 29/07/2017
Dr Strangeloveuser.total-reviews
Bought a Linksys LGS318 switch around MAY-2017 and it work well for several months and then developed a problem with one of the 1Gbit combo ports. While I have ordered from these guys before and had no problems, I'd never had a fault with any equipment purchased from them before. This is the part we all fear.. the after sales support. ...I didn't have to worry. Paradigm PCs was quick to identify fault would come under warranty and arranged for the device to be 'serviced' via RMA by their supplier. I shipped** the device to the supplier and the device was replaced under warranty and returned. Paradigm PCs provided status updates/info via email throughout the process and it all ran like clockwork in under two weeks. So, based on my one experience of after sales support I am more inclined to purchase major items without having to worry about after sales support. Note - ** I didn't ask about the cost(who pays) of sending the switch to the supplier and just paid the $13.00 myself. What's $13.00 amongst friends. :-)
Good service, fast shipping and if there is a problem he will go out of the way to get it resolved. thanks for sorting out the issues with ASUS
Edited 25/03/2017
I have only had perfect product and service from Paradigm PC's. They are totally reliable and fast and always one of the cheaper trustworthy suppliers. Would be a perfect rating if I could pay with credit card without 3% penalty, I use their direct credit option only. And they do include freight in the price!
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