Game of the Month – Hoa

A beautifully-designed and stress-free platform game for PC and Switch

Text: Daniel Haaf

Published: 24 June 2021

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Hoa is a beautifully-designed platform game for those who like calm, puzzle-platforming games. 

You play a little fairy without memories of who she is or where she comes from, and your goal is to return to your home country and find out who you are, and why you left your family.s

When you reach your home area, you’ll find that all the inhabitants have fallen into a deep slumber. You need to wake them up and find out what they know and let them help you to the Land of the Spirits dream world.

As you progress through the story, your fairy develops new powers that will help you solve all the puzzles along the way.

All graphics in Hoa are hand-drawn by artists from the Scrollcat game studio. The music is composed to both match the aesthetics of the game and have a relaxing effect on the player.

An excellent game for those of you who want to enjoy a few quiet playing hours.

Here you can get Hoa

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