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Michelle (1 review)
I ordered a washer/dryer combo machine on December 24th. 3 weeks after ordering, I contacted The Warehouse to see where my delivery was. 3 days later and after 3 unanswered emails, I called them to follow up. The woman assured me she would call to let me know what was happening. I received an email saying the item was out of stock and I would be refunded. No phone call, no offer to substitute with a similar item, no explanation as to why it was in stock when I ordered and paid for it, but now I wouldn't be getting it, no nothing. If I hadn't contacted them, I would still be waiting for a machine I was never going to receive. Absolutely terrible customer service. If I could rate zero stars, I would!
Jan(1 review)
I've now had 2 terrible online shopping experiences with The Warehouse and this second time it feels like their online shopping is a scam. Items are not shipped within the specified timeframe, they show items in stock but once purchased they are suddenly on backorder, they send the wrong items, the customer service is really slow and poor, and their refunds don't even arrive in the specified timeframe. I am still waiting on one now. Lesson learned this time, I strongly discourage anyone from shopping online at The Warehouse.
Jaz(1 review)
Online order: Have recently purchase online using a Gift card (prezzy card), was click and collect.2 days after placing order I was emailed that my items are ready to be collected. I had went in store that day and collected my items but was informed at the desk that one of my items was not in the boxes i had picked up and will be ready in another 2 days. That was fine. Not until today (2 days later) I get an email that they have refunded me the cost of the 1 item they were unable to get for me. Very disappointed as now I have to wait up to 5 working days for the refund to go into that card. The other hassle is that I cant reload any more money onto that card as that is not how prezzy cards work, in order for me to check the balance and see when the refund goes in costs me 50cents every time i check (so I wont be doing that). The 1 item they couldn't retrieve for me was only $22. Now I'm stuck with having to find something as a replacement with the exact value of $22, given a wait on that aswell!. Or I'd miss out. No other options were given to me. Ideally I would have liked the option to have been able to go in store and find something of the same value or if more, pay the difference. Therefore I'd have an item right then and there and not refund into those sorts of cards that is not your personal account. Absolutely sucks as I'm stuck with this useless card with only $22 on it and cant do a damn thing about. I had spent a couple of hundred, and can still see the item I had wanted is still available online??? Useless at updating their website!. Something needs to change because refunding people all the time because you cant work your website properly and have REAL information on there. Only chosen to online order through the warehouse particularly because of this one item, or else I would have gone to kmart. As i have online shopped with kmart they have never failed me and are constantly up to date with their availability online.So this type of mistake doesnt happen!. With online shopping becoming more of a popular thing, it's a shame you cant do a simple job of updating a website.Sort your crap out Warehouse
clo(1 review)
The indiana queen slat bed and queen mattress cost me $500. The mattress was awful and could feel the springs. The slat bed is not designed to be dismantled wtf! no where does it state this and its not until page 9 of the manual that you are given this information. By the you have already glued the dowls of the bed.. Obviously when i moved house I had to dismantle the bed and guess what it broke.. I was atleast able to return rhe mattress. I wasnt upset when i told the staff this at the warehouse but just wanted to voice my concerns around making it EXPLICIT to customers that the bed is not able to be dismantled and management didnt seem to want to know or take on the constructive criticism. I was really not impressed. I read many other reviews of this product and people had the same problems as me. Its sad becauae i used to work on checkouts and liked this company. Please listen to product concerns because its not ok to sell products without customers fully understanding what they are buying
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Ed(7 reviews)
Some good deals but I got a not so great deal on a cheap BBQ I guess you get what you pay for.
Edited 28/01/2018
Unregistered0ce5f067(3 reviews)
Reviewing their online ordering: Quick shipping, automatic refunds when they can't send me my order in time (and they give me a free shipping code when they do!), Good customer service (full refund when I messed up an address and the order got returned to them). No idea how they're making a profit, shipping things like 68L rubbish bins for $5, but, damn, I'm glad they do! In store: Why bother leaving the house when shipping is so cheap?
Edited 07/12/2017
Unregisteredbf94876c(2 reviews)
Very poor online sales. I have had multiple experiences where my product has not arrived within an acceptable time frame as advertised. Good example is a book bought 3 weeks ago that has still not arrived. I bought some shoes from the US at the same time and they are here!
april_(7 reviews)
Great homewares and jewellery range
Badass_reviewer(12 reviews)
Expectations are always met, orders are correct and packaged well, courier time is fast and have always had great customer service on the phone and in the New Plymouth store.
Edited 25/01/2017
Unregisterede5a3b369(3 reviews)
A decent range of gardening supplies,prices aren't too bad either!
ClipIt(4 reviews)
Great Service and Fast Shipping
Edited 16/05/2014
JefWright(6 reviews)
Bought a phone at 8:30 on Wednesday night. It stopped charging its battery about 9:00 on Thursday night. Swapped (with a smile) at 9:00 on Friday morning. How a vendor can make the best of a bad situation!
Edited 19/05/2012
snaggle(3 reviews)
it would be nice if they had it in stock, typical for Whangarei Warehouse
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