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  • Very Poor
    1 month ago
    Very poor online sales. I have had multiple experiences where my product has not arrived within an acceptable time frame as advertised.
    Good example is a book bought 3 weeks ago that has still not arrived. I bought some shoes from the US at the same time and they are here!
  • Very good
    9 months ago
    Great homewares and jewellery range
  • Perfect
    11 months ago
    Expectations are always met, orders are correct and packaged well, courier time is fast and have always had great customer service on the phone and in the New Plymouth store.
  • Very good
    12 months ago
    A decent range of gardening supplies,prices aren't too bad either!
  • 2017-01-21 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • 1 year ago
    This user review is under investigation
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Great Service and Fast Shipping
  • Perfect
    3 years ago
    Bought a phone at 8:30 on Wednesday night. It stopped charging its battery about 9:00 on Thursday night. Swapped (with a smile) at 9:00 on Friday morning. How a vendor can make the best of a bad situation!
  • 5 years ago
    This user review is under investigation
  • Very Poor
    5 years ago
    it would be nice if they had it in stock, typical for Whangarei Warehouse
  • Acceptable
    5 years ago
    Their online service is rubbish.
    The internet banking requires Windows Vista or below, which is just plain stupid.

    Their in-store stock sucks and it's better to order online, even though the service sucks.

    Other than that, they have great prices a lot of the time.
  • Terrible
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    False advertising. None of the smart phone deals (ex. Samsung Galaxy S or SII) they promote online is actually for sale.
  • Very good
    6 years ago
    They have been consistently offering low low prices (in general) for many years in New Zealand, albeit some quality issues on some products (only some and not all). I particularly like their clearance prices. As such, they will get a Very Good rating from the Green Lantern.
  • Perfect
    6 years ago
    Purchased 2 wii games with incredible low online prices (wii Music $15 and Super Smash Bros Brawl $35).
    Got the delivery after 3 working days.
  • Very Poor
    7 years ago
    The Rotorua Warehouse store was absolutely hopeless to deal with. The attendant spent over 1/2 an hour looking for the Sony Ericcson phone before informing me they didn't have any. When ask if they could get one in the eventually said they could, I had to leave at this stage as I had family waiting. I left my number. They rang later in the afternoon to inform me they would have one and it would be avalable within 2 days. I went back to the store to see if it had arrived and was told it definately would not be arriving in two days and it would take between 1 to 2 weeks to come from their Tauranga store.
  • Perfect
    7 years ago
    Hassle free purchase. Attractive website, easy to search for products. Pricespy has good links to the warehouse pages. Well packaged and fast delivery. Will definitely be using the online store again soon.