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Edited 27/12/2011
rlth(1 review)
Very good customer service! They answered every question I had about the Operating System on mobile phones.eSquare is a reliable and recommended store. +++
Edited 15/12/2011
jackhy(1 review)
I just buy a new iphone 4s 32GB white color last week, the customer service very good, i could not fine any were in that time but the staff promises he can get for me in 1 week time and all so the price is cheap then every were and have 1 year warranty. i never use touch and smart phone before but now after they teach me all most no how to used, thanks Esquare, i strong recommend to any body please go to esquare.
Edited 29/08/2011
tupain(2 reviews)
Very bad warranty... I bought a mobile phone from esquare because the price has reasonable and it had a 1 year warranty... my phone played up almost immediately after purchasing... When I took it back (well within the warranty period) I had to pay $30 to have it assessed however they would not tell me who would be assessing it... In fact when I asked for a copy of the report, they intentionally cut out the company name (if there was one!). This is the full report, word for word "checked phone found phone is impact damaged (drop mark on the front of the phone), no warranty apply for impact damaged phones" Seriously, there is no other wording on the report expect for the model number. They didn't turn on the phone, simply looked at the scratch (a result of the hard cover case) took my $30 and refused to cover me...... the fault on the phone was a software fault so it only needed to be reloaded... Something I found out after sending it to OmniTech... a REAL assessor and repairer... While they had all the charm when selling the phone to me, that all went out the window when trying to fix a very minor fault... When purchasing a phone via parrale import, I would highly recommend asking who will assess and fix the phone for any warranty work, and make sure it is an external credible company and not the supplier himself or some dodgy unregistered company... I certainly will not be buying from esquare again.
Edited 26/10/2010
ning(1 review)
I have purchased several phones, car kits, memory cards, TV etc over the years from esquare. My experience has been nothing but good. They have discounted items to match their competition. Deliveries have been prompt, tracking numbers have been supplied. I have sent my staff in and they have been looked after. They now have 2 stores, one in Manukau and one on the shore. Good for me, Manukau is a bit too far. Over all they are my preferred electronics store. No one could match the price they gave me on a sony bravia at the time of purchase.
Spoonguard(3 reviews)
The website doesn't seem reflect what they can and cannot stock. And when it came time to ship my mobile phone, they neglected to give me a tracking number or tell me that they had done so.
aperio(1 review)
They are good at selling stuff but not backing up if the product is faulty..
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