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complexcrew.nz(1 review)
The teams go-to store for car audio! Purchased multiple stereos and speakers from here over the last few years and have had no problems since. Although we already know what we want before coming into the store, the boys know their product really well and knows what to match it with. Would also pay to give them a call to check physical stock as online is not 100% accurate. Very happy customer and will continue to purchase here.
puboff(2 reviews)
Been using these guys for a few years now with no problem at all! I bought a Pioneer head-unit with Bluetooth and had got it installed a few months back from here! The Installer (not too sure if same one from many years back) showed me how to operate the head-unit, changing from AM to FM, connecting Bluetooth and switch sources. Very knowledgeable with excellence service! Note: Would recommend making a call to the shop to see if the product is physically in stock. Website does not display stock count and was told that it shows what they can order in.
rjm2003(1 review)
Say they've got the product so you pay for it and it turns out they don't have the product. The detail on the phone are also insufficient.
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wpmills(1 review)
Very disappointed with this store. They claim to follow the Consumer Guarantees Act, but really, it's a sham. They say 12 month warranty and that's it. When requesting a repair, I was told the phone I bought wouldn't be water resistant after I finished, so I, as per my rights under CGA, informed them I was rejecting the phone and requesting a refund. I had confirmed with them before doing this that the phone would be substantially different in function after the repair, not to mention the part they couldn't replace. On the phone they are very aggressive and, when the disputes tribunal is mentioned, they start taunting you with how many times they've been and how the judge just throws it out without even hearing it. (The DT uses referees, not judges). I was told multiple times that the DT would be a waste of my time as they could win now worries. Will never buy from them again and never recommend them to anyone I know. Am still awaiting my refund and my lawyer will be in contact soon.
Reply by eSquare:2016-05-09
We apologize if you took the call as aggressive as that was never our intention. You firmly request that we either repair your phone for free or refund you in full. As you are aware, our warranty term is 12 months and the phone has been in your possession for at least 19 months which means the warranty has now expired. As a gesture of goodwill we offered to provide a free inspection and quote for the repair of your phone. You have however rejected the repair quote we have provided you on grounds that it will no longer be water resistance. As a reminder, the condition of your phone when you sent it to us was no longer water resistance due to missing parts. We also consulted with you that we can also send to another repair agent on your behalf, that can restore your phone to being water resistant again but you also decline this offer.
teza1(1 review)
Got a got a second hand DVD player off trademe so went to Esquare to install my car DVD player. Removed the old factory Japanese one but instead of using the one I got from Trademe, Ended up buying a Sony DVD player, which is fine, I paid the money. Took a few hours for the guy to install the DVD player. Dash leather got ripped. Did not complete the installation. Only after installing everything he told me that I would lose the function of my reverse camera if I use the new DVD player from them and if I want it back, I would need to buy their reverse cam for about 100 bucks (that is without the installation fees) and make appointment with other guy who installs the camera. The guy could not complete the installation, he used some double sided tape to put the DVD player front panel back. And the box beneath the DVD player, he couldnt put it back properly so there is a big gap between the steering and the box. Cant open the lids properly. Told me to come back again the following Saturday to complete the DVD and reverse camera installation. Went there. The guy who installs the camera was not there. So the DVD guy carried on competing the installation. Left my car for 2 hours. Came back. Told me that there is nothing that he could do. So now what do I get? Spent almost a grand, got a DVD player which I found the same model with cheaper price else where, lost my GPS function, lost my reverse camera function, dash leather ripped off, ugly gap between the DVD player box and the gearbox. Fking crappy service, irresponsible, waste of my time and money. I will never go there again for DVD installation and dont recommend anyone for that.
Edited 20/04/2015
sam_mukhtar(1 review)
They failed to hounour their warranty on a Lumia 800. They found a scratch on it and claimed the phone is impact damaged. Easy way out of a warranty claim. I will no longer shop at this store.
Edited 29/09/2013
Unregisteredf0f0cfdd(1 review)
I bought a Samsung GT-S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 for my mum and the phone was delivered in a timely manner and she has had no issues with it in the 4 months since. Reccommend these guys
Rusty Nut(1 review)
It really annoys me that they don't have a stock count on their pages. They are sitting on my $500 and I have to wait for their stock to arrive mid week (Monday today). Seems ridiculous. Their email feedback was timely though, so at least I know what the problem is. Just seems like an easily avoidable problem... Unless they only reorder stock after they receive customer requests which seems like poor practice. On the whole, not a great experience thus far.
Edited 29/01/2013
Ken224(1 review)
Good service, prompt reply and prompt delivery. Very happy with my phone and no dramas! I understand their price is wayyy cheaper than other retail store, comes fully backed with 1 year warranty. Their site doesnt show any stock information though, so its worth to either email them or call them to check on stock before your order. Trusted and recommended online store!
Archisilver(1 review)
Site is frequently not up to date, email communication was prompt but not exactly informative. Was terribly disappointed that I wasn't told the phone I ordered was out of stock (despite the information on the website saying otherwise) until after they had my money.
swneyb(1 review)
everyone has their own opinions but I've bought a few phones from them in the past and found the service very good. They have help me with reprogamming my galaxy S when vodafone had no idea . I rate them very well Cheers
chris cobzaru(8 reviews)
I wrote to these guys, I left them my email, landline and cellphone, never heard anything for a week now, how do they make it?
Unregistered9fdae49e(2 reviews)
I had bought a car stereo from esquare and consisted of soundstream and pioner components.The stereo made a humming sound when installed so i took it back to the store and they not only repaired the system,they exchanged the head unit to the next model up free of charge. Great service highly recomended
tran009(1 review)
Contrary to the previous poster I have had very good service from the people at Esquare. They have a good selection although I knew I wanted the galaxy s3 before I walked in the door. The price is very good considering I can just walk in and pick it up unlike the other places where I would have to wait for the post. Also I can just take it into the store if anything goes wrong rather than having to send it in. Very pleased with my purchase.
starspangle(1 review)
Don't ever buy from this store, I have brought 2 phones from them and when the phone's failed to work I was told they were Water Damaged, also found out their "Manufacturers Warranty" ONLY applies to their phone's if their country of Origin is NZ, if it's Origin is something like Aussie, Uk Ireland ect then the "Manufactures Warranty" is VOID, also if the phone you buy is is Sony erricsson (Any Model) then there is only one place in NZ where they are licenced to repair damaged mobile Phones under "Manufacture Warranty" Sony Erricsson Mobile Phones and that's Mobile Phoine Rescue in Mt Wellington Auckland, who I have spoken to and they said they don't do Mobile repairs for E Square in Manukau City Or the North Shore, so this tells me that these people fix the "Parralle Imported" phone's them selves. Save your self time and money and don't buy anything from this company.
Reply by eSquare:2012-03-23
We do not believe this is a fair reflection on our business. We are a parallel import business and therefore cover our own warranty. All our phones come with a 12 month Manufacture warranty, regardless of which country they originated. We send all our phones to an independent repair company in Auckland to assess/repair all our phones. This independent repair company we use has been operating for a number of years in Auckland. They also do repair work for other companies and in the case of water damaged phones they keep photographic evidence for their own reference as well as ours. Water damaged phones will not be covered by any manufacturer or company regardless of if it is bought in New Zealand or overseas. We advise customers if they are not satisfied with the findings that they are welcome to seek another opinion from a repair agent of their choosing. If their findings are different from the ones that been reported by our agent, we are happy to look into it further for them. If this customer's phone is water damaged then it is unfair to criticize our company when the cause of fault is unrelated to us.
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