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Jase(1 review)
Worst company EVER... you have been warned!. There back order system is a joke along with the updates and staff... all completely useless, do not waste your time or you money here... they hold your money for months, then tell you it cant be sourced, but still advertise it on the website the same product... im sure its some type of ponzi scheme!
Reply by Parallel Imported:2020-01-20
Hi Jase, thanks for your feedback. can you please email us directly so that we can look into your order and the communications with our team, you should be offered the choice of an immediate refund after 12 days should you not wish to wait to see if your product becomes available. We absolutely do NOT hold onto your money for months if you don't wish to proceed. If this is the case at any stage our management team will address this immediately and wish to do so on your behalf. Please email us with your order information to [email protected] , We have thousands of happy customers who use this process, but if we can improve it we absolutely would like to. Kind regards, The Online Team.
safari96(2 reviews)
Never buy backordered item from them, after 2 weeks they will tell you not currently available, then waste your time.
Zak(1 review)
These guys are the worst. I placed an order online, they said the item might take 7-12 working days to arrive, so I waited for 14 working days, then called them. They said they don't have the item and that if I wanted to wait to see IF the item did become available at a later date. So in short they were saying wait an unspecified time to see if they MAY have the item available then take another 12 working days for it to be shipped to me. This is so stupid. Why are you advertising an item, taking people's money and then telling them sorry we don't have it after a loong wait??? My frustration cannot be explained enough.
Reply by Parallel Imported:2019-11-14
Hi Zak, we are sorry to hear you feel this way, but we are unsure why you have left us a bad review. You ordered a 'Hot Deal' product and as per our Terms and Conditions and on every single 'Hot Deal' product, it is clearly stated that these are subject to availability. It is the risk you take when you place the order. We have not done anything dodgy or wrong or provided an incorrect service. We are very transparent about our order processing, please ensure you read the information we provide at every single step, before ordering. We also processed your refund as soon as you requested it. Thank you, The Online Team https://www.parallelimported.co.nz/terms-and-conditions
Tee(1 review)
Giving them 1 start is thoughtful 🙄 First time using Parallel Import I ordered a brand new iPhone 6, was faulty and did not work, sent it back and sure enough it was faulty ‼️ Second purchase bought a “Brand New” Harman/Kardon speaker, charged it over night and it only played for half and hour, sent it back and apparently the “technician” checked it and it was “fine” they even played MY product in their office and apparently it played for 8 hours 🙄 so they told me no issues, and sent it back. Received my speaker with only the speaker 🙄 rang them up to to ask them where my charger was, it was still plugged in to the wall in the office 🙄 very professional 😒 Sent my charger back over night charged it over night and it only played for 3 hours. Rang them and the lady said the “technicians” said it was fine.🙄 UNPROFESSIONAL ‼️ Never ever going through parallel imports ever again. Should have clicked the first time when my iPhone was faulty. Hence the title parallel IMPORT ‼️
Mr. very unhappy with parallel imported(1 review)
There are cheaper stores and the products they sell that are cheap under “hot deals” could take months not 7-14 days so buyer beware. The manager and staff are very rude when they are in the wrong at the North Shore branch and act like they’re first before the customer. The manager Daniel needs to learn what customer service means and maybe some respect might help him out in life.
Reply by Parallel Imported:2019-07-03
Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We have been offering 'Hot Deal' sales for many years, such is the nature of this type of product that it is not for the faint of heart as we can experience longer than normal wait times when items are dropped from our weekly shipments, this is explained fully on the document you were asked to sign in store. It is also such that we know the process intricately and we are fully aware that customers need their expectations managed when it comes to ordering such products, something we have worked extremely hard to get down to a fine art. We have terms and conditions on our website, on every single ‘Hot Deal’ product page, throughout the online checkout process and in stores you are obligated to sign a document stating that you accept that these products are NOT guaranteed delivery within the 12 working days and that if you cancel the order within the 12 day period (as we order these in specifically for you) there is a restock fee with additional T&C's. You would have had to have signed that document before your order was placed. It is company policy to ensure this is done prior to our staff placing the order. It is also done so that we are confident that our customers are making informed choices. We encourage transparency with our customers. What we don't encourage is the verbal abuse of our hardworking staff who were simply trying to offer you a refund. Please ensure that when you purchase from any retailer, that you are aware of the full terms and conditions of your purchase. Regards, The Parallel Team
Liam(1 review)
I ordered my Redmi note 7 Friday and it arrived the Monday after with no issues at all
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Unregistered0ef3d7a1(1 review)
Bought a brand new s7 edge from them, had to bring it back to them as the phone would not charge because of moisture detection? Unsure as I had never dropped it in water or exposed the phone to moisture. Brought it in paid 45$ to have it inspected and get it fixed took if home after 3-4 days of repair plugged it in literally after I had just received it from being 'fixed'. Then I brought it back the next day to get it fixed paid $45 dollars again for some reason as they said it cost them again to get inspected when the ISSUE WAS NOT FIXED THE FIRST TIME. And then soon after the charging port completely failed. I also checked the water damage indicator which is supposed to be visible on the S7 edge when it turns red but it was still in its factory color. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM they have some of the worst and rudest customer support team I have ever seen.
Best online shopping experience that I have had in AGES! Received my order the very next day!!!
april_(7 reviews)
Great prices on fragrances
Edited 03/04/2017
From ordering to receiving item was great experience.
Edited 20/03/2017
Fantastic people to deal with
Jimcelli(4 reviews)
So I ordered a phone which was on "Hot Deal" where I had to wait for 7-12 working days to arrive. On day 5, I e-mailed them about order status and got back to me in around 10-20 min saying that it's been delayed until Wednesday next week (Total 10 working days). Unfortunately I couldn't wait longer than 8 days due to work reasons. I asked them whether they will charge cancellation fee for refund or not. (Their policy is 10% cancellation fee if within 12 working days). The lady was really happy and kind to refund it in full without the fee. She made a refund in matter of seconds into my bank. Although I didn't end up purchasing it but my experience as a customer was fantastic. Communication was great via e-mail (but it's bit hard to track the order without having to create an account on their website which I didn't wish to..). Overall it was a great experience.
chamill(12 reviews)
Purchased a Camera for my daughter. They asked for identity confirmation, which was responsible and product arrived quickly, within 3 days. Cant fault that.
Edited 30/11/2016
Excellent service and experience. Well informed throughout the process and they delivered what they promised.
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