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Liam(1 review)
I ordered my Redmi note 7 Friday and it arrived the Monday after with no issues at all
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PrizC(1 review)
Bought a brand new s7 edge from them, had to bring it back to them as the phone would not charge because of moisture detection? Unsure as I had never dropped it in water or exposed the phone to moisture. Brought it in paid 45$ to have it inspected and get it fixed took if home after 3-4 days of repair plugged it in literally after I had just received it from being 'fixed'. Then I brought it back the next day to get it fixed paid $45 dollars again for some reason as they said it cost them again to get inspected when the ISSUE WAS NOT FIXED THE FIRST TIME. And then soon after the charging port completely failed. I also checked the water damage indicator which is supposed to be visible on the S7 edge when it turns red but it was still in its factory color. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM they have some of the worst and rudest customer support team I have ever seen.
Best online shopping experience that I have had in AGES! Received my order the very next day!!!
april_(7 reviews)
Great prices on fragrances
Edited 03/04/2017
From ordering to receiving item was great experience.
Edited 20/03/2017
Fantastic people to deal with
Jimcelli(4 reviews)
So I ordered a phone which was on "Hot Deal" where I had to wait for 7-12 working days to arrive. On day 5, I e-mailed them about order status and got back to me in around 10-20 min saying that it's been delayed until Wednesday next week (Total 10 working days). Unfortunately I couldn't wait longer than 8 days due to work reasons. I asked them whether they will charge cancellation fee for refund or not. (Their policy is 10% cancellation fee if within 12 working days). The lady was really happy and kind to refund it in full without the fee. She made a refund in matter of seconds into my bank. Although I didn't end up purchasing it but my experience as a customer was fantastic. Communication was great via e-mail (but it's bit hard to track the order without having to create an account on their website which I didn't wish to..). Overall it was a great experience.
chamill(12 reviews)
Purchased a Camera for my daughter. They asked for identity confirmation, which was responsible and product arrived quickly, within 3 days. Cant fault that.
Edited 30/11/2016
Excellent service and experience. Well informed throughout the process and they delivered what they promised.
Edited 13/11/2016
bleachydrew(1 review)
I was a bit weary of ordering from here since the reviews on pricespy seem to be so terrible, but the price for this phone (samsung galaxy edge s7) was far too good to give up (saved about $600 retail) and some of the reviews were over a year old. i made sure to pay extra attention with my ordering and awaiting for the confirmation emails and shipping as these seemed to be the main problems people have had with this company, they were prompt to email me about an hour after my order letting me know they expected my item to be in stock in the warehouse in the next two days, this was great as people seemed to not hear back from the staff. i was updated with my order and given the tracking number, it was shipped pretty fast despite being a special item (out of stock). for this phone this company was the only company to offer the lowest price aswell as an extended warranty of 3 years, everywhere else was only 1 extra year. I've had to give them an 8/10 since there was no paper work for the warranty, its linked to my account on their website, and the product also could have been packaged a bit better. overall i will definitely be buying from here again, fantastic customer services and deals and hopefully this helps others who are put off by some of the poor reviews.
Edited 18/08/2016
osp(2 reviews)
I ordered a phone from their website and 6 days later was told it was out of stock. Then they told me a few days later it had been held up and would be 2 weeks before it would arrive. So they offered to refund me which I said accepted. Now I didn't get a refund after a week so I emailed them thru their contact page asking again for a refund and got no reply. I rang them and they said it would go thru that night, but the next morning it wasn't. I rang the next day and finally got them to refund it, which they did straight away. I understand that stock listings can be out of date but to take over a week with 2 emails and 2 phone calls before I got my refund was just terrible service.
Edited 01/08/2016
keekmeister(7 reviews)
Posting an update to the below. PI contacted me privately to discuss my concerns and, while we disagree about the status of the item (I still contend it was in stock when I ordered, they say it wasn't), they have agreed to improve a couple of their processes based on my feedback. Because of this, I'm upping the rating a couple of stars on account of them taking my feedback on board, despite not necessarily agreeing with the crux of my complaint. --------------------------------- Had a poor experience, which was redeemed a little at the end of it. I ordered a phone via the website on a Wednesday before their 1pm cutoff for the day, paying via PayPal. They weren't the cheapest store for the phone, but I went with them because the item showed as in stock, and I understood it would be delivered "up to 5 working days" later (i.e. the following Wednesday at the latest). I received an email on the Monday (5 days after ordering) saying that they didn't have stock and the phone was on backorder, on track to be delivered (vaguely) "late next week". I replied via email soon after, and as of late the next day (Tuesday) I didn't have a response. So I found another company who confirmed over email (an hour after contact) that they had stock, and used the contact form on the PI website to cancel and ask for a refund so I could go with the other store and get the phone quicker. A day later (Wednesday afternoon - when I was initially expecting the phone), I still didn't have a response to either of my attempts to contact them, so I borrowed a phone to call them. This is where they redeemed themselves a little, as it was a really quick and painless 1 minute phone call to get the order cancelled and the refund actioned. Overall, this experience felt poorly managed. I won't be ordering from here again, and will steer my family and friends clear as well. My suggestions to PI: * Be more transparent with your stock - get a live stock counter. I work for an online SaaS company that provides stock counts across multiple locations as (a small) part of our platform, it's not difficult, and helps to give your customers a more informed choice. * Speed up your contact times - the initial 3 working day wait for contact was bad, but my first email went unresponded to for a couple of days as well. I don't think weekend contact is expected, but at least a 1 working day turnaround on contact shouldn't be an unreasonable ask.
Edited 24/02/2015
cactusflower(1 review)
I ordered and paid for a camera, only to receive an email 3 days later telling me that they actually didn't have the camera available. Why advertise something you don't actually have and take peoples money?? So I emailed my account through for reimbursement and asked when this would happen and got no reply. I then rung them and they presumed I was someone else (obviously this must of happened to quite a few people). Finally I got my reimbursement 4 days later (why was this not instant??) I found all the interactions with their staff quite rude and non reassuring. Disappointing, no apologies, cheap for a reason.
Reply by Parallel Imported:2015-02-26
Dear Cactusflower, We have investigated the order on your behalf and can only apologise that the refund took 4 days to come through, that is definitely not standard procedure. We believe this may have been due to a new staff member in training in our accounts department so we are terribly sorry about the delay. With regards to the order itself, the item you ordered is what is referred to as a "Hot Deal" item and is subject to availability as per the website terms and conditions. You ordered the item on Friday and a team member emailed you on the Monday (the online team only works from Monday to Friday). Once again we are terribly sorry about the confusion, we don't aim to frustrate our customers and hope that we can look to improve this service. Thanks once again for your feedback. Kind regards The Online Team
Edited 15/09/2014
Am very happy with the product and was very impressed with the diverse range, cheap prices, Customer Service and delivery time.
350z(1 review)
I do not normally post reviews, however I had such terrible service from parallel imported that I am compelled to post a review. I recently bought an iPad from them. It was listed as in stock and I was expecting to receive this within 5 days as written on their website. 4 days later I received an email saying that due to increased amounts of purchase they were unable to to fulfil the order. However they will aim to pop it in the courier early the next week. The next week, having not received anything, I checked online, it was still listed as stock available. I called the 0800 number and was told that there was still no stock and it would be another week. 17 days after my initial purchase, I finally received an email saying it was posted. However after 3 days of not receiving the product, I called the courier only to be told it was already delivered 2 days ago. I found it left at a neighbours back door, no signature signed, and the box soaked by rain. I have emailed parallel imported twice about this matter and received no reply. This service is appalling. Buyers beware.
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