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Rih(1 review)
Horrible store. Brought a motherboard 3 weeks ago, arrived faulty. We knew was the issue was but they claimed it was something else. I had a PC technician look at it. Took them a week to claim they had "received" it when the track and trace proved it was delivered. Took them 4 days to come to the conclusion it had been mishandled. I don't understand how it could have been mishandled if it was booting up it was just freezing. They refuse to replace, refund or send the motherboard back. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE and I would not recommend buying from this website.
dreamhoho(2 reviews)
one of chinese staff sucha... trash service never respect customer a lot of faulty products . slow service no way wil never use again
JorDogg(1 review)
Poor customer service. Ordered an item, after a week I tried to contact by phone but it hangs up straight away. Then used the chat service to talk to someone who said there was a 2 week delay on the item. I wouldn't have been so annoyed if they have emailed me a week ago saying this rather then me having to chase them up. Very poor customer service and order process. Will not be returning.
Matt Santos(1 review)
Horrible customer service, and the majority of their products can be found cheaper on another NZ Company.
texascowboy(2 reviews)
If you purchase products based on customer reviews, be leery of Playtech not publishing reviews that might hurt their sales of a particular product. I submitted a product review several times via their website and it was never published. The review was honest and subjective but did not recommend purchasing the product. An email inquiring as to why my review was not published went unanswered. Customer Service appears to be going downhill since moving to their new location. As a longtime Playtech loyal customer, I am now questioning that loyalty.
Elbarto(1 review)
Watch out - cynical pricing practices used! Playtech often have a 'super special' promotions (like "20% off!") but in reality a week or two prior they have pushed the price up by 15%+. For example look at their price trace for "Logitech Z906" - it swings up and down by ~$200 every couple of weeks, and when on special still more expensive than others. Also offer 'specials' like 20% off Fractal Design, but when you go and look on site everything still the same price with no discount or promo codes provided. Also seem to take a long time to ship these days....they used to be good but I think they are beginning to lose it...
ap147(1 review)
Fast service, good price.
hn123(1 review)
Awesome service would recommend. very fast and helpful with a replacement when a monitor i ordered had some problems
matt_N(10 reviews)
Fast service, no hassles
Swagneto(3 reviews)
I've purchased parts for a couple of high end gaming/workstation builds through Playtech now, and while i don't have anything too interesting to say about my experiences; the orders have always been processed and couriered out very quickly. Stock levels and delivery time frames given have always been accurate.
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Ed(7 reviews)
Shopped here over the Christmas period very nice showroom helpful staff the hard drive I bought was a great price this store is one of the better high end stores in Auckland.
Yangchen Air(7 reviews)
Great store and sales support. Competitive pricing and also has Oxipay/Laybuy available. Haven't had any gripe especially since I mostly do pick ups. Wish they were closer to the city though.
Snaps1992(2 reviews)
Great shop. Fast, reliable, and competitive pricing.
jpfree(2 reviews)
They've always been fast and friendly. There are emails at every step of the process that make it really clear what's going on. I like the various payment options, including Online Eftpos that uses your bank's app rather than dodgy Poli.
Edited 14/01/2018
Maxkmk(9 reviews)
PlayTech has been always consistant with excellent services and product range. - Competitive Price - Excellent Customer Service - Good Product Range - Fast shipping and excellent tracking information Thumbs Up!
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