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Edited 23/05/2016
SHOCKING! DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SHOP… If you decide to purchase from this shop you can forget about the warranty because they will not assist you in any way - you will be welcomed by angry staff who will try to make you leave the shop without any help. Also because of their presentation, I would not trust the description of the item on the internet. This kind of dishonest people that runs that shop would easily lie just to sell anything…. I wish I read some of the reviews before going to this shop. There were extremely pleasant when I bought the phone for almost $300. The phone was restarting continuously so I went next day to ask for some help to make it work. This time, the staff responded with raised voice, intimidating behavior and accusation that I probably destroyed the phone by myself (like dropped it several times, spilled some liquid or else). This was less than 24 hrs of original purchase and I am the person who use screen protector and casing from day one, so all my phones look new, even after couple years. So I decided to use another company to fix this problem, which was by the way, very simple and took 5 min. If anything goes wrong in the next 12 months, I will have to deal with a problem by myself and make official complaint to the consumer protection NZ about this firm.
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