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Fast delivery. Quick with information on price matches (always a day or two; never had to wait a more). Huge product range, if not in stock, it'll be with their supplier ready. Customer service is always friendly and very helpful; I've never had any problems with them. Only reason there is no current customer service available is because it's due to the current COVID-19 outbreak. I'm always on their website buying electronics and accessories for my devices.
Edited 17/07/2020
Consistently higher prices than almost anywhere else for computer components, and low stock. I usually request price match, which can take days. Price matching is often rejected with no explanation. Shipping is usually good. Product range is fair to mediocre. If you're in a hurry and don't mind paying a inflated prices, this shop is fine. Likewise, if you don't mind a long delay for price matching that might ruin your project deadlines, it's also perfect for that. No online chat or phone, so unfortunately the only way to follow up on lack of customer service is to contact customer service...
Mighty ape is my (and my sons) favorite retail therapy website! Great shipping and huge range of stuff. Customer service is a bit hit or miss, but i very rarely have a problem with them to begin with
Warning. I would avoid this vendor. Product was ordered, and a partial shipment was sent. It was damaged. The balance of the shipment which was food was shipped almost a month later after the balance of the order was cancelled. They had billed the entire amount up front despite only shipping part of the order. At first, they blamed the lockdown for not being able to ship food...then they admitted they had coded the product incorrectly as non-essential....then they ignored cancellation/refund requests and shipped the aged and unwanted food product anyway. Mighty Ape does not seem to have/publish a phone number to call, and emails get either ignored or unread...and the company does whatever it wants to do ignoring the customer request. It is a dodgy company and I would recommend avoiding it at all costs.
I've bought various things from Mighty Ape over the past 5 years or so, and the experience has generally been pretty good. Price: Mighty Ape's listed prices tend to be on the higher side of things, but not outrageously high. I understand they are usually willing to match prices offered by other stores. I have only used this feature once. Shipping: Usually pretty rapid, and reasonably priced. I have had one or two issues with items being damaged in transit through insufficient packaging. Customer service: Their customer service is good. So far, whenever something has gone wrong with one of my orders, they have put it right in an entirely satisfactory manner. It does often take a day or two to get a reply to an email though. In short, they often cost a bit more than other stores, but given that that higher cost appears to translate into better service, I believe it's well worth it. Recommended.
Same day shipping is amazing!
Mighty Ape is like New Zealand's Amazon, except even friendlier to Kiwis. I love Mighty Ape. Their service is top notch, and their delivery choices is amazing - I can opt for same day evening deliveries for stuff I can't wait for! Love Mighty Ape, and most importantly, it's a New Zealand business, and I'm more than happy to support them!
Edited 28/11/2019
Always great, never any problems
Mightyape has slipped over the past few years. They are losing their niche market and becoming more like the many other generic companies in terms of deals and what they stock. They are usually really good, but I have had some really bad experiences that have tarnished their reputation for me. Recently I have purchased a limited edition item that ended up not arriving they kept cancelling my order without notifying me, and when I enquired they would set it back up and tell me it was in the mail - I could have bought it from anywhere else but by the time they admitted the order never existed and they had been having trouble with their third party my order it was out of print, their customer service in that case was rude and unprofessional (which is unlike mightyape) but it really made me realise how they are not as great of the store they once were.
Always consistent and quick, and great pricing!
Excellent quick delivery and competitive pricing. Highly recommended.
Always great service!
Edited 23/11/2019
Ive been using Mighty Ape for some time now and know they will always better a minimum price found on PriceSpy.
Always a pleasure to deal with Mighty Ape. They are always quick to answer questions and sort out your problems. Also very quick delivery and a great range of quality products. Thanks Mighty Ape.
Edited 23/11/2019
Great to deal with, pickup from Silverdale is super fast.
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