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Edited 09/04/2019
I have had some good and bad experiences, I had brought a water cooler for my CPU and it leaked over all my components including into the cpu socket was told by the service team at tauranga that since it was water damaged they wouldn't cover it and I would have to contact my insurance company. Recently brought a graphics card with the other components replaced by the insurance and now waiting for some notification about what they are doing as the cards fans stopped working all together I know there is a process to go through but waiting 2 weeks to not hear anything about it and it's only around 5 months old and personally would have been faster to test it explain what's going on to the supplier and fix the issue not happy with tHis experience would love to hear back about what's going on maybe they need to follow up with their suppliers more frequently so they can resolve things better and faster. Still waiting on a reply back but nothing its been since the 12th and nothing so far. Update on this my gpu was 4 months old and when the gpu was replaced it was replaced with not a new card but one they had that had scratches on it and look like it had been used for a while. After talking with citizens advice bureau I was told under consumers guarantees act I should not have received a seconds card it should have been replaced with a new card to which I spoke to the service person in tauranga and got told that's not how it should be honestly I will spend extra to get better service they make it so hard for something so simple. Never spending money here again can not give a 0 star rating so 1 it is
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-03-26
Hi David, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. We're sorry to hear about your negative experience, however, we would really appreciate the opportunity to investigate into this for you. I will send you a PM now where you can send through some details and I can follow up with our Service team. Apologies again for your troubles and we hope we can solve this for you as soon as possible. Thank you.
I've had nothing but positive experiences at PB Tech. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and always help me find what I'm looking for. Returns have always been a breeze too. Took my laptop somewhere else to fix and they didn't know what they were doing, took it to PB Tech and it was fixed in a week. Can't find anywhere as cheap and reliable as you guys. Awesome company with awesome people, keep it up
Bad customer service and slow shipping! Haven't replied to any of my enquiries! Everything I ordered was listed as in stock but it's been 4 days and my order isn't even confirmed yet!
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-03-14
Hi Sam, we're really sorry to hear about your experience with us. I'll send you a PM now where you can reply with your invoice/order number and we can look into this for you. Apologies again for the lack of communication on our side and we hope we can sort this out for you promptly.
Terrible experience with delivery. Followed up couple of times but just a “Sorry for the delay, I have asked our warehouse team to ship out today.” Have to email them at least 4-5 times for the item to be shipped.
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-03-14
Hi Nivra, we're really sorry to hear about your experience with us. If you are still awaiting shipment, I will send you a PM now where you can reply with your invoice/order number and I can follow up with our team to see where we're at. Apologies again for your troubles and we hope we can sort this out for you as quickly as possible.
Don't even bother trying to contact this company, they never reply to your web email inquiries, there is no head office contact number because they don't want to speak with you and when you call their Auckland store and the staff are unable to answer your product questions and you ask for the Store Manager to call you back you never hear from them. Useless and uninterested beyond belief.
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-03-14
Hi Rob, thanks for taking the time to write to us. We're really sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get in contact with us, I can totally understand your frustration. If you would still like to get in touch, I can send you a PM now where you can reply with your inquiry and I can pass it on to our team to speed up the process for you. Apologies again for your troubles and we hope we can make it right for you.
Have been dealing with PBTech for over 10 years, both through my previous jobs and hardware for personal use. Most of the time the prices are very competitive, the site is great and easy to navigate, good product range. Support: the service is great e.g. a few years back a screen developed a fault 6 months after I bought the laptop, PBTech sent it off to the supplier, had it replaced, couriered it back to me in less than a week - amazing service. Have also returned a few other faulty items over the years, never had issues - although haven't had to do this in the past 2 years or so, so things may have changed. Instore: This is one thing that really annoys me and I hope PBTech (specifically Penrose) pick up their game, as I'd like to continue advocating them. I've had staff tell me "sorry I'm busy" at least twice now when I came up and asked them to help me locate a specific item. This happened in the past 2-3 months and apart from the fact that I normally only have a few minutes to stop off as I'm going from customer to customer, it is also quite off putting. I understand working in retail is tough, have done this myself in my younger years and totally get it, but when you have a customer asking to help find a part that I can see on the website I'd expect to at least be asked to wait for a few minutes until they come back and help me, not to be told "no" straight up. I hope this isn't a new trend that PBTech develops, because I'd like to think they are much much better than that. Still giving 5 stars as I wholeheartedly hope these couple of negative interactions I had were exceptions.
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-03-01
Hi there, Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We're really glad to hear that you've had some positive experiences with us. In regards to the customer service at our Penrose branch - we want to provide the best customer service at all times and apologise that this was not the case for you. We really appreciate your feedback and will ensure to pass this on to our team so we can improve in the future.
Edited 27/02/2019
What can I say? Saw their website is 100 aud cheaper than most shops at Australia and items were stated instock and ships today. So decided to buy since they have a good reviews on google map. But the items still not been shipped even though I bought yesterday. I call it false advertisement. Instead of ships today they should have written ships within 2-4 days. If I receive my items in time and I am happy to give a positive feedback. For now it’s negative feedback from me. Haha received on time and very happy about the fast shipping even though there was a delay on shipping date. Recommend this store
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-02-26
Hi there, thank you for taking the time to write to us and we're really sorry to hear that your order has not been shipped. Our shipping information is usually very accurate, however, we understand that from time to time these expectations are not met and it can be super frustrating. We'll send you a DM now where you can send us your order details and we will look into this for you.
Edited 20/02/2019
I deal with PBTech for the occasional personal purchase and quite often for work because their site is quite frankly the best in the country and delivery is prompt. If you have to deal with customer service though beware.
I've done a bit of shopping here over the last decade. Mostly online but a few small pieces in the Wellington store. Their prices have always been top notch and availability is usually really good. No bad experiences to date.
Edited 08/02/2019
DO NOT ACCEPT SERVICE FROM "ERIC LI" AT PBTECH HENDERSON UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, theres another review down below by ETC where a similar thing happened.They tried to sell me a computer fan for $120 total because they didn't sit my original fan correctly and said there would be no refunds if it made no difference. computer didn't even start when it got home after they took out and put the ram back in because the ram was in wrong, i brought it back it they took the ram out and put it back in and then they lied that there was nothing wrong with it and they didnt touch the ram and lied that my cpu, cpu cooler, ram and graphics card were all faulty . Extremely fast sales. service is a bit too fast and it leads to careless mistakes.
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-02-08
Hey there, thanks for taking the time to write to us and we're really sorry to hear about your experience. We can understand your frustration around this and would really appreciate the opportunity to investigate further to make things right. We'll send you a PM now where you can give us some details and we can forward this on to our Service team.
Great prices, especially during sales, and quick delivery. They have a large variety of items as well. In-store service can be improved, so I try not to go to a store unless I need to save on shipping and know what to get.
OK so 95% of the time PBTech is great - the products are competitively priced and the shipping is usually pretty prompt. If it's a bad experience it's the absolute pits. I had to take them to small claims court because of an incorrect chair they sent me. The 'customer service' wasn't malicious - just grossly incompetent. It took over two weeks at times for them to respond to a simple email, they sent a truck to my house without telling me - just some guy showing up on my doorstep asking me if there was something to pick up (I had no idea who he was or what was going on). It ended up going to small claims court which I won. I had been a long time supporter of PBTech but it on it takes one bad experience to ruin a relationship. I prefer to use other suppliers now (computerlounge, paradigmpcs, playtech, mightyape, ascent, etc). Steer clear of them if you can unless you're really confident you won't need to return, refund or support (even if you're in the right they still won't help).
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-02-01
Hi there, we're really sorry to hear about your poor experience with us. You shouldn't have to wait for 2 weeks to get a response to your email, clearly, something has gone wrong. Likewise, we can understand your frustration with having a truck driver just appear at your house with no warning. Sorry about that. We would love the opportunity to investigate further to see if we can work out where our systems have failed us and deliver a better experience moving forward. We'll send you a PM now where you can share your details if you're able to help us improve our service moving forward.
Mainly use the Penrose and Manukau stores, they have a wide variety of products. I have purchased quite a few number of components and cables over the years but only decided to do a review today. Easy to pop in and grab what you need. Rarely use delivery as these stores are close to work and home.
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one thing I don't like is how they scan a copy of your driver's license when buying online to pickup. i have never had any company require so much information when picking up and item purchased and paid online, courier companies write down your license number and require a signature when picking up which is understandable but never had one scan the card. this is one of the reasons I try to avoid this company due to an invasion of privacy as i don't see any information on how long do they keep it on record.
Reply by PB Technologies:2019-03-18
Hi there, thank you for taking the time to write to us. Some of the reasons why we scan a copy of your driver's license are to save time for both staff and customers, reduce data entry errors which can lead to bigger problems down the road, and most importantly to enhance security. Our Privacy Statement communicates that a Photo ID (e.g. NZ Driver's License, passport, or an NZ 18+ card) is required for personal identification. We are aware that you may be concerned about the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information, however, we can ensure that all of your information is well protected. If you do not wish to provide the information asked for, you have the right to refuse to provide it, however, we may not be able to proceed with the transaction if the information required is necessary for us to ensure the transaction is conducted in a legitimate manner while protecting the interests of both PB and you as the customer. Thank you for expressing your concerns with us. For more information around this please visit: https://www.pbtech.co.nz/privacy
Edited 12/01/2019
Great range, competitive prices. Been a customer in Auckland and Wellington on and off for years, and probably a dozen times since they opened in Christchurch. For some reason I'm always made to feel like I'm a nuisance when I visit the Christchurch store however, none of the counter staff look happy. I dealt with a sales manager once, he was a real smug bastard. Go figure, must be a lame place to work? The culture is obviously pretty toxic. Notwithstanding, they have a great range instore, and I'll usually compare their price on what I'm after. Pretty good, but not my preferred supplier for these reasons.
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