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    Simon(1 review)
    Ordered a phone on the 17th August. PB Tech's website had indicated that it was in stock. Paid by bank deposit which was sighted as being their preferred paument method for faster processing (avoiding the extra 2.5% they charge for card payments at checkout). Website indicated delivery would be within 5 working days. Recieved an automated email directly after placing the order to say estimated dispatch would be the 26th August. That's potentially 9 days after my order. Assuming that there'll then be shipping time to be added to that time I feel extremely mislead. If it is in stock (as stated on their site) then why does PB Tech have a very inefficient dispatch department? At no time while making the order did I get any alert to indicate any potential delay. That came in the form of a seperate email very quickly after they had my payment. Very unimpressed. I look forward to a reply explaining why the information they present to the consumer (when making the decision to purchase) seems different to the information recieved after purchase. Seems a bit questionable to me.
      Eleanor simmons(1 review)
      Havent shopped with these guys in ages bit there website is way better than it used to be.kinda sucks they dont have more stores though.
        Sadseahorse(1 review)
        Got PC parts I needed from latest sale, no problems yet.
          EagleFish(1 review)
          Honestly the best tech retailer in NZ, JB and Harvey's suck, Noel's is too expensive and Jaycar has a tiny range. Site the service isn't incredible but what do you expect from a low cost shop? Best pricing, best range, great website, handy shops, what more could you ask for
            Chaz(1 review)
            PB Tech is great but can you please make a better app. Your app is just a copy of the mobile website which seems pointless.
              Matt(1 review)
              I paid for a full parts list to build a PC in October last year. A week or two ago the powersupply blew out and the PC would not start. Me thinking logically went to PB in New Plymouth to get the PSU claimed under warranty. No big deal right? Wrong. Sure the PSU was claimed under warranty and that was replaced fast. What wasn't good was the fact that the PSU has taken the Motherboard with it. "Sure", I said. All parts were covered on a 2-4 year warranty so I was expecting a quick easy swap if they had one in stock. They had tested the motherboard and confirmed it was dead. They also told me they need to send it to the manufacturer to confirm that it is dead even though they had proof right there. I work in IT and needed my PC to do after hours work. I was given two options at this point. I was told I could wait a month or so to see if the manufacturer would replace the part, or purchase a new motherboard. I needed a PC for work ASAP so I purchased a new motherboard and asked for the old (broken) motherboard to be refunded if found faulty. This goes without mentioning that when the new motherboard I purchased arrived and they tested to see if it worked in my machine, they tore the whole thing to pieces, confirmed the new one worked and left it in pieces. They then stated that to put my PC back into working order they needed $110!? I brought the PC in with only the PSU unplugged and I have to pay to get it functional again? Okay. That's not the end though. I took my PC (in pieces) back home with the motherboard I purchased and built it up from scratch. Everything worked fine, It was built fine, ran fine, whatever. The next week, I get a message saying my replacement motherboard from the manufacturer has arrived and is ready to be picked up, despite being told it would take a month or so. (The only reason I bought a new one is because of the time frame I was given). I gave the New Plymouth guys a call and told them It was pointless for me to have a second motherboard and that I wanted either a full refund or store credit for it instead. They refused and said the best I could do is to sell it on Facebook or TradeMe.. I went back and fourth with these guys for a while until they suggested I call Head Office. Head Office struggled to understand my issue and kept asking for an invoice number for the purchase of the motherboard. (Which is not why I called, I was calling in regards to the warranty replaced one.) I gave them my details and they said there was no way I could get credit or a refund on my purchase from last year. I am now stuck with $200 out of pocket for a new motherboard, and a motherboard waiting in the store that I cannot use. I want this sorted. My PC also came back without its IO Panel and it was missing a rubber dome for the glass panel standoffs. Regards, -Matt
              Reply by PB Technologies:2019-07-24
              Hi Matt Thanks for your feedback about your experience when your PSU/MB failed. I can understand your frustration when your hardware fails and things can't be fixed right away. There's good reasons why some things were handled the way they were and given this is a public forum we'd like to explain our process / reasoning: Motherboard being sent for repair not replaced / credited straight away – all the main motehrboard manufacturers insist we send faulty hardware back to them for repair / assessment if it has failed after 7 days. Under 7 days we can straight swap / replace / issue credit. All re-sellers of ASUS / Gigabyte in NZ follow the same process. In your case the replacement unit they sent back was not in a retail box - so we can't resell hence why we didn't offer a credit. Estimating up to a month for repairs, but repairs happening much quicker - we've learned it's better to quote the longer repair time and deliver faster than the other way around. Remember these repairs are being carried out by the manufacturer. Quoting you to assemble your PC - you shouldn't have been quoted labour to install the new motherboard you bought while your original one was being repaired / assessed. Apologies for this. Missing I/O - according to our tech who was working on this case, I understand you have since found it :) In summary we didn't quite get everything right with how we handled this job and apologies for any frustration caused. Also, I now understand our New Plymouth team have contacted you and sorted this case for you. Thanks PB Tech
                Charlie Cheng(1 review)
                Graphic card fails. PB manukau checked the history and it is still in warenty. Replaced new one. Very happy
                Edited 16/07/2019
                  Hunter(1 review)
                  Customer service took 7 days to finally get to me. Have handled situation well in their email to me.
                  Reply by PB Technologies:2019-07-16
                  Hi Hunter, Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. We're really sorry to hear that no one has gotten back to you yet. We completely understand your frustration, especially with having to wait longer than expected for your order to arrive. I'll send you a PM now where you can respond with your order number and I'll be happy to look into this for you. Apologies again for your troubles and we hope we can get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. Thanks.
                    danield123dd(1 review)
                    Some of the staff are great to deal with, but on the whole have terrible customer service. Ordered an item two weeks back, with an expected eta of 1-2 weeks. I call up recently to find that my order has been delayed by over a month, without anyone attempting to make contact with me to let me know. Person on the phone sounded like they just wanted me to get on with it and finish the call. Would have thought customer service would have improved over the years, but it seems otherwise.
                    Reply by PB Technologies:2019-07-16
                    Hi Daniel, Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We're really sorry to hear that and understand your frustration around the lack of communication from our side. We'll send you a PM where you can respond with some details and we'll be happy to pass the feedback on to our team. Apologies again for your troubles and we hope we can get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. Thank you.
                    Edited 09/07/2019
                      Robin(1 review)
                      Not happy with customer service. I am still waiting for your "PM" that you mentioned earlier on.. don't tell me it's just a PR thing you put in the response here... if you are really interested in improving your customer service, you should have followed up.
                      Reply by PB Technologies:2019-07-09
                      Hi Robin, We sent you a PM yesterday at 9:08am - please check your inbox. Thank you.
                        WairereBoulders(2 reviews)
                        I do not know why they only have so few stars. I bought many things from them and the product and delivery was always tops.
                          Tyler(1 review)
                          Is customer service part of your staff's job description? Very disinterested and mediocre at best. Two guys on computers barely looked up when I asked for help, not great feeling like an inconvenience - their attitude was the bare minimum of enthusiastic. You guys gotta do better.
                          Reply by PB Technologies:2019-06-18
                          Hi Tyler, Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We're sorry to hear about your experience and we would really appreciate the opportunity to pass your feedback on to the right branch. I'll send you a PM where you can provide us with details of which branch you visited and the date and time of your visit. Apologies again for your troubles and we hope we get down to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.
                            NoelineMarks(2 reviews)
                            Problem sorted with PB tech. Thank you.
                              jgtsoi83(1 review)
                              bad customer services.
                              Reply by PB Technologies:2019-06-06
                              Hi there, We're really sorry to hear that you didn't have a very pleasant experience with us. If you could please email us at customer.service@pbtech.co.nz and let us know which branch you visited, we'll be more than happy to pass on the feedback. Thanks!
                                Ian(2 reviews)
                                A massive range of products at good prices. Don't be fooled by some of these online only shops that charge the earth for shipping, lumber you with customs charges at the border and will be an absolute nightmare for any kind of support/returns/warranty after buying. A;PB Tech is a great choice.
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