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    Noel Leeming Sucks(1 review)
    Purchased Logitech G920 steering wheel and shifter from Lower Hutt store which said they were in stock and i thought thats cool because i will be able to pick it up. Turns out that it doesn't mean it is in stock and they are getting it sent and now i have to wait till atleast Monday over the weekend. Don't advertise that you have stock when you dont currently have stock
      Sam(1 review)
      I got a "returned by customer" floor model (washing machine) when I paid for a new one. First (upon full payment) I was told that I will receive my appliance within 4 days. Then it did not show up for 2 weeks. When I contacted them they said I can settle for the display model or wait for indefinite period. I went for the floor model as I really needed the washing machine. When delivered I saw a tiny label on top saying "returned by customer". So be very careful and read and reread every single sticker pasted on the appliances. And don't expect any staff to actually be helpful. They are there to just misguide you. This was my first time buying a big appliance from Noel Leeming....so thanks for teaching me the lesson early on. I will steer clear of this place in future.
        Navitel(3 reviews)
        Brought phone to be repaired under warranty. Got initial fault rectified but broke another thing. I rejected the phone and their solution for me was take the phone and "shut up". This is official position of store manager. Now let's see what Disputes Tribunal will say
          A(1 review)
          Ordered online in the evening, product received next morning, (Auckland metro). Great price, easy online interface. Great service! Time to stand out in the market, stop using soft plastic for wrapping and padding, users like me want to see recyclable products, will 5 star the next review if you can deliver without extra plastic.
            Leithfield(1 review)
            If I could award less than 1 star I would - appalling customer service. Trying to actually reach someone on their complete lack of customer care number is an exercise in abject futility.
              Luk3us(2 reviews)
              Their website has a click and collect function, stupid me assumed their website would be accurate and actually have the stock they say they do. But of course, they had no stock at the shop in question, or anyone else in town apparently. So they had to ship it in from elsewhere, should have just delivered it to me instead. Wasted about four days. So lesson learned, call the store first.
              Edited 04/04/2019
                Lxh(1 review)
                Disgusting service at the Henderson store. Cant even get a price match on Black Friday sales. Guess I'll take my money elsewhere.
                  Jo (1 review)
                  We went to the Paraparaumu branch to buy a washing machine last Thursday. We chose one and handed over our money. Then we were told they didn't have it in stock and it would be 4 working days. Could have said that in the beginning. On Monday we get a call to say they do not have any of these washing machines in local stores and it will be 14 working days before delivery. After pushing them they offered the store demo machine which is all banged up for a $50 discount. We declined the poor offer. Maybe $200 off the price for the state of the demonstration model would be nearer the mark. So now they have our money and we have no idea when we will get the washing machine we bought and paid for. This is the first and last time I will ever buy anything from Noel Leeming. Terrible service, terrible follow up service, terrible phone conversations. They have no remorse, just take your money and do not care.
                    Kate(1 review)
                    Went to Wellington CBD store today to pick up a new micro usb charger for my ue Megaboom after mine had snapped accidentally. AMAZING service and very generous discount. This is the second time Noel Leeming has gone above and beyond and in another location!
                      No Name(1 review)
                      Their staff always try to rip of customers just so they can make commission. They dont care about the customer needs and dont care about what the customer is asking for. They will only sell you the stuff that they can more commission from. In march 2017 I bought an imac from Noel Leeming Albany. I told this guy i need the fastest machine for graphic design and video editing. I told him i will be dealing with 6-8k Red raw footage. I want everything maxed out. This guy made me spend $7000 on machine which is still giving me lot of problems. Not even half the speed i asked for. I wanted to custom build windows. But he pushed me so much to buy this piece of crap. Also i told them that I will be moving outside of New Zealand. So I need apple care. So this guy told me he will give me International 3 years apple care warrenty for $400 (which i paid extra) but in their system he entered some stupid third party warrenty so he can make commission again. Today i my machine completely stopped working. Its super hard to get hold of these as they dont care now. I lost 3 clients in the past because if it (worth $4800-$7000) Today machine is sitting with Apple and I cant do any work. I had some work due 2 days ago which i have to refund $1300. Costing me $942 for now to fix and wont get it back for a week. So can’t do any work for a week (which is my only income) plus apple will let me know if anything else needs to be fixed (which may cost even more of top) I will never recommend to go and take any help from any sales person. Just do your own research otherwise they can easily fool you around for their own commission. They won’t care how it can affect you in the long run. This was the worst purchase of my life and still struggling. Now saving up again to buy another $7-8000 machine 😔
                        Stellagrr (1 review)
                        I purchased a Nova 3I phone from Noel Leeming, St Lukes, received fantastic service from Bilal, he went out of his way to get the best deal, plan for me, plus tracked down a good number. They're now my go to shop.
                          Angela(1 review)
                          Walked into Noel Leeming Porirua... Staff too busy texting to provide service. When I shoulder tapped someone they reluctantly went and got a device out and passed me onto a surly checkout operator who snarled at me until I gave up trying to pay my money and left. Took my $1000 to the competition, was greeted with a smile, they were more than happy to take my money. Even gave me a discount.
                            Danmasa(1 review)
                            Horrible service. - Ordered range hood online (in stock). Delivery for next Thursday. - I called Friday morning and asked where it was. - Staff said on order and will check and get back to me by end of day. - No reply by 5pm Friday, so I contacted them again. Staff said order mistake in item code, and suppliers closed until Monday. So no update until Monday. - Staff apologized with template text ("mistakes happen from "time to time"). I asked if they could share my suffering as a customer by giving a discount or voucher to show sincerity. Staff replied they would forward it to management. I'm not holding my breath for that. (Don't want a Noel Leeming voucher though. Don't want to go through this painful experience again.) Conclusion: Customers need to make big effort to receive products from Noel Leeming and will suffer a painful shopping experience. Hoping to receive my order within a month.
                              Noel Leeming(1 review)
                              Had to purchase ink today for our Cannon Printer. Closest store Noel Leeming Westgate - 5 ink cartridges - charged $215 - Found overcharged on one by $4 (as staff did not look at price tag just scanned them all through at the same price) I asked for the refund. Thought pretty expensive so went to nearby competitors to check out their price - Their products were $4 per cartridge less?? I was overcharged by $20 so back to Noel Leeming - offered to refund to meet competitors price but I asked for full refund - Not shopping at Noel Leeming Westgate again, overpriced with staff who let the custormer know how problematic it is asking for a refund and advising they can't control pricing. SHOP AROUND BERORE VENTURING INTO NOEL LEEMING WESTGATE
                                N(1 review)
                                Crap service @ the Papanui store. Went there to get a mouse - when I got it home - it didn't work so took it back. The old guy working there tried the mouse on 3 different PC's before he got it to work and then tried to tell me it was my fault. Should have gone to Warehouse stationary to begin instead of wasting my time and money
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