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    Like the style of this.Thanks stocking it!!! Many thanks for fast delivery. Appreciated. Thank you
      AleBeerenhoff(1 review)
      Was going to get a phone from TechCrazy as they had the "last one left", so drove there and took a look. The box was open, there was no protective plastic or anything on the phone, the USB cable had obviously been used. When questioned if it was a new phone the response was unreservedly "Yes of course"; but in my view this was anything but. Just glad I decided to go in store (asides from the total waste of time/petrol) to view rather than buy online. Not impressed.
        Very friendly, unreal how quick the responses on my email inquiry's were as well (even on a Sunday). Pavneet has been most helpful and highly recommend. Purchsed Sunday night, delivered to me Tuesday
          dreamhoho(1 review)
          just did order apple 30w usb c type adapter for fast charge and price was so cheap and they just sent it without apple box and it was faulty just dont buy any product from techprice it can be good but i am pre sure it is 90% not a new product
            Overall very smooth experience. Exceptionally amazing customer service. Highly recommended!
              Super fast dispatch and shipping with quality products.
                Tech Crazy’s service is excellent. This is the second phone I’ve bought from TC and both times its service has been great. Immediate delivery and good communication. Recommend.
                Edited 14/09/2018
                  I ordered my Device online. I live in a rural area, but it was in my Mailbox within 2 days. Great service
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                    Excellent Service, great price and was more than accommodating for a difficult customer (me.) Will definitely shop here again
                      Jadeobrien(1 review)
                      Quite a lot of miscommunication. On pricespy product said to be $1415. On the website it said the same. 3 days passed and I asked when it will arrive and for tracking number etc. The support team replied to my first email asking for the order number which I gave. 2 days later still no reply, so I emailed again with no reply so then messaged the Facebook page. The person there was lovely and said they will get on to it. Rang me later that day explaining there was a mix up and the product was actually a higher price, but they said they will still ship it to me at their expense (Which was lovely of them) because it was their fault the site hadn't been updated yet. I was told I'd be sent the tracking number that day. 2 days later still no tracking number so my partner called them and then later on that night it was finally sent to me. 2 days later the product has come, after lots of stress and anxiety. They helped as best they could but a bit more organisation and communication would highly benefit them. Can't say I'd shop here again for something of great value. Customer service was great but I can't say I overly enjoyed the whole experience.
                      Edited 03/07/2018
                        Very Good service, great price on a good product, very fast, ordered Friday lunch time arrived first thing Monday morning.
                        Edited 21/06/2018
                          fast response and very helpful with queries and calls
                            I found this store on PriceSpy selling Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on sale a couple of weeks ago so I contacted their website and Facebook page to check if they had a gold colour one in their Massey store (located inside the Challenge petrol station). The website admin replied to my enquiry the following day and confirmed they had the stock I wanted in their Massey branch. So I went there a couple of days later initially to inspect the product as it was the first time I dealt with TechCrazy and the store attendant presented me with a sealed box of a brand new ‘parallel-imported’ product (no display model on display). I was unsure of whether it was a genuine product and I said they only way for me to verify this is to have a look inside the box and inspect it. To my surprise the store attendant opened/broke the 'Samsung' sticker seal on the box and handed over the phone to me and in the end I was satisfied and purchased the product right away. Thanks for the great purchase experience, I'll be referring your store to my friends. And I'll check your store next time I want to purchase anything electronics and grab the ‘bargains’ :)
                              We purchased a Kindle Paperwhite through Techcrazy. I highly recommend them, their communication was excellent with the questions we had, the price for the Kindle was the cheapest than elsewhere, others costing up to $229 so $169 was excellent. The delivery was incredible, I ordered it later afternoon & it was here the next morning amazing. Highly recommend them as a business.
                                surfwatch(1 review)
                                Fast Delivery, Such a great price. The item while not looking secondhand was sort of shop soiled. Manual was wrinkled, box was scuffed badly, no seal on box opening, settings had been loaded to NZ standards, and screen had some small scratch/scuff marks which wont come off. I think it was a display model. Usually the screen on a new item has a plastic protector on it. Still, relatively minor details, and still happy with the price. So really cant complain too much.
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