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    Jude(1 review)
    Excellent price, fast and secure delivery, great customer service. I was so impressed I recommended to family and friends. It has been a few months since I ordered my phone, and i have had no issues. Very happy customer.
      tomcat39(2 reviews)
      Excellent communication and ultra fast delivery. I ordered on a Friday and the item was delivered Monday morning. Super competitive price as well.
        Benny Jekel(2 reviews)
        Bought a Samsung Gear 360 Camera from Supero. Had an estimated time of 7-10 business days, but it ended up coming within 3-4 days. Product was perfectly as described. IT also happened to be a couple of hundred dollars cheaper then buying it from any other alternative store. Quite amazing!
          Tessa (1 review)
          I got the IPhone XR -white- from Supero and have been really happy with product and price. very good communication from the web site and although I had some difficulty paying via pay pal the communication was very good. Thank you and I would not hesitate to recommend to friends or family.
            Student1901(2 reviews)
            Purchased the Nokia 105 (2017) from Supero. I did not expect a 2017 phone to be 2G network only, and 2G was not sufficient for my purposes. I would not recommend purchasing from Supero. They were unwilling to refund the item.
            Reply by Supero:2019-07-24
            Actually, the phone is not 2G only, we don't sell any 2G only phones made by Nokia. It is 2G/3G, and clearly advertised on what networks it will work with We cannot accept a return for change of mind, as specifically set out by NZ law.
            Edited 17/07/2019
              Damian(1 review)
              I would not recommend dealing with Supero at this point. I do hope I can update this review in the future though as my issue is ongoing. I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Gear Sport watch from www.supero.co.nz in Jan 2019. In early June it stopped working. I had only ever used the watch as advertised (no deep sea diving etc.). I returned it to Supero, and after 6 weeks (!) I have heard that the manufacturer has refused warranty because of water damage, so I have been 'offered' to buy a new watch. The fact that the watch is 'water damaged' suggests either that it had a fault (and let water in) or in fact the water cannot be worn in the shower, or to swim in fresh water (even though it is advertised that both of these activities are OK given it's 50m water resistant rating). Because the watch was parallel imported, Samsung NZ does not manage the Warranty, the store does. In this case the store has not acted appropriately in my opinion as I am left without a watch after doing just what was advertised as being OK. Samsung NZ even confirmed for me that if it was a local model (i.e. not parallel imported from the UAE) they they would repair or replace it as it is advertised as being water resistant. Yes Supero has great prices, yes I received my watch promptly (albeit with a charger that needed an adaptor to work in NZ) but I am now thinking (and recommending) it would have been worth paying a little bit more, and getting covered by a local manufacturers warranty. UPDATE: I did not 'deliberately damage' my watch. It is a water resistant watch, advertised as suitable for swimming and snorkeling up to 50M. It's very difficult to know how I 'water damaged' it in the shower and the swimming pool. Supero has not actually confirmed yet who or where it was assessed, I have been in contact with Samsung in UAE, NZ and HK (apparently where the Supero distributor is) and none of them assessed it. It's a pity I do not have the support of my retailer in a situation where I believe the product that I bought was faulty, and that the assessment (which may actually have been carried out by Supero for all I know) is biased. This review was written to advise other shoppers to shop somewhere else, pay a little more and get better after sales support from an Authorised Reseller of products in this NZ.
              Reply by Supero:2019-07-17
              Hello Damian, Samsung (the manufacturer) has assessed your watch and warranty was refused as per their guidelines. If you water damage your device it will void the warranty. It is irrelevant how or where you have purchased this. The review is unfair and is written to prompt us to give a replacement. Unfortunately, we are unable to for a deliberately damaged item. Cheers Supero
                Steampunk(1 review)
                NGL 10/10 really quick shipping, DHL expressed tracked for free which is really impressive that on top of there really good prices 10/10 would recommend.
                  Muzza masterton(1 review)
                  Have recently ordered 2 items from supero, a canon and a zoom lens good price and superfast shipping no problems will use again.
                    guyneedham(1 review)
                    I had a fast, efficient experience with Supero. I bought a camera battery grip for my Canon DSLR and not only did it arrive quickly but I could also track it all the way. The item was exactly the same as I'd seen in a bricks & mortar store, complete with all the packaging. This was my second order with Supero - the first one was a Canon EF lens - and I plan to order again. Great prices!
                    Edited 24/06/2019
                      Gavin Logan (1 review)
                      I purchased Xiaomi Mi Max 3 from them in October 2018 for $538NZ. 7 months later it stopped working and won't boot up with battery charged. The phone has never been dropped and is in as new condition as it has a screen protector and carry case. Supero will not honour the 1 year return to base warranty. They keep asking more and more ridiculous questions. They have been sent a video of the phone plus photos and all details of it's current condition. They are not trustworthy. I have now refused the claim without seeing the phone. I have now filed a claim with the Disputes Tribunal against them. The reply from Supero is a blatant lie. I have provided them with the purchase invoice and a New Address, not a German address. Germany was where the phone stopped working. I have left Germany now. I have publishing copies of all the emails with this business on my Facebook page - Gavin Logan Auckland. Please look and share.
                      Reply by Supero:2019-06-23
                      Hello, We require information on your claim. This is standard practice and you must allow us atleast a few days to respond. I have checked and you have yet to even provide us an order invoice. Also you insist on a German address as you are in Germany, we cannot provide you with a German address as we are in New Zealand. Our NZ address provided. It would be best to refrain from posting half truths. All warranty claims are dealt with efficiently. Thanks
                        Keith(1 review)
                        Galaxy S10+ came from Africa, which was expected as it’s a grey market device. It seems to work well but the delivery process was terrible, frequent mistakes were made but Supero were quick to respond to my issues.
                        Reply by Supero:2019-06-23
                        Thanks for your feedback. Glad you are happy with the purchase. Item is not from Africa, it is from HK. Delivery depends on service of couriers, however I note it was delivered before the Eta date.
                          pinocchio2(1 review)
                          Good price and fast delivery!
                            Lighthunter(1 review)
                            Great online shop! Best deal! Friendly customer service and very fast delivery! Highly recommended!
                              Artur(1 review)
                              ordered a galaxy s10plus and a galaxy watch. Quick delivery, perfect condition, good service and very good price
                                Lisa(1 review)
                                Excellent service, speedy delivery. Great phone good price
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