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ggmiller1965(1 review)
Great service, and nice people.
Dion(1 review)
good service
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RickNZ(1 review)
Ordered Thursday, dispatched Friday, arrived Monday at Rural Delivery in the South Island. Efficient dispatch, guys. Well wrapped. Sharp price.
Edited 05/01/2017
ajhs3(1 review)
Great service and price! Very quick shipment and worked with me when I changed my delivery method to pick up. Recommend to everyone
typecast(6 reviews)
Has the cheapest price a lot of the time, but there's an old saying along the lines that you get what you pay for, and I've found that to be generally true: slim margins mean ruthless cost cutting. Support inevitably suffers. If you're a sophisticated user and have done all your research then there's no reason why you shouldn't take a chance on an on-line only store or an out of town supplier, but you should probably buy close to home for any item bigger than you can send by courier or costing more than $10 to post.
Edited 02/06/2016
nutellaaero(13 reviews)
Bought some logitech speakers, took longer than expected for them to send the order. After 3 days with no further updates, I emailed them and they told me it will be shipped first thing next week. Turns out they must have been able to ship before then since I got it Monday morning. Over all, not bad, was a bit slow with processing the order in my opinion but the response time on my query was very quick and the item arrived within their estimate. Shipping price was also very reasonable.
Edited 23/05/2016
Gordon314159(1 review)
We cannot recommend Heathcote's online appliance purchasing services to other consumers. We ordered a Dualit four slice toaster from them nine days ago and two days later received a two slice toaster, in a two slice toaster box. (Heathcote's initial explanation was that their two slice toasters were in boxes incorrectly labelled as being four sliced toasters. This was not the case.) We are still waiting for the wrong toaster to be picked up by Courier Post and the correct one delivered, despite assurances from both Heathcote and CP that it would definitely be delivered two days ago, on Saturday. Our first experience of this company, and our last.
King Sandvich(2 reviews)
So far I've bought several things from them both online and in store and have had nothing but good experiences
vital(2 reviews)
I have asked for a quote, they keep on sending me an invoice two months in a row. What a way to do business! :/
Edited 04/08/2015
mizzatt(1 review)
Awesome to deal with, great customer service with quick communication. Product is perfect.
Edited 29/01/2015
nickolasala(4 reviews)
Had been waiting for receiver for 3 weeks. So they upgraded me. Its awesome. Would tip if possible.
MrsNice(1 review)
I couldn't be happier with my purchase and the service provided by Christina and Heathcote Appliances. I bought a camera and had questions about some accessories that were answered quickly, without any hint of annoyance. A stress-free experience. Would recommend this company and would use again if required.
Wynston(2 reviews)
Wow! What excellent service. Camera ordered Thursday afternoon arrived in Invercargill on Monday morning. One can't expect better than that!
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