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    Anna(1 review)
    I bought a samsung s6 from these guys last year and after reading many reviews on here and having so many problems with this phone (only months after i purchased it) im am very suspicious that I've also been sold a refurbished phone. The home button feels flimsy and like a cheap replacement. My screen is always shutting down when i try to swipe to unlock it, the camera makes a funny noise when i use it, it won't allow me to watch anything on certain webisites (Like nz herald) and finally after about 10 months it seems as though the android system was failing as when i would turn it on the screen would go green saying "android is starting". I did call them to get these things fixed under warranty and it took months for the parts to come from overseas. I was notified when they arrived and sent my in to get fixed. When it came back some weeks later the only thing that had changed was the android system. It appears as if they have used a cheaper part or something as the phone layout looks different like that of a cheaper samsung phone. I wouldnt buy from these guys again i don't trust them and they have too many reviews saying the same thing - phones are refurbished not brand new.
    Reply by Mobile Station Auckland:2019-07-16
    Thank you for share your personal experience. We regret that you are not satisfied with the experience. We sell brand new and refurbished phones on our website. We have clearly stated that the item is renewed if it is a refurbished item. We will/do not sell any refurbished products as brand new products to our customers in any circumstances. If you have any concerns about the phone in the first place, you can contact us. We will answer all the questions and solve the issue. All the products on our website come with a one year warranty. The parts our service center to repair Samsung brand phone is genuine Samsung parts. We will always honor our warranty police and meet our obligations under CGA.
      Gloria(1 review)
      I had excellent service. Emails were answered promptly and my phone was delivered within a week.
      Edited 15/06/2019
        ght_kinney(1 review)
        A couple of weeks back I posted a bad review for Mobile Station because I was certain we had received a water damaged refurbished phone instead of a brand new one. After initially contacting them I felt I didn't get any redress but after being contacted again I'm thinking my initial communication experience was a misunderstanding. Mobile Station were adamant that their products were genuine and asked for me to return the phone to them for checking which I did. I didn't think I would be able to do this since my daughter had in the meantime munted the phone (although it still worked) so probably voiding any warranty. But instead, Mobile Station insisted I should return it so they could identify if their supplier had supplied them with a non-genuine phone so they could then avoid using them in the future - fair enough and good for them. They checked it out and agreed to a refund and did this despite my daughter having already badly cracked the glass screen. So my thanks to Mobile Station, I obviously very much appreciate them doing that and showing that they stand by their products and customer service so I'm changing my review now to a good experience with an excellent on the star scale (a 'Perfect' star should not even be an option, nothing and no-one is perfect) :)
          Josh(1 review)
          great customer experience! will be buying here from here on for all of my technical needs. best prices in the country to date!
            Josh(1 review)
            Excellent service :) delivered overnight and the best price for devices and tech to date. Will be back again to buy more
              Shaun(1 review)
              These guys have been great to deal with over the years. Have had one order hiccup which they went above and beyond to rectify. Would recommend
                Nishi(1 review)
                When I wasn't able to get the phone I ordered, the customer services team was super helpful and offered a heap of solutions. I was able to get something that matched the specs I was after. Would totally order again due to the prices being the most competitively cheap on the market.
                  Hayden P(1 review)
                  Great legit products (ordered 2 phones over the past 3 years through them.) This time round I had to use their customer service to change an order I had already paid for as a deal came up, which they were extremely helpful and accommodating with!
                    Eddie Materman (1 review)
                    Great service, ordered and paid, product arrived the next day, great communication, very happy.
                      null000llun(1 review)
                      Bought a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 two months ago. Was at least 10% cheaper than other options. It took about a week to arrive. It's working flawlessly. Will probably buy my next phone at Mobile Station as well.
                        Amac536(1 review)
                        Good prices and communication, would recommend them
                          Bonnie(1 review)
                          I bought a one plus 6 from Mobile Station and can highly recommend them due to their low prices and quick communication and delivery.
                            Alex(1 review)
                            Bought a couple of phones off these guys over the years, have no reason to stop...
                              johnnynzl(1 review)
                              I purchased a OnePlus 6, the delivery took about two weeks and the charger was not stock standard, however you cant complain at that price. Would recommend.
                                Joey3(1 review)
                                Bought a Note 9 through Mobile Station. Very happy with the whole experience and the phone. Competitive price too. Would happily recommend them to freinds. Thank you.
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