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davemor(1 review)
I paid for the item using internet banking but their accounts department was on holiday. No response to follow up emails, a week later I phoned and they are now shipping the item to me. Wouldn't trade with them again if I needed anything sent promptly.
Unregistered8ce66514(2 reviews)
Whenever i click on the product that i see under this store, it leads me to another product...false advertising?
Smoth007(2 reviews)
This was my first experience with Citywide Tech - and I'm very happy. Purchased item on 29/7, Invoice processed the following day, received item 1/08. 2 of Citywide Tech competitor's quoted me $77.00 & $50.00 to deliver the same item to Christchurch while Citywide Tech quoted me $25.00. The only other thing that I would add is that I did not receive confirmation that my payment had been received nor that the item had been shipped. Recommended.
Unregistered88392494(1 review)
Overall I had a very good experience with Citywide Tech. There were a couple of small issues to take off the last star though - The email confirming my order had the wrong bank account number (It was easy to see it was just a placeholder though, and I found the real one on their site easily enough) - The email confirming my payment had been recieved took 5 days to arrive. The payment was obviously recieved straight away though because the producet arrived in 2 days. I imagine these problems will be sorted out quickly though so I highly recommend shopping here.