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  • Good
    2 days ago
    Cheapest price. I got accessories at a great price with the iPad I got from them. Recommend
  • 7 days ago
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  • Terrible
    13 days ago
    Updated: 13 days ago
    Although it provided a price can touched my heart, I have to say it is a terrible. I purchased a sony ps4 pro with broken HDMI output and no label of warranty. After I delivery it back, they told me that the device was no problem. I can't image it is "brand new". I hope they can fix it, but they insist I'd better choose refund. Now, they sold this device to other people without format system, someone used my sony account. I'm so angry and I will never buy something online in NZ!
  • Terrible
    1 month ago
    Good price over this site but the service is terrible. bought a silicon case for my iphone 6 they gave me a leather case instead. i try to communicate with them over this but until now i dont have any reply. i dont know why these people are giving good feedbacks. buy on retail shops its better.
  • Excellent
    1 month ago
    Ordered a phone on the Sunday arrived Tuesday Packaging was in good condition and sealed
    Good e-mail communication throughout as they needed my ID so they threw in a couple of cases for my trouble.
    Phones are in good working order
  • 2017-01-18 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Excellent product and service! I bought s7 from them with lowest price and they also gave me screen protector and case for free! Person who served me was really friendly and have knowlegde about what they are selling. I would definitely buying another products from them again.
  • 2 years ago
    This user review is under investigation
  • 2015-04-16 - JUN & H GROUP LIMITED (4366718) has taken over all business activities from Mobile Doctor Limited (1276615).

  • 3 years ago
    This user review is under investigation
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Purchased an alcatel one touch idol mini from Cool Mobile, turns out it wouldn't work on telecom. once this became known the team at Cool Mobile instantly got in touch with me and offered me 3 options: A) if i was a skinny customer then shiping would continue, B) if i wanted an exchange for a similar price phone they were happy to do this for me or C) a full refund of my money. Option was chosen and my refund was processed and back in my account 2 days later due to the difference in banks. very happy would do business again in a second :) thanks guys
  • Terrible
    4 years ago
    Updated: 4 years ago
    Rude. Deceitful. Scornful. Think they are untouchable by New Zealand Law.

    If you buy something here, I sincerely hope that you never need to come back with any complaints because they WILL give you the runaround.

    I bought a Samsung smartphone at the beginning of 2012 that started to have episodes of freezing. The problem became progressively more frequent and in December I took the phone in to have them sort it out.

    I was denied a refund or replacement outright prior to inspection on the grounds that I had used the phone for "nearly a year" - the warranty was for 1 year. So I left it with them for "servicing".

    When I got it back, it had a new and worse problem - it would have episodes when it would type gibberish (the phone would register points on the screen where I did not touch when typing) and the only way to fix it was to do a factory reset, erasing all of my settings and applications each time it happened.

    When I complained to Cool Mobile a second time, they shrugged off all responsibility because it had been over a year since purchase. After making a scene they said they could "send it off again", I asked them where and they said Samsung in Albany or to Vodafone. So I decided to go to the Samsung Customer Service Plaza myself to see whether I could get it serviced there. They told me that my retailer had voided my official Samsung warranty by installing invalid firmware that wasn't covered under Samsung NZ. It was then that I realised Cool Mobile had been lying about where they send their phones for servicing, and that they had denied my rights as a consumer to have the issue redressed not only with them, but with the manufacturer as well. The manager scorned my mentioning of the Consumer Guarantees Act and talked with his friends in Korean (which I can't understand) while I was speaking to him.

    After much ranting with my friends, one of them mentioned that their service request form had a fake phone number to divert calls from customers who were having their phones serviced. To my disbelief, when I called the number at the top left corner of my service request form it led to another business entirely. The manager of that business had been putting up with calls from Cool Mobile customers for about a year, and had complained multiple times to them to rectify the issue.

    On top of everything else, the staff sneered at me when I went to complain, avoided eye contact out of contempt when I spoke to them, and the manager even tried to furtively take my service request form on my second visit to erase evidence that I ever came in for servicing during the warranty period.

    I know many friends who have told me about their bad experiences with this retailer, but none have been persistent enough to pursue justice through the barricade of contrived inconvenience and rudeness. I initially intended to take this case to the Disputes Tribunal, but I feel that this business should be revealed for what it is to protect other NZ consumers. It's appalling that this kind of shady business could thrive right in the middle of the Auckland CBD.
  • Terrible
    5 years ago
    Horrible: very rude customer service from staff to the boss. Bought a mobile from the shop, was not satisfied about the design and specifications. Returned with original package to shop next day. The shop didn't accept any returns and told me they were an international company and don't need to follow New Zealand legislation and Consumer Act. For $200 mobile, they deduct $40 off for handling fee after one hour rude refusal.
  • Perfect
    5 years ago
    Excellent store with great service. Even threw in a screen protector and case on my purchase.
  • Decent
    5 years ago
    +ve :
    - Plus point they have a physic shop in CBD. Have purchased a couple of times- no complaints... - Lot of accessories available

    -Place seems too busy and some times you may have to wait for a long time to get an answer...

    Could do better...acceptable....
  • Excellent
    5 years ago
    Great service from these guys, prompt delivery and included a free screen cover and protective case for my phone which was a nice gift. I would buy from them again. I purchased a LG P970 phone and love it. Great phone for the price.
  • Terrible
    5 years ago
    Very very rude people workimg there, this company ruin my online buying experience for good. When they make mistake they dont appoligise· i rather pay a bit more at other store than putting up with the headach that follow with this company
  • Excellent
    6 years ago
    aweomse store! very friendly! service was great!
  • Very good
    6 years ago
    I've bought two phones from Cool Mobile, and they usually have pretty low prices. Their store is in the Aotea Square movie theatre arcade behind Borders and the Japanese $3 store.
    The service is OK. I haven't had any problems with the phones so I don't know how they are with returns.