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egghead62(5 reviews)
Bought a solid bike. Brought it to Bike Barn and tuned it to a fantastic bike for very little money. Saved me so much compared to buying a great one from the get go. Service was ok. I didn't feel perfectly understood, but hey, they had catalogs with pictures, problem = solved
ChairmanDrew(10 reviews)
Bike Barn Wellington I took my bike in for service to have my rear wheel trued. When I picked it up a couple of days later they charged me for parts and service, none of which fixed the issue I brought it in with.
rarebreed(2 reviews)
Awlful customer Service. Orginally bought my bike through them, had nothing but bad experiences with them, they never call you to let you know if a part is in the shop for pick up. I had to constantly keep on top of them , ordered two tires supposed to arrive the next wednesday no phone call to let me know what was going on after i turned up at the shop (with another puncture), on the Wednesday to find out that the tires had not been ordered as agreed the previous Saturday, had no bike all week. Called agin on the Friday tyres still hadnt turned up, the shop assistant Aaron told me to call back later (cheeky)i said No you call me, in hindsight i should of because i didnt hear from them til the end of the day. Now the front tyre had a puncture which i thought would of be obvious, go to pick up bike after received call at the end of Friday both tyres fitted and i was happy again. Go away for the Weekend only to find out that Bike Barn had put the punctured innatube back onto front wheel AND IT WAS BLOODY FLAT AGAIN. Completely incompetant terrible customer experience i shant be going back to BIKE BARN HAMILTON
benage(1 review)
I was bitterly disappointed with the customer service I received at Bike Barn Hamilton. I ordered a kids' bicycle at the end of December 2011. I was told my order could not be placed until the supplier opened in January. I rang back that week to check whether I could order the bike. I was told the bike could be ordered and it would be there (Hamilton store) the following week. I rang the following week and left voice messages which no one returned. I went into the store to check what was happening with the bike order. I was told stock was low but they were able to get one shipped from another store and it would be there the following week. I rang the next week and was told it was still "on the courier" but it would definitely be here this week. I rang today and was told there was no bike order, they had run out of stock. So a month later and only a few days away from my son's birthday, I need to go quickly go shopping for a kids' bike. Absolutely appalling service! I would not recommend Bike Barn Hamilton to anyone.