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PSA: THEY DO NOT PRICE MATCH! Went in to get headphones. Cheapest was $135 at Computerlounge, but I cba driving down there so asked for price match at Henderson store. Told me they cant price match Computerlounge but can price match ExtremePC, which was $10 more. WHY? they are both computer stores. Lost a sale because they wanted to scam me a extra $10 LOL. Fuck those cunts.
Edited 30/06/2020
Harvey Norman, please train your stuff on how to price match. If a retail shop is selling a product for less price than you, then you should be able to price match it. If bunnings can do it then you too should be able to do it.
I had a disappointing experience today (25/10/2019) at Harvey Norman's Tauranga branch on Cameron Rd. My wife and I went in to look at camcorders with accompanying SD card and case, and was assisted by the very helpful Stu. Unfortunately, the store does not have any charged batteries, and so I could not try out the camcorder in store. Stu put a battery on charge for us and we said we would do other shopping and return later. So far so helpful. When we returned later, Stu discovered that the battery had been knocked off its charger and so had not charged enough for us to test out the camcorder. So I agreed I would return in the afternoon, allowing 3 hours for the battery to charge this time. I returned after 3 hours but I could not see Stu -- when I enquired of him, I was told that he was on his lunch break and would be ½ hour or so. However, a couple of minutes later I saw Stu in another part of the store assisting another customer (in other words, I was told a lie), so I let him know I was there and waited. In the meantime, other sales staff tried to help me but I told them I was waiting for Stu. Eventually, Stu said that Lachlan would help me while he was with the other customer, and so Lachlan tried to sell me something much more expensive than the camcorder that I was looking at. When this did not work, Lachlan allowed me to try the camcorder with the now-charged battery, which I then bought along with an appropriate SD card (of which he also tried to sell me the more expensive version) and an appropriate case. Lachlan then tried to sell me an extended warranty (even offering a 35% discount), which I declined. However, Lachlan redeemed himself by offering me discounts on the SD card and case which I accepted. He then entered the details on the store's computer, and took me to the till by the door, where I paid according to the details he had entered. When I got home, I went to store away my receipt and noticed that I had been charged twice for the case. I called the Harvey Norman number on the receipt and someone with very poor English responded (I had to get her to say her message three times before I could understand her), who eventually put me through to "Judy" at the store (who spoke English perfectly). I explained that I had been charged twice, and Judy said I should return to the store for a refund. The store is 15km round trip, so I was not pleased that I had to go to the store for a third time today! However, I returned to the store and got my refund, with the cashier at the till apologising to me. I was happy about the products that I had chosen and happy with the discount that Lachlan gave to me, so for that I would have given this store 4 stars. However, this was offset by having to go to the store two more times than I needed to: firstly, because the store does not have a policy of keeping charged batteries available for prospective customers to try out camcorders or other electrical goods; and secondly, that I was overcharged by Lachlan who pretended to give me a discount. For this double disappointment I took away three of the four stars. The over-charging was reversed (and so one start is redeemed) but only because Lachlan was caught out -- what if I had not noticed? I will not trust him again. Having to return to the store the first time may be due to an accident/mistake; but having to return twice in the same day, *and* be lied to about Stu's presence *and* the store's phone being manned (or womanned) by someone with poor English, looks like there is something systemically wrong with the management of this store. It will take a lot for me to return to this particular store.
Pretty good. Their prices are quite high for some things but you ocassionally get lucky and can get the salesperson to drop the price a little.
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There website is USELESS they never have any of the stuff I'm looking for, there expensive. One time I even searched up some controller thing and the first result was a vacuum bag. At Least they do have a LIMITED amount of stuff that is actually good. I got a $5 voucher for signing up, (probably because there desperate.)
Had an issue with a TV I bought from Harvey Norman. The staff resolved the issue quickly and fairly. Exceptional service.
Purchased a 55 inch 4K UHD Panasonic TV from HN. Whilst the TV is an excellent product which I'm very happy with. The salesperson was needlessly boorish and aggressive in trying the make the sale. I definitely don't wish to deal with this person again. By way of contrast, I picked the TV up myself from the HN warehouse in Christchurch and the guy who served me was very helpful and courteous.
Harvey Norman is ripping off their customers. I purchased an Electrolux freestanding gas stove...the price has fluctuated up and down over $2k. I paid $5455 a few weeks back and had price altered after complaint to them and reduced in cost...right now Noel Leeming has it for $5179 and Harvey Normans has it back up for $7369. Same stove...same model!
Excellent customer service! Firas from Harvey Norman frige and freezer gave us a fantastic and easy shopping experience. His product knowledge was exceptional, he was helpful, and informative without making us feel pushed to purchase. Congrats to you Harvey Norman on aquiring such an asset to your business.
Excellent service and always happy to match the competition. Very impressed with my new tv!
Very happy with my new phone. Thanks for speedy delivery
Made in China Went to Hunters Furniture looking to buy a leather lounge suite and found a nice L shape one which was made by a NZ company. I mistakenly went to Harvey Norman Dunedin and the sales guy directed me to the Demi 3 Seater Leather Lounge with Chaise by La-Z-Boy. I was lead to believe the lounge seat was made by a NZ company and was a about the same price ($6,000) as Hunters but this one was bigger so I went with Harvey Norman. The sales guy said it would take the NZ company about 4 weeks to make, no problems...happy to wait. When lounge arrived found out the lounge was made in China and NOT NZ. I emailed Harvey Norman head office and they apologized for the confusion and they will now update there website to say the lounge is made in China. Hopefully they have informed the sales guy. Live and learn....buy NZ made.
My Galaxy S5 was given in for repair towards the end of my warranty period due to it randomly shutting down. They returned it saying it was fixed and by then I was already using another phone. Last week I gave it to my mum to use and turns out they never fixed it. After a couple of days, the same issue started. Will never buy anything from them again.
Dishonest. Purchased a Sony Xperia Xz1 about 3 weeks ago in early May 2018. It was priced at $999 I asked what they could do with regard to some discount. The sales lady went away then came back and said they couldn't discount it as there was "No margin on these" . Today I'm lookin on pricespy they're selling for $948 ! Bloody Liars. Also Jb Hifi have the same phone today for $849 ! NO margin ? javascript:
Edited 07/12/2017
terrible online sales. No way of tracking status of packages - some of which have not even been sent yet. (3 weeks later). Phone help was unable to find order and promised to get back to me, still waiting..
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