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Amazing customer service, wrong product arrived so I got on the phone and in less than 2 minutes they had sent me the correct product with no issues
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Got some Blue tooth headphones as a christmas gift but they were faulty out of the box returned them to the store and they exchanged them with out a problem.
Speedy delivery
Pre-ordered the Amazon Echo from their online store. They promised that they would send it the day before release but they've now missed that by three days. Exactly what was the point of pre-ordering? I'd have gotten it far faster by just going in store. I've sent them three emails now and no one is responding. Really unimpressed.
Edited 22/12/2017
Just had a horrifically bad experience with JB Hi-fi Online. Summary: pre-ordered, charged, 9 days after release day still no item or communication, turns out they went out of stock and didn't tell me. They're now late on refunding me. Full Details: I pre-ordered a CD a couple of weeks before it came out to make sure I could secure a copy. JB charged my credit card the day before release day and I figured that was fine since I would get my order the next day. 9 days later and no CD, and no communication on why it's so late even though I pre-ordered.. my order status was still in "processing". I politely emailed them to express my disappointment and ask what was going on and the auto-reply said they would get back to me in 24 hours. 3 days later someone emailed to say they were out of stock (no effort to make this up to me, even though I've spent over $2000 with JB recently) and they could cancel my order. I asked for the order to be cancelled and they said it would be refunded 3-5 days later.. 7 days later.. no refund received. I really can't recommend ever using JB Online.. the hassle just isn't worth it and they don't seem to care about customer service.
For buying games they are excellent. They are cheaper, and can process your transaction the same night you buy so you can get it early the next day when it releases.
Edited 14/06/2017
Their prices are way higher than Noel leeming, in my case there was a 30-40% difference with student discounts. Also their sales assistant advised me that Noel leeming didn't have any stock of the item I was after. Would have been super disappointed if I believed the sales assistant because I would have ended up paying an extra 100bucks.
Can always seem to find products they stock at a lower price somewhere else
Edited 01/04/2017
Horrible experience. The shopping cart has some serious issues. After adding some items to the cart, I changed the quantity, but it was updated to a lesser amount due to low stock. No problems there - however after completing checkout the final amount was double what is was supposed to be. That amount was for the quantity I tried to change the cart to originally. I emailed to enquire about this, only to have my order completely cancelled as I purchased more than they thought reasonable. My previous purchases online have been ok, but shipping is slower than expected.
Edited 13/02/2017
Never ever order anything in their online shop. All the bad reviews are right. They dont react on emails. I only received email about some online fraud, besides that no contact at all. Its already 2 weeks and i have no idea whats going on with my order, which was "in stock"! I sent them 7 emails(!)
Stupidly chose these guys for an insurance claim. Was given a gift card from the insurance company which didn't work. 2 weeks later another issued which didn't work again. Multiple emails over a 4 week period and nothing at all. Even called both Head offices in NZ and Australia to no avail. Ended up with no TV had to pay my excess of $300 and the insurance company didn't issue anything else to make up for JB Hifis mistake. Cheers JB great work. My premiums have gone up for no reason...
Edited 24/01/2017
Went into my local JB store looking for a specific TV deal and had to stand in the TV area for than 20 minutes looking around before someone offered assistance.Even after repeated attempts to ask for help,I was told that I'd be seen to shortly which didn't happen until I went to another department and mentioned my wait time.
This review is for the online store...another reviewer said JB Hi-fi gave them the most painful online shopping experience they had ever had, and the same was true for me. It was super slow, and communication was very poor, bordering on insulting. Three weeks after ordering an item shown to be in stock, the only update I received after several attempts to contact them was a bizarre email with vague non-information about checks for online fraud, with no indication of what was happening, or how long it might take. After a few more days of silence I cancelled the order, and in response received a second bizarre email from them declaring THEY were cancelling my order as they claimed to have suddenly found 'inconsistencies' with their online fraud detection system. Immediately after that I had absolutely no problems purchasing the item from another retailer.
Edited 24/09/2015
Ordered the astro a50 on a friday. Delivered Tuesday week after! on a nice package with bubble rap and all. I'm located in Christchurch btw.
when a TV was advertised at a lower price at another store I took up the Hamilton store on their price match promise since the other store involved a bit of a drive. After waiting while the shop attendant phoned the store and verified the price, he approached the manager who made the final call that it was a end of line item or something similar so the wouldn't match it. Wish he had told me that from the start that the guarantee actually just meant that they 'might match it' as I waisted about half an hour of my time. If you have a price match promise you should stick by it, this was about a year ago and I haven't been back.
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