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rajgandhi(2 reviews)
Exceptional customer service, product differed from what was advertised which I realised, was not their fault but the way they communicated and found solution to the problem....was remarkable, would not hesitate to purchase again from them....highly recommended!
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TomSahz(29 reviews)
Very fast service, no unexpected issues. Ordered a few items on a Tuesday night, was notified they shipped on the Wednesday, received Thursday morning. Also I'm impressed with their product range and great prices. Always good to deal with.
RM are great to deal with great communication ..tracking.. and fast postage. Buy all my bits and pieces from RM. lollies are good to.Highly recommended.
Edited 12/04/2018
aalani(7 reviews)
I ordered 2 times from RM and in both cases, items turned out pretty fast, now every time Im looking for something in the market, I will try RM first as I feel safe buying from them, in fact I just placed a $582 order with them. And for the guy who complained about the stock been with the supplier, it's just as clear as that, they didn't cheat you into claiming they have something in stock then took month to deliver!, this a their way of been HONEST my friend, they either have the items in 'their' stock for immediate dispatch or with the supplier which will, logically, takes a bit longer to get delivered!, get a life man!
Unregisteredeb2baaad(2 reviews)
Ordered Shure se215 earphones, rubbermonkey had the best price and they arrived quickly, plus they even threw in a couple of sweets. Would definitely purchase from them again.
Edited 24/11/2017
CriticalConsumer(7 reviews)
Ordered a set of camera filters that is listed on their website as 'in stock with supplier, usually ships within 6 to 9 days'. First of all I don't understand why something that is in stock can just be shipped the very same day or the at least the next day. Do they have a backlog of things to send that is 6 to 9 days long? Shouldn't they put some effort into getting rid of the backlog in that case? After ordering I got an email with a link : 'View the status of your order online.' when you click the link you are taken to the 'My account' page of rubber monkey, which is empty since I don't HAVE an account with them (and likely never will). Why, if they provide a link, can't it be a link to the courier's site with a track and trace number? It's now 10 days after I ordered and still haven't received a thing. Won't be ordering from them again.
Unregistered4d0fadaf(2 reviews)
Very helpful and honest. Support team are very quick to respond.
Edited 12/12/2016
Unregistered45c3b9f0(2 reviews)
While browsing the local NZ shops for a flashlight for a birthday present I found this guys. The price was good (on pair with US + delivery + etc) so I left the web page opened and the next day I call them to ask about the flashlight and confirm they indeed have it in stock since the birthday was coming soon. They said they did not have it in stock in their Auckland showroom but could order one and get it delivered the next day which was good. However when I wanted to confirm the price I was a bit disappointed first. The flashlight I chose became ~$40 more - just because the sale they had yesterday just finished (it was the end of the month). I thought I would have to start my search from the beginning since without the sale the price was way too expensive, however the guy I was talking to over the phone said he could ask his manager and may be they still could sell the flashlight for the old "sales" price. And they did! Half an hour later he called me and said I can buy the flashlight with old price. So I am very happy - nice friendly people, good big and bright showroom. Price is quite high though so keep an eye for the next sale.
Avregistrerad1115(3 reviews)
Upon ordering some photography equipment from Rubber Monkey, I realised I had another item I wanted to add to my order. I called them thinking that they would take forever to answer and even longer to attend to my query, but the amazing representative on the phone managed to add a product to my existing order within a matter of five minutes, and I received the shipment early the next morning (in fact, so early that it woke me up). I admit that I was somewhat fooled by the relatively simplistic website, but wrongfully so. These guys have got great service and business workflows driving them, and it definitely shows on the customer-facing side.
edmundd(1 review)
Large range of professional equipment at good prices and conveniently based in Wellington. Excellent communication from helpful, friendly people. Easily reccomended.
OrangeSpy(1 review)
Great variety of accessories and prices.
TVC(1 review)
I enquired via email about a guitar effects box I intend to purchase and received a prompt and friendly response. I have also communicated with Rubber Monkey via their Facebook page and they have been super responsive and polite. I will definitely be posting another review once I receive my purchase, but thus far the communication and information provided addressing questions I had, has been great. A big thumbs up for excellent customer care.
Edited 15/05/2015
snaggle(3 reviews)
I ordered an Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphone, and it arrived the next day. Great product and great service. I will definitely do business with Rubber Monkey again.
Edited 26/01/2015
apple cupcakes(5 reviews)
I was very suspicious of rubber monkey as they don't have any reviews from the last year and have a website hosted in Hong Kong though they are physically based in Wellington. My set of headphones arrived on Monday after being sent Friday with no issues at all. The only thing I could say is that their website took a couple days to register that the item had been sent, though its really not to affect the rating. Overall very happy with the sale and won't hesitate to use them again. They even put a few lollies in with every order. EDIT: They now have a showroom in Wellington
Edited 19/12/2014
mikeC(2 reviews)
I had never used this site before....boy have i been missing out. They have great prices, but more importantly they have systems and processes that work, great communication, great delivery times, GREAT SERVICE, . I will definitely be bookmaking this site for future purchases. Use them you will not be sorry.
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