Antec Notebook Cooler 200

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  • Antec Notebook Cooler 200

    + Very light, strong frame
    + Large attractive fan
    + Top-notch cooling
    + Fancy blue LED
    + Low power consumption
    + Quiet operation

    - No USB ports
    - No ergonomic adjustments
    - Pricey

    • Performance: 9.75
    • Appearance: 9.50
    • Construction: 9.75
    • Functionality: 8.75
    • Value: 7.25

    8 years ago
  • Antec Notebook Cooler 200

    Conclusion  I tried out the Notebook Cooler 200 on my lap, sitting around on the couch or even in my chair here to edit images or surf the web. What I found it that unless you have a really wide and flat lap, the 200 doesn't stay level well, nor is it comfortable on your legs over a period of use. This cooler is definitely designed to sit on a flat surface like a desk or table. Over the past couple of weeks I have been using the 200 under my Lenovo for day to day usage. The most drastic improvement I saw was that my left hand was no longer on fire from the heat that typically dumps out of my hard drive. With 115 CFM of air flow over the 200mm diameter area, the 200 offers the best cooling solution of the two I have tested.  Antec offers a slick looking industrial framework and touches of clear and mirrored plastic. Once the LED lighting is turned on, the fan and the plastic reflect the glow of blue LEDs. The only thing is, you end up covering up all of that flashy looking styling. I'm in no way suggesting you abuse your cooler as I did when I tested its structural integrity. During which I found that this cooler is very solid and will take as much abuse as normal usage is going to deliver. I was so impressed with the 200 that it has made a permanent home under my Lenovo. Even while just surfing the internet, I can feel the cool breeze passing through the keyboard and keeping my hands cool and dry.  The bottom line as to any product is the cost. I mentioned earlier that to get this notebook cooler to your house it is going to be around $70 US dollars. Even though I don't game on my laptop a lot, there is a level of comfort that I see in the equation of the 200's pricing. What I mean to say is that by using the Notebook Cooler 200, I get to enjoy using my Lenovo in everyday situations more now than I could before. I don't burn my palm on the hard drive, and I get dry cool hands on top of it. I know my testing candidates are somewhat limited, but I would easily pay the $59.99 that is asking. As I say, the Notebook Cooler 200 made itself a permanent home on my desk, and it should be making one on yours!   

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    Antec Notebook Cooler 200 Review


    • Good, solid construction
    • Excellent cooling
    • Dual-purpose lap and desk use
    • USB power
    • Dual-speed 200mm blue LED fan
    • Switchable LED for selection between illuminated and not


    • None

    8 years ago
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    Antec Notebook Cooler 200 Review

    ConclusionThe Antec Notebook Cooler 200 has one of the largest fans I have seen in a computer cooling device and that large fan lives up to its looks. With impressive cooling power, the Notebook Cooler 200 definitely deserves high marks. Also, between the mirror panels and the blue glow that you can turn on around the fan, the aesthetics of the cooler are also very nice. Another bonus of the large fan size is the softer and lower fan noise that the cooler makes when the fan is turned on. Even at the high setting, the amount of noise emitted by the cooler is minimal and did not annoy me at all. Additionally, the design that allows this cooler to be used either on a desk or on your lap is genius. Most laptop coolers feel very uncomfortable when they are used on your lap and having one that can be used in such a way is awesome, especially with the super hot laptops that seem to be flooding the market now. The only downside to the cooler is its lack of USB ports, which isn't a deal breaker, but would have been a nice addition to an already great product. 

  • 8 years ago