Zalman ZM-NC1000

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  • Zalman ZM-NC1000 Notebook Cooler


    • Solid aluminum construction of the notebook platform.
    • Centrifugal fans provide quiet and even air distribution.
    • USB powered with an extra USB2.0 port.
    • Adjustable fan control with on/off switch.


    • High Speed makes more noise than the laptop without a cooler.

    Quality: 9
    Performance: 8
    Software Pack:
    Stability: 10
    Features: 9
    Value: 9

    11 years ago
  • Zalman ZM-NC1000 review


    • <p>Keeps old machines cool</p><p>Not too noisy</p>


    • <p>Of limited use for most would-be purchasers</p>

    Solid, sleek and it&apos;s oh so quiet"

    11 years ago
  • Zalman ZM1000-HP Plus 1000W Power Supply

    Conclusion  Zalman has produced a very solid power supply with the ZM1000-HP Plus. It performed very well in our load tests and one simply can't ask for a power supply to perform much better. Zalman's inclusion of dual heat pipes to cool the power supply coupled with a large 140mm fan to dissipate the heat and provide fresh air is fantastic. It keeps the power supply nearly silent even under load and makes it ideal for those seeking silent powerhouses.  Zalman could still do several things to improve the quality and value of the unit. The price is quite steep for a 1000W power supply. There are many others out there that offer nearly the same output performance wise for much less, but aren't quite as silent. Not utilizing a grommet as the wires come out of the power supply is something that I have only seen in a handful of power supplies over the last five years or more, and never in such a high end unit. The warranty on the ZM1000-HP is also a bit short, especially when looking at the offerings of other high end power supplies available.  After the great capacitor fiasco of the early 2000's, many people still remain highly reserved about any PC product that incorporates them and is one of the main reasons there has been such a large focus the past couple of years on pointing out the inclusion of Japanese capacitors. Zalman made sure to point out that the power supply used Japanese capacitors on the box, but didn't mention that it was only throughout part of the power supply. It would be nice to see 100% Japanese capacitors through the entire PSU.   

  • No grade
    10 years ago