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  • Very good
    9 months ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
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  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    A little reflections of me that first time users of the iPhone.

    + Awesome screen (much better than the Samsung screens: fancy colors, just in high PPI, good in daylight, no flicker, etc.)
    + Quick
    + Decent cam (not market)
    + The battery is actually a long time under normal use (at 4G, WiFi / place of)
    + Stylish
    + Good built-in speakers
    + Really great sound via the cord
    + Quality Feeling

    - DYR (gained through work, had never bought it myself)
    - No headphone jack (why?)
    - Loading slowly
    - In some respects trapped OS (though not as bad as I thought)
    - Large frame / bezel
    - No slot for memory cards
    - No back button
    - No FM radio
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    After a month of use is nothing to complain about! A brilliant phone that does everything correctly without flashing. Perfect unit.
  • Good
    18 years ago
    Cruel telephone, crappy fast and everything is soft and fine. Son standard 32 so I do not really have any shortage of space, stylish, it is also. The only problems I think it is that the screen is too low resolution for 2016, and the images in certain circumstances looks very much like paintings, then as blurred pull someone painted.
  • Poor
    18 years ago
    Telefonfiunktionen is slightly worse than the 5th
    Headphones clicks and scratching noises
    battery weak
    Phone Contacts bugs,
    As usual with the iPhone is the internet and surfing good but everything to do with telephony to the disaster, regrets to have it because businesses
  • Good
    18 years ago
    Same shit again, nothing new here.

    Got it for free on the job so I can not complain.

    Would never ever pay these prices for iProdukter, especially the iPhone.
  • Terrible
    18 years ago
    Worst Shit I purchased. Never more iPhone, it got sold yet so now I have procured me a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge instead ❤❤❤ so much better with Samsung over iPhone!
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    It's the same boring iPhone as always
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Najs handset, if you ever owned / used an iPhone, you know what it är..Små changes, nothing that makes you scream WOW.

    Went right back to the iPhone after 5-year use of Android and will probably not return for a while.

    Much less lag and much better flow. Nice with 32gb.
  • Very Poor
    18 years ago
    -No Place for Micro-SD
    -No Place for dual SIM cards (can not combine work and private mobile)
    -Halvdan Resolution screen compared to the best handsets
    -Halvdan battery
    -Sämre Camera and video than the best, despite the price
    -No Fast charge
    -No Wireless charging
    -No Replaceable battery
    -large Unsightly bezels.
    -No IR port (using my cell phone daily as remote, among others)
    -No FM radio (which I use for example when I hunt and have poor coverage)
    -Own Type of charging outlets that do not fit into something else.
    -Nothing 3.5 m outlet, why not be able to decide for yourself if you want wireless or not without any unsightly adapters.
    -Kvalitén On their screens, one can wonder, met many who had to replace their cracked screens or even had problems with color reproduction.
    -Applefans Usually mention that it is not laggy as Android (which was relevant to the type 5 years ago). Try a G5 LG, Huawei P9 or HTC 10 and note that there is no such thing as lag. On the contrary, I have very often been making reboots on my job iPhone.
    -NFC Locked to Apple Pay, good luck in the future.
    -Uselt Original keyboard, why the need to press a button to get the numbers mm.
    Can not loop screens (huge lack in my opinion). Have to scroll from one end of the other windows.
    Incredible boring operating system. I want to change widgets / apps that I want them with a certain size and location.
    -No Back button, rather than have to look at the screen or usually get your finger in the upper corner which is totally illogical.

    + It is water resistant (which has been on plenty other phones for many years), but how big is really the problem.
    + The screen is brighter than previous models (is there a problem?). Take any phone and increase the brightness, but you usually use still not full brightness, even in direct sunlight.
    + It's fast, but it is more mobiles are cruelly fast.

    iPhone sells at great marketing and they have locked a lot of people in their system. The price of the iPhone 7 is absolutely not reasonable with what you get for the money. Those who advocate the iPhone are those who market them or those who had no other mobile longer than that known to them in the shop for a moment.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Best iPhone! Also bought for them terrible good headphones from Apple, wireless, life became cordless! 10p
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    Probably the last iPhone.

    Hate to 3.5mm is gone. The camera scraping against the table if you do not have protection.

    Do no improvement from my 6a more than that it is faster.

    Had Google phone has been available this had never acquired. Something else that makes you continue with Apple is that all the apps you have bought over the years only works with their phones ...
  • Good
    18 years ago
    3.5mm ... WHERE ARE YOU?

    Kanonbra as usual. BUY!
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Began lessna my S6 after 1 year of use, and was eager to try something new. Ie move away from Android. Of course, the iPhone was 7 next handset. Will not say much more than that this is an awesome phone that is both terrible fast and are of exceptionally high build quality. Apple products always have a relatively high price, but as the owner of several iPhones & iPads, I must say that they are worth every penny.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Have had my iPhone 7 in just over a week at the time of writing.
    If you pay 8,000 for a phone, it must be really good stuff, and it's really good stuff. I come from a S6 and it is certainly a step up.
    I'm certainly not a fanboy of either Android or iPhone, think both high class!
    Thought run + - and write a little about my experience so far.

    + Design. Design is always a matter of taste, but according to me this is the best looking phone on the market right now. S7 Edge looks great good, as it does not have fingerprints on the whole phone which it will receive. Note that I have the black version and is not sensitive to fingerprints which is appreciated because I do not use shell. Nicely done by Apple when they put away the "fake" speakers on one side of lighting
    port to get better symmetry. On my S6 set neither laddporten, speaker and headphone jack in the middle.

    + Speakers. These sounds really good to come from a telephone. Stereo sound is nice when you look at the YouTube clip and that is a big difference with my S6a. Better sound is hard to find time for.

    + Home button. To begin with, the Touch ID sick quickly and always works. Just as it should be. I really love the new "Taptic Engine" technology. It feels like a button, but not really. You have to experience it yourself. Really great that you can set how "hard" it will click. It should also not be scratched because it is made of sapphire glass. Light years better than my Samsung which button was actually made of plastic and had a slow fingerprint sensor in relation to this.

    + Speed. This phone is extremely fast in everything you do. No waiting here do not. However, there are precious few "bugs" in iOS, but they disappear with regular updates. Had many more bugs on my S6a who was also an intercom, initially.
    Surprise me if there's a faster phone, and the only one that can match the iPhone in speed is Google Pixel.

    + Camera. The camera takes good photos with neutral colors. The sharpness is good and is even in dark conditions. No "wow" over the pictures, but clearly a good camera. What impresses most is that it takes pictures very quickly, something my Samsung did not. In addition, video stabilization absolutely fantastic. One can shake a lot and run with it without being noticed when playing the video. Slow motion of 240fps is also something that is appreciated. 4K I do not use, but it is nice that there is when you have invested a 4K TV. Live photo is still the worst shit that man has invented.
    Have even compared to my S6a properly in the computer and it is a relatively big difference, especially in the dark.

    + 3D Touch. It takes a while to learn how to use 3D Touch, but once you've done that you can not be without. One of the better things that Apple has done.

    + Google. Good support for Google services and apps if you want to use it. If you buy an Android may not have access to Apple services, which in many cases is better.

    Waterproof +. Have tried dipping it in water for a few minutes and there was no problem, feels safe. Would not recommend to swim with it because Apple does not bear the cost if something should happen.

    + - screen. Unfortunately, Apple keeps maintains its Retina display. AMOLED is better in every way, and we should get it for 8000: - but, but. It is certainly not bad by any means, but compared to Samsung and their monitors, it's almost embarrassing. 326ppi is too little. 577ppi is extremely unnecessary as Samsung. 400 I would say is right. However, I'm not thinking about it when I use the normal (not 10cm from my face). Go for 7 plus if you want a sharper screen. The colors are a bit worse than my S6, expected much difference actually. Apple has done a good job with greater color briefing.
    The screen can also be extremely light. One can see clearly in all light conditions.

    +/- battery time. I need to recharge every night and always keep a full day no matter how much I use it. In standby draws almost no power (to 50% when I go to bed and still have 49% when I wake up), which is a big plus. The charged relatively slowly with the original charger that you are going to use. However, I wish the USB C until next time, so you have a cable to all devices.

    +/- 3.5mm headphone jack. Personally, I miss it because I do not use other headphones. Rather plus as the Lighting headphones sound better than the old (tried).
    Can understand that this is a disaster for others who use several different types of headphones, but it includes an adapter at least.

    No real negative!
    Overall, I'm really happy with my phone. Recommend others to buy it if you have the money and use other Apple devices.
    Had I owned a 6s, I had not upgraded but I had had a normal 6a would definitely upgrade.
  • Poor
    18 years ago
    #Hal As a soap.

    # Poor response to touch, was to my great surprise better when it received an "armored scale" with a screen protector.

    # Parental function that restricts app installations do not send notifications to the parent account despite various researches on the Apple support pages + Google

    # Took a Googling to find out where to put the PIN on your SIM card. Collect stuff for security settings instead - but it's nothing that interests Apple cult members.

    #Hur 2016 can launch something that purports to be top of the line that removes 3.5mm jack but does not support wireless charging?
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    The only negative is that I was yelled at by my wife that I bought a phone to her without "holes". Strange that Apple makes a phone for customers who do not like technology, without holes for headphones.
    Can actually agree. Complicated techniques usually the hot Samsung.
    iOS system and iCloud is moreover superb.
  • Terrible
    18 years ago
    Lousy support and the warranty is very limited.

    My iPhone 7 did not last long.
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    same as 6 ball, which is good. but you always hope for something more when they get a new iPhone. had my sixth had not pajjat ​​yes probably not changed.
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    Have had any "helsiffror" of the iPhone and used a Nexus and a Sony over the period 2007-2016.

    IPhone 7 is a robust construction, but two years of development by 3500 of the world's top engineers results in an iPhone 6 with extra everything and removed the headphone jack has made me very disappointed. The removal of the jacket is a good idea, but they have not counted how many prylat which usually have jack at home in the cottages. All mac books te x. Nah, save the money and buy an iPhone 6s, the best iPhone ever. The 7 of that price not even qualify in before a 5s with new battery.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Best phone I have had in any case.
    -Grymt fast
    The screen has good enough resolution. Do not understand those who will be 4 K, etc. on a mobile! it does not look unlike if one is not toknära
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    Going from an LG G4, which is about 18 months old. Did then before that it would be a big adjustment, but due to many new high end Androids not be launched in the north, I thought to test an iPhone. Jg own anyway a Mac, iPad and Apple TV, so how bad could it be like ...?
    Sitting here now 5 days later and do not really know what to think.
    First, take this so damn long to write when the screen and then also the keys are so small so I pressed the wrong all the time and must do if ....
    Then, the screen is completely yellow ...? It goes pretty well to fix the settings, but a 6'a has not so yellow screen.
    Then, the camera is completely crap! There is obviously something wrong with some 7's that allows images have poor resolution and strange color casts and all the pictures you take with the flash, the green, fun. Makes nothing of all rescensioner saying that the camera is good, have not had one this bad camera then Samsung S2.
    Then the ios another thing entirely clear, but I know that well, and either you like it or not. But one thing that all the iPhone people say is that you can not have a larger screen when you are not reaching your fingers, believing hell when Apple insist on attaching all the apps in the upper right corner and not something can be attached on the screen where your thumb is in the opposite corner.
    So to summarize: Damn, I miss my G4, it was better at everything.
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    Do it for about 2-3 weeks, had an iPhone 6 plus 16gb earlier. My wife has an iPhone 6 16gb and my sister's daughter has a 16gb iPhone 6s. So I compared the,
    What should I say almost no difference in design, the camera has become much better, think clearer images with better colors brighter, a little faster, if you have an iPhone 6s you do not need to switch to an iPhone seventh


    The camera real good .... kudos to Apple
    Waterproof finally ..... kudos to Apple
    Finer stronger colors .. kudos Apple
    Good quality apps better than t.x android kudos to Apple
    Stereo speakers kudos to Apple
    Home button real good ..... kudos to Apple
    Front camera with 7 MP .... kudos to Apple
    And finally, finally, Apple has removed 16 gb


    On the iPhone 7 is an HD screen not even full HD
    Embarrassing Apple, Samsung s7 much sharper image with its UHD. Hope iPhone 8 will UHD too.

    The same hazy as the iPhone 6 as boring
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Many people here who do not own the phone and fanboys?

    I come from the iPhone 5s (formerly Galaxy 4 and iPhone 4)

    The phone is a real lift. Very quickly - it oozes quality. I'm not a fanboy or technology Geek - but this is probably the best on the market now.

    Everything is quick and easy. Good and frighten response. New smart features. And you who weep over 3.5mm do not buy the phone then? One must of course with an adapter.

    Therefore, one should perhaps cleaning out the reviews that are not bought or phone. I can only say that I had not bought this if I had had a 6s and not had to have some new features and water protection.

    Only negative is well on all phones - husband thinks the battery dies quickly.

    Otherwise, the best phone from the iPhone so far, of course.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Crazy fast, of course.
    Good that it is water resistant, no dealbreaker, but an advantage of course.
    Would have preferred 8MP camera 12mp but have to live with.
    No less of me, because I completely stopped using cords for several years, YMMV.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Smells quality.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Nothing revolutionary, but a solid update.
    Faster, better camera, waterproof.
    Can be a bit störigt that you can not recharge while you have headphones.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Absolutely perfect. Never had a faster and neater mobile. Giant convenient to use. Not too big and not too little. Wanted to get a plus but it was pretty damn big man can not work and have it in your pocket at the same time. Have bought a 32gb "because I do not need more" matte black. Fully satisfied. A mobile that works as it should, not a single crash. And with iOS 10 everything smooth and fast.
  • Decent
    18 years ago
    It is all very well but Apple 720p was 2012 now it is 2016, when the screen resolution is 1440p. It is not even full HD screen. It is scary fast but where is the HD screen. The camera is ok but Apple galaxy S8 will crush the resolution. I have only one galaxy s5 and even the crush this in some stuff such as battery life and screen. I say save the money and buy the Galaxy S 8 when it comes out.
  • Terrible
    18 years ago
    Got to take over the girl as she liked 5th with headphone better. Scary bad phone for the high price .. Have a Huawei Honor, that oozes quality compared to this.
  • Terrible
    18 years ago
    I have used many phones but this is my worst. Poor sound, ugly, no 3.5 connector, bad battery, etc

    I left it back and bought another phone instead.
  • Barely acceptable
    18 years ago
    Do you have a 5th out there they have no reason whatsoever to update if you really do not need a larger screen.
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    I like the design and size of the iPhone 7. Plus the headphones are too big.
    New IOS is neat, fast and stable.
    The new A10 Fusion processor with 4 cores.
    More waterproof than Apple claims - beats the Galaxy S7.
    Analog 3.5-millimeter jack gone. - Better late than never.
    The brightness has been increased from 500 to 625 nits.
    Expanded color gamut in a very nice camera.

    Still not found anything ...

    A masterpiece!
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    Be skeptical, I must say, very skeptical. But I was actually pleasantly surprised! It's so much faster and generally smoother than 6s. The new home button feels solid and like something from the future and the new battery allows me nowadays can charge it every other day. Waterproof phones are nothing new, but so what, then, it's still a very welcome feature that eliminates the need to worry when the phone is used in the water.

    And the lack of a headphone jack, yes must admit that I had not bought me a pair of bluetooth headphones unless Apple so to speak pushed me to it. And all I can say now is that I regret that they did not do it earlier. Soooo amazingly nice not having the headphone cable when you are out o run / walk, cleaning the home or commuting to and from work! The only bit sad thing is that you do not get with a pair of Bluetooth headphones in the bargain, but compare it with headphones while I eg got my S6 Edge then of course the amazing lightning EarPods'en much better!

    All in all, I am super happy with my new 7th although I upgrade from a 6s (can not imagine the huge difference for anyone upgrading from a previous model).

    And I really do not understand people who complain about it, have you really tried it ?? Clearly it the best phone I have owned so far!
  • Perfect
    18 years ago
    I do not understand all the complaining? Why compare the mobile with the previous model? If you change every year? Or all these reviews from people who do not even own the phone. I now switching out my two year old iPhone 6. Mobile is used constantly and skiing on the slopes a few times. The new iPhone 7, which lift! Much better performance. I experience a better battery life than when my iPhone 6 was new. Much better camera. Water resistant and a better screen.
  • Barely acceptable
    18 years ago
    The biggest thing that happened the iPhone since the iPhone; no more, no less!

    Apple fans will always find reasons why the latest iPhone is the best and better than anything else. In fact, there have been no changes to justify a purchase if you already own a 6S.
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    Interesting that so many who do not even own the phone taking the time to write everything that is so bad with it.

    If you own an iPhone and are happy with it, this will not disappoint you. The difference is not huge to 6S, stereo speakers is nice, it is faster, the battery life is better and it is water and dust resistant. Have you contrast an iPhone 5S or older this will be a major boost.

    Apple has removed the headphones jack (it may, however, with adapter), but I do not think it's a huge problem. The only thing is well that you can not charge your phone while you listen to music with the wired headphones. The Home button is no longer the mechanical (for the phone to be water resistant), but it has "haptic feedback" to do so it feels more like a button. Each correct skeptical about this but have to say that it works better than expected.
  • Barely acceptable
    18 years ago
    I've tested this phone and I'm not impressed!

    The camera is good but not the best and certainly not in the dark.
    The sound I hear no difference between the analog telephone speaker.
    The resolution is a joke, but it is good enough for some people.
    can not use the headset and charge simultaneously (very annoying problem).
    Same boring desigt largely as iPhone sixth
    Crazy locked operating system, has never used a telephone as little as with IOS.
    May suffer from 'touch disease (which makes touchscreen stops working, which Apple refuses to acknowledge and instead replaces the screen with an old (which of course have to pay much for) and therefore does not solve the actual manufacturing defect).
    For large bezels.
    Too expensive.
    Otherwise it is a great phone for half the price I was given a rating of 8a.
  • Very good
    18 years ago
    An update from the previous iPhone, nothing is really new, but after all, a better phone.

    Hörlursuttagets removal is something you personally get to decide how much it matters, for my part there is no problem since I dont use the headset and does not use third-party headphones.
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    "Acceptable" better grades, I can not give it because it does not contain any significant updates, rather, things that make it worse so that the absence of 3.5mm audio jack. Do not buy if you already own the iPhone.
  • Acceptable
    18 years ago
    Liked Apple products at one time. Now, however, you have to wonder if they even try or if they want to go back. First, the new iOS disgusting and has been there ever since iOS 7 and up. It has absolutely no freedom at all, and can only download games, music and apps from their own store. Apple's goal is therefore to literally INVESTING consumer.

    This phone is the first place worse than the competition in virtually every way. For the lower price you can get a s7, s7 egde, Z5, latest Nexus, which has more than twice the screen resolution, better camera (fixed 7: ans is good), freedom to trade software was one wants (who like monopoly?) and last but not least ........ PHONE CONNECTOR!

    7 iPhone is a great phone, but the feeling of being trapped, it is far too high price (5500kr would have been more appropriate considering what you get) and the lack of headphone puts it in a 5/10.
  • Excellent
    18 years ago
    Have had my iPhone 7 for a day now and I just have to say that I absolutely love how fast this telephone is. Apple is approaching the limit where apps no longer need to load when opened.

    Besides how fast it is so, the camera is just amazing, it takes pictures that make you believe that they are taken with a real professional camera.

    Home button felt weird at first, but you get used to quickly. It is also very nice to know that the phone is water-resistant.

    Although the display is still 750p so I experience the sharper than my previous 6th, it is possible that the increased contrast and wider color gamut helps with that.

    The headphone jack is gone is not a huge problem, just add the included adapter "permanently" on your headphones, it's problem solved. One must also EarPods suitable lightning port.

    The stereo speakers are good with clear sound, sometimes difficult to understand how so much sound could come from such a small device.

    If you like Apple's phones and ecosystems, so do not hesitate with the iPhone 7. As I wrote first so it's almost ridiculous how fast this telephone is.
  • Very Poor
    18 years ago
    It feels just like my iPhone 6s, the only difference you see when I put on a shell is that the headphone jack included. Lightning connector does not sound better as promised!