Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz Socket 1366 Box

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  • Perfect
    Fantastic processor. Takes everthing that's thrown at it, can run innumerable threads and can be overclocked by more than 50%.
    Very worth getting.
    7 years ago
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  • Perfect
    I have used this processor since it was released and have not had any problems with it.

    Have not overclocked it myself but with turbo boost overclock it to 3.1 GHz.
    And with my Scythe Mugen II cooler it becomes never particularly warm.
  • Perfect
    This is the processor I have had the most number of times because it's so terribly affordable when you find them used. However, I bought my at release along with an ASUS Gene mATX now in retrospect, it would have retained the first set .. had saved huge amounts of money but now it was as they were, have now an i7-3820 will not notice any difference.
  • Excellent
    Have had it since it came out and has worked just fine heslt.

    Now it's time for an upgrade to the later generation of i7an
  • Excellent
    've had my i7 920 for 2 years now and can not say more than woho! about
    Chewing still in itself all the games without any problems. overclocks very easy and simple (4GHz is tabling problems)

    there are clearly better options on the market today but owning one a 920 or would get one with cheap price, it's no problem at all to run on!
    've driven in my 4007mhz for 2 years now with a Noctua D14 and do not think about replacing it for a while to!
  • Perfect
    A really nice CPU that I just love! Mine is clocked at 4.1 GHz and is like a rocket! Recommend it highly to those of you who have thought about or are looking for a really good processor!
  • Perfect
    Phenomenal CPU that keeps a relatively low temperature and delivers more power than any CPU I have tested before.
  • Excellent
    Bought for 1 1/2 years ago and is cruelly satisfied.

    Stable, affordable and overclock up to 4.1 on air cooling.
  • Excellent
    Well, what can you say about a processor anyway? Without access to the reference hardware can not determine exactly how fast it is or not, but so far it has worked without a problem.

    Run the overclocked on a Asrockmoderkort via the built fast overclocking feature. The rate is at 3.8 Ghz and there it has been stable for almost a year and a half without any hassle. And this with air cooling (Noctua NHU-12P).

    The processor is quad-core, but with Hyperthreading feature turned on, it is added to four virtual processors. It may sound great on paper, but rarely works in practice. Should you play on your computer you should switch it off immediately since it often causes of performance problems.
    Should you however indulge in movie rendering, file compression, or the like, it may be worth leaving the contribution, since many such programs actually benefit greatly from the function.

    It comes as usual with a standard fan that I never got the opportunity to try when I busted a major right away. Based on past experience, however, I believe that Intel fan does its job more than adequately.

    + Fast
    + Overclocking Friendly
    + Included fan

    -Hyperthreading overrated
  • Perfect
    Bought me the computer processor cruelly satisfied it does not need to be overclocked it has its own little world never work it can handle all demanding that everyone uses
  • Perfect
    Wow! : D Bought it when it was new, it was dyyyr then. But it works fine, works great to lend to render 3D I've noticed ^ ^
  • Excellent
    Absolutely the most affordable i7'an!
    Watch my D0'a pretty painless to 4GHz with 1.24v cool with H50 to 74c at full load is not very more to say than that it will be 9p-1p because I think it's harder to watch i7 compared to C2D
  • Perfect
    Run 920 with water cooling (incl. NB water cooling). Found a good balance at 3.63 GHz (Watts, Heat and Temperature). Idled pulls my system about 170 W and à 100% CPU for video editing pulls about 300W (all 8 HT wires of about 100%). Value taken with UPM box (stuff you buy at Clas Ohlson). CPU idle temperature about 39 C and 100% CPU approximately 65C (well below TjMax temp for I7 is 100 C). RAM temp is around 26 C and idled about 30 at the 100% load.
    In Stock frequencies pulls my system about 130 W idled and about 250 W with the same 100% load for video editing ...
    Room temperature is about 20-22 C right now in winter.
    Approximately 4:03 GHz I got that max even then temperatures with the same 100% load between 80-85 C, which is still under TjMax but a bit unnecessary for "just a few MHz ... given that my system then drew over 350W and Cooling Fans were on MAX (other tests I always had these fans at MIN).
  • Perfect
    Offers very fine speed! Clocked min to 3.5 GHz with EVGA's "Dummy OC" is located at ~ 40 Celsius m standard fan. Very satisfied!
  • Perfect
    This processor is quite lovely. Corsair H5O located in the default frequency in the idle at about 28C. Overclocked to 3.0Ghz stands at about 50C at full load.

    This processor can watch absolutely incredible deal. Switch to sensible coolers only.
  • Perfect
    3.8 I have it in. The first time I overclock ;)
  • Perfect
    Run this in 3.6 without raising voltage, etc.. Have a cheap ASUS motherboard and slightly sharper memories.
    It will be good much warmer at 3.6 than 2.66, so stock cooling is not to think about ...

    Very stopper for money!
  • Excellent
    can only say nice ...! :)
  • Very good
    Good processor reasonably priced for its performance and overclocking. Sure, many say they will up to 4GHz + with Noctua U12P SE1366 and it makes one with my ex but it is not stable. 3730 was my up without changing in any volts. In 4GHz with when I saw how cpu: s reach over 95 degrees when I ran prime95 with real temp 3rd

    my system
    i7 920 (D0) (Noctua U12P SE1366)
    Rampage 2 Extreme
    Corsair Dominator GT 1866
  • Perfect
    What a monster for money. You can easily overclock. Replace the CPU fan and you can take it even further.
  • Perfect
    running I7 920 on rampage 2 gene. Only the press cpu level up on the VIPPS and you have to OC I7 940 easy & secure.
  • Perfect
    Runs like a dream!
  • Perfect
    Good performance, especially if one is to run multiple graphics cards and overclocking capabilities.

    Run in my 3Ghz original volts and everything works prima go safely to squeeze much more but when it performs like my old Q6600 that went into 3.6 Ghz so I see no reason to go higher.
  • Perfect
    4GHz 191 * 21 with 1.37 vcore and never above 70 degrees full load, brilliant performance for the money :)
  • Perfect
    Over Klockar masterfully!

    My i7 920 runs at 4GHz (19x211) with Noctua U12P SE1366's.

    + Cruel performance!

    + Value (according to me)

    - The enclosed cooler is not worth having if you're going to overclock.
  • Perfect
    Can point out that the cheapest i5 is just as good in games as the i7.

    In applications that use multiple threads to get the i5 rod of i7.

    Can only recommend this if you're looking for raw performance and doing various 3d prgram.
  • Perfect

    Soon taken away because of this CPU for affordable according to intel to future i5 so buy this otherwise you pay 6k for a i7a


    Run min in 3.8 Ghz 1.25 Vcore 1.315 QPI 200x19. Satisfied'll see if it's poking up the final later.

    had a Q9450 before in 3.2 Ghz got 18500 in 3DMark with it and now I have the same GFX 24, 000.

    'll see if I can screw up my 4 or 4.2 later will come back with results.
  • Perfect
    The Most Affordable processor now that DDR3 memories have gone down in price.
  • Perfect
    The processor itself is in my opinion the most affordable in the performance segment. Works great and has very good performance. Have not tried overclocking my copy but have read that it should overclock really well.
  • Perfect
    Totally worth its price! Recommend this warm, feels totally unnecessary to spend money on 940 or 965.
  • Very good
    Really najs processor for the voucher, only problem is that there are far too few Mobos for socket 1366th

    Having "just" clocked it to 3.2 GHz (160 FSB and 1.15V, ie undervoltad) and sits at 40 degrees idle and 70 degrees full load for 1 hour with a noctua cooler.
    One tip is to volta processor when it seems övervoltad stock. Lowered 10 degrees when I lowered the volts from auto to 1.15V (Auto iof goes up to 1.28)

    Succeeded without much trouble getting it to 3.8 but then it became too hot for me, about 80-85 degrees full load.
    Have no need for a faster than 3.2 as it does not get noticed any direct difference.

    The only game that actually benefits from an overclocking seems like GTA 4, which increased by 10-15 FPS (25 to 40) with an overclock to 3.2

    For those of you who are wondering, I got one from the batch 3843A

    Thought of this processor is HOT, 70 degrees with stock cooling oklockad. But everything below 85 seems to be relatively easy.
  • Perfect
    Incredibly powerful processor. Overclocks well and runs cool. Do not feel that the price is so very high, for the performance you get for free.
  • Excellent
    Sitting with a FPO / Batch 3838BXXX and a Noctua cooler. Do not be so happy that it went in 2.6GHz and did an overclock. First overclock with this processor ended up at full 3.9GHz. Really wonderful. Can not but be so wonderfully happy and nothing but recommend it highly, while I am somewhat amazed at those who buy a i965 ..
  • Perfect
    Quick, cool and expensive ...

    Could it be better? : P

    However, I am not convinced that the HT makes a big difference .. But it looks nice in Task: D

    Run water cooled and where the temperature is stable at 30 degrees with the fans at 30%

    I start playing games like Mirror's Edge and other games that utilize the CPU much so stinger just prollen's temperature significantly ...
  • Perfect
    Must just be a 10, or maybe 10 with a small minus for the price. However, so does not cost a C2Q 9550 almost as much now (23-02-2009) and C2Q 9650 more.

    As mentioned earlier, you can weigh it down with "almost" how many programs at any time without it starting to go slow.

    Over Klockar like a dream with a little v-core, you may see up to which the fpo / batch to buy if they want to improve their chances of getting one that overclocks well with a little v-core. They previously batcharna seems clock good overall with less "juice" of the ones I have seen, look out for Batch 3838Axxx (there are exceptions).

    Asked Inet when ordering for one that had NOT FPO / BATCH: 3838Axxx and was told that they only had "A" prollar, gambled on ordered a 920, and the mail came with a batch No.: 3838B. Seems like most of the "B" prollarna overclocks well too.
  • Excellent
    Spinner on how good any time, but slightly overpriced in my opinion.
  • Very good
    Would expect a little bigger lift from my last processor AMD X2 3800 +. Did not really the big WOW feeling, have tried to overclock it a bit, and I got it up to 3.6 Ghz without much problem with Noctua's 1366 fan. Just wanted to see if it was possible to overclock well, although it differs from the 775 socket.
  • Perfect
    I can only agree with, so incredibly powerful that you can almost weigh in with how many programs at any time. Run Vista 64. Also goes nearly to watch as far as anyone feels like :-)
  • Perfect
    Wonderful processor.
    Run it with this configuration running fine and quiet.
  • Excellent
    running a core i7 with 6 gb ddr3 1333 mhz memory.
    it appears to be extremely fast!

    had a pentium 4 before.
  • Perfect
    So grymmt fast that you do not realize it until you test a little tungre applications. Tried also to run Far Cry II, Crysis and Half Life II and actually felt it significantly faster than my old Core2 E8500! Run 6GB DDR3 to this and GigabyteEX58. Recommended!