Garmin Forerunner 235

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  • Barely acceptable
    10 months ago
    Have had it in about six months. Overall, it feels a bit unfinished product. Garmin should be better than this.

    As training watch is in many ways good but it's all the more for software than the clock. All possible statistics are available and the interface of the watch is quite okay. The app provides even better overview of the exercise rounds and it's fun to be able to plan workouts in advance, even if it is completely incomprehensible that you have to use a computer for this. The problem which training watch is in pulse measurement. The optical pulse measurement is okay for those who want to keep an eye on the pulse of everyday or most run long shifts with relatively steady pulse. At intervals passport or other high-intensity exercise, the measurement is completely inaccurate. A whim expensive product should be sold with a chest strap and the optical measurement as a supplement.

    The time no smart watch but can show notifications for everything that fits in Apple's Notification Center. It's pretty quick to turn off notifications rather than adding more.

    The watch's biggest problem is that the one who said do not feel quite finished. It hangs, do not download, pulse measurement puts the etc. etc. Garmin has released several software updates since I bought the watch with the problems persist, probably to a fault in the hardware. A friend has the same one and his pedometer has completely ballat out.

    I would not buy the same clock back. Opt for one with a chest strap. I myself had probably ignored segment and bought Apple Watch instead.

    battery life
    Good sport watch
    Garmin Connect is really good

    General software trouble, locks, etc., leading to mass reboots.
    Optical pulse measurement is not accurate.
  • Very good
    11 months ago
    Replaced my Sunto M5 with this! What a difference, given Garmin can watch more, but it is also more expensive. The major differences I boil down to the following; ease of use and the display is readable in daylight and without glasses

    For me as a hobby exercise Forerunner 235 gives me everything I need and more. GPS, heart rate and step number is so accurate I need, there are certainly higher precision of other training.

    Personally I think it's nice not having to pulse the band, but for the really serious sport, it is perhaps a necessity.

    My Mac sometimes have trouble finding it and sync quickly and accurately. It is pysslet is disturbing and I would appreciate a fix.
  • Acceptable
    11 months ago
    Updated: 11 months ago
    Unreliable / inaccurate pulse sensor - works okay for measuring average heart rate over time. If you want to train pulse based, you need to supplement with chest strap (separate sensor for about 600 SEK).

    Extremely sensitive and plastiga buttons for easy access involuntarily when, for example, pulls up his sleeve. You can read them, but then you lose the ability to change the display during exercise.

    Packed with features and a good GPS. Short battery life (should be charged every day if you have it on around the clock).
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Having used my lesser one day but are incredibly pleased with it so far.

    First impression was plastigt and horrible beep sounds from the 80s (which, fortunately, can be turned off) did not return the feeling for the better. Had I put SEK 2000 on a piece of unnecessary plastic that makes something my mobile actually capable of? Although I practice a lot, want to understand my development better and will try to take on Vasaloppet I wondered if this was money down the drain.

    But! After the first löppasset feels it is already clear as a bell! The screen is large and lovely. The right information is displayed at the right time and helps one understand the pace, heart rate and distance in a good way. The clock sits nicely and GPS and heart rate monitor works fine apparently. A delight to avoid having to take the phone on the round.

    One more dimension begins where the session is terminated; new records appear as soon as the pass is completed and with Garmin Connect, you can see his passport at the incredible level of detail. Comparing heart rate zones, see how the intensity changes over time, finding one's weak points (lactic uphill!) Etc etc.

    In the shower is at once paired with my phone, and while it syncs with the clock, I get alerts from iMessage and missed samtal- perfect! Notifications can I imagine will be a stress factor in the long run, but good when you are at home and can leave your phone in another room without missing anything important.

    Should be lots of fun when you have built up a database of training history!

    Less gets to as eg the Nordic skiing is the activity, this must be manually handle afterwards. Feels like a ridiculous thing to skip the mid-range, only to push up users in the premium class. What does it cost Garmin to add the option of the clock? Nothing.

    For the price 1990: - feels Forerunner 235 worth much!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I'm super happy with the watch.

    I have had two Garmin watches before (FR110 and FR220) and this is the best so far.

    The fine screen is what stands out the most, and it's fun to be able to change the dial look. I have installed an analog dial that is really good.

    Big plus that the clock has support for Garmin's IQ app. Which, among other apps are more chart-oriented features as the clock works great for hiking and stuff.

    The pulse sensor in the watch works better than expected. I have had the Fitbit Charge HR former and the heart rate monitor did not work at all on my wrist (it worked fine if I set the clock on the example of the arm, so it was not the fault of the heart rate monitor).

    The only thing I miss in the software is a training mode to. Now the "Run", "Run Indoor", "Bicycle", "Bicycle Indoor" and "Other". If "Other Indoor" existed it would have been cruel. Now I drive with "Bicycle Indoor" for gym workouts indoors instead and then I change the Garmin Connect website after the event, which is quite ok.

    Battery life is approximately one week with activity measurement active (heart rate and pedometer for everyday use). If one turns the activity measurement, I can imagine that battery life will be considerably longer.

    What you can complain about is that the clock is plasticky and the keys are too easy to press accidentally. For the price you pay, I think the time might well be made of better material and it would have been good if the buttons were recessed so they were not as sensitive.
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Did not feel premium.
    Software o'clock ok.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Fully satisfied with the watch. Works great for both running and cycling. Like also Connect app and then sync with both Endomondo and strive. Battery life is ok given that it measures the heart rate throughout the day and that GPS is a few hours per week.
    Would I miss something, so it is perhaps more activities, and the opportunity to combine activities such as triathlon.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    After 1 week I'm really happy! Occasionally with features, multi-adjustable, easy to read text messages, WhatsApp, calls etc in the clock. The pulse function work very well. Battery life about 4-5 days, depending on how much the GPS is used (during training)
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    My first pulse clock.

    I chose the clock to avoid a chest strap and pulse measurement seems to work ok.

    Easy to navigate menus.
    Do not think I will use the watch for notifications or change the song in your phone. Think it's easier to fish your phone.
    After two weeks of use, I have not had time to disturb me on battery life yet.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Really pleased with the functionality and it is simple to use and sync.
    Something plasticky
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Have had a lot of heart rate watches before this latest one Garmin FR 620.

    Works very well for me, nice to avoid chest strap, the optical reader seems to work the best it can be for me. Possibly I will run the pulse band at intervals where I want exact track of the pulse.
    The screen is large and has room for four data fields. Battery life perfectly OK. 2-3 days at the hour of GPS day with activity tracker and 24/7 pulse readings.
    Notifications works well, fairly easy to navigate menus.

    + Nice not having chest strap of all workouts
    + Large intimidate (compared with the previous clock)
    + Bluetooth file uploads workouts works perfectly
    + Convenient to have for everyday watch

    - OK but battery life could be any better
    - Optical HR reading is still not as good as a breast band but for me it works ok
    - Relatively expensive but that is if you want things early.

    Can recommended. For me it works the optical reader well but have read that it varies for different people how well it works.