Zalman ZM-NC2000

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  • Perfect
    High above expectation! Reduces CPU temperature by 20-30 degrees when I play. Earlier I could not even play WoW without the computer rebooted itself, but today everything's as it should and as long as I have the plate off goes the temperature usually never above 65 degrees! Lenovo Thinkpad Edge (i5 460M)
  • Good
    At low revs the noise level is acceptable, but at max it lets way too much in my opinion.
    Otherwise it works just fine and cools well.
  • Excellent
    Savior when my laptop started to overheat and shut down when I was playing games. Has lowered the maximum temperature when I play with a little over 30 degrees.

    Will a nine then I do not think it is right to call it "ultra silent" as it says on the box. But I maxes just the fans when I play and then drowns still game fans without major problems.

  • Perfect
    Bought this cooler for my 15.6 "MSI laptop. Once I kick off my computer so it wont be on for quite some time, which means that fans start making noise badly after a while.

    It sounds like this cooler emits is nothing that can compare to when the computer fans are running at maximum capacity. So it whizzing a little quiet on the cold plate is not something that bothers me. It cools down the computer very well, so it fulfills clearly its purpose very well!
  • Decent
    Kyler really good, but particularly quiet is unfortunately not. The button that is used to regulate the fan speed feels extremely cheap and scrapes to the chassis in the middle position. Additionally, the plate emits a special type of cheap plastic scent that hopefully will disappear over time, but it does not feel particularly healthy to inhale. Like any other computer stuff from China so this has also an angry blue LED that lights up half the room. Nothing that can not be fixed with a piece of tape, but I do not understand what it fills for function when you can hardly miss it started. Kyler does it like I said fine, but at this price, I expected a little higher quality especially the fans. Unfortunately there are no ventilation holes at the top of the cooler, which means that I have to place my computer so far down on the holder that it almost slips off, all to the fan on my HP laptop sucks in the air higher up.
  • Perfect
    My laptop was initially quite cool and pretty quiet, but after many hours of heavy use (many graphics intensive games) so it became hotter and louder by simple things, such as web browsing. I looked around for a solution, and this is definitely one! My dad bought a Targus fan for about 300 which I also tested, but this performs very much better ...


    Structure. The plastic on the bottom is barely noticeable (why would it?), But the thing you notice is the top side of solid aluminum that would make a Macbook Pro proud! It is also large enough for most "trailer only" monsters. Ergonomically angled.

    Cooling. Especially underneath the cooler, but the keyboard is also noticeably cooler.

    Silence. External fans do not get much quieter than this, it's just so. Maybe if they have any special technique that lets the fans rotate silently or something, but for us mortals with mortal wallets this is as close as you will! Quieter than my built computer fan when desperately trying to cool the computer ...

    Adjustable fan speed. It sounds more as it spins more, but then cools it also more. It cools my computer quite sufficient at the lowest though!

    No loss of the USB port. Since I have 4 USB ports on my laptop, it does not huge role for me, but for those who have few, it might be worth gold. You plug in the USB cord on the right or left side, so the other can be used for anything else!

    Power-off switch. Good to avoid tugging the plug when you want to turn off the fan ... It might sound like something small, but most fans have no one!


    The fold-out feet is a bit rickety, but the laptop is tilted pretty much even with them folded.

    LED that glows blue angry when the fan is on, but nothing that interferes so much (all the electronics today has it's type.)
  • Excellent
    Works really well for my Acer laptop. The cooling is superb and the feeling of quality is quite ok. Lets be a part with the fan on max.
  • Perfect
    bought this for my Acer 5742G since it came up over 77 degrees so I played BFBC2 and now with this heatsink, I am not over 65 degrees so it is incredible good

    the price is quite high but it is 100% worth the
    perfect with that you can regulate how fast the fans should spin

    of me get it anyway 100/100
  • Perfect
    Best purchase I made for my laptop.

    Doing its job superbly while keeping the noise down (when you often do not have the computer's built-in fan) and prolongs the life of your computer.

    Uses this to an Asus gaming laptop.
  • Perfect
    Good cooler for my HP laptop. A plus is that there is a USB port on it, and that it can regulate the fan speed also
  • Perfect
    I may well think that maybe they should've sent some fans to, or perhaps a great one. But it is good that it is now too. Does what it should. lowered the maximum temperature from about 75 to about 63. and then raised the course also FPS in the games I play with type 2-6 fps
  • Excellent
    Works very well, finally I can play demanding games on the computer without overheating. additional plus for its great looks and the ability to set the speed of the fans.
  • Perfect
    Handball 10a! Cools extremely well and is very quiet, the lowest fläkthastiget you will hear it at all. Still, the cooling capacity at the lowest very good, the only time I use anything other than the lowest rate is in heavy 3d games. It should be mentioned that I'm running max overclock on the graphics card so it's usually pretty hot. I can watch the video card about 50MHz higher now without it becoming unstable compared to before I got the cold plate. As for temperatures, I have 31grader cpu currently, this is more or less idle. Has opera started with 2 tabs only. If I run a stress test with orthos so climbs cpu temp up to 52-54grader peaked after a while. Have an hp dv6-1240 for those who are wondering, who, incidentally, is not known for being particularly cool. The only thing I could wish for would be a couple of usb ports to so that you get a few extra. However, there are two usb so you have as many usb job with it plugged in as without.
  • Very good
    Got it today! It cools completely ok! It does not get super cold, but it's colder than before.

    've Removed my battery from my 17 inch HP computer, plus I removed the cover / lid where the hard drives sitting so it is completely open on the bottom side. Then was the cooling effect better!

    You hear the fans when you have it at the highest level but it can live with.

    A disadvantage is that the wind blows a little on the face, the air comes from underneath the computer up against one, can be a bit distracting.
  • Excellent
    I have not had this cooler for very long and it's my first laptop coolers ever but I can already say that it works really good. My laptop just was not fully operational before without lowering the processor speed by 60% +, I did not it was the laptop overheated during normal operation, but with this cooler is no problem, the laptop becomes almost cold! Aluminum upper material is a big advantage if you have a little cool in the room when the surface becomes icy, which also helps cooling. I do not know how it works in the summer but I doubt whether there will be any problems, but it can certainly produce the opposite effect.

    The fan runs on top of my case, but it is not louder than my PC or my laptop's own fan, it is even so that the noise level on the laptop's fan running at full speed is at least three times as high, and it is still not the heat down to an acceptable level! Thanks to the holes in the plate so it can also be used as a passive cooler (before I bought this cooler, I had the laptop on a book case I spill on the table, then I put a box in the computer to get a gap between the laptop and the surface it standing on, and just did a lot of difference so this surface is even more open plus its materials should make a big difference).

    It is easy to use, cord included are short to not be distracting (plate and its active functions powered by your USB port), but I want to point out that it only seems to have an input on the left side, which means that if you have your USB ports on the right side, you will need to have a longer, separate cord, but that is standard with ports on the left, or you can plug in your computer, on both ports (includes a USB hub that sits on the right side ), however, can not test this right now, it's whatever worth knowing about!

    Some disadvantages are that it is quite big and it weighs a lot, I bought my laptop because it was smooth yet powerful (13 "screen), as this cooler destroys a little bit, but it's still good to have my PC on something , just in case you spill any liquid, and the computer becomes too hot it becomes. Others can be said that is negative is that it has a fairly sharp blue light indicates that the plate is turned on, which is a pain if you sleep with it on, or have it inside the TV room or so. device can also be tricky to wear a bare knee or leg when it gets cold, and that the fan's wind can be detected, this could probably be a bit of a deal-breaker for many, since many looking for things like this to the laptop gets too hot to wear the knee, but unfortunately this can become a problem instead of a solution, although I only tried to put his hand under the plate, but it was not very nice for longer moments, so it may be worth exploring, perhaps by going naked at any computer store and just run, who knows ;)

    Otherwise, it gives pad your laptop a very pleasant slope, which causes it to become higher than the keyboard, this gradient is built in and can not be disposed of, but it can be extended with some plastic pegs in the rear. The plate also provides a generally comfortable height increase, which can be great if you have a low coffee table or similar.

    In summary, this laptop cooler excellent, it does its job and then some, can easily recommend it, however, read the full review for there are some things that many may disturb on which you should know about before you purchase this product!
  • Excellent
    Absolutely superb among the different models of laptop coolers I tested. Lowered the temperature on the girl's acer with 20 degrees (at least) and now you can actually sit on your hands when you play or write.
    Completely silent, the course not, but it can be easily controlled. Clearly worth every penny.
  • Excellent
    Do their job well.
  • Perfect
    My Asus 51Ta works again. Had to change the load before the computer to even be able to play on my computer. Now I run full load with good fps and it is still much cooler. Highly recommended!
  • Perfect

    Got it in the mail from Inet few days ago, my Aspire 5738G drops by 10 degrees at full load and at least 15 of the rest: D
  • Perfect
    Cools very well my zNote 6625WD which was up imot 100 C without this cooler and now it will not above 75 C.
  • Very good
    Cools my zNote 6625WD who really need it.
    Provides significantly better performance in games.
    Sounds portion even if it is to be a silent model.
    Is not quieter than my laptop.
  • Perfect
    Chilled down my processor with approx. 10grader. Sounds almost anything and computer fan runs continuously at low speed, no matter how much I charged it. Toopenprodukt. Recommended!
  • Perfect
    Works perfect for cooling The laptop!
  • Excellent
    Provides a pleasant cooling. Thought it was a pain to play before when I supported her hand against the computer. Began to sweat but with this so the computer is only "lukewarm" ..
  • Excellent
    I recieved this today and have tested during the evening .. surprisingly good cooler to 17 "(fits perfectly under) liite more vocal on top than I thought it would be but it drowns not the computer's fan anyway: P

    Troubled much better than a passive cooling plate that I had before .. that is still pigs warm after a few hours gambling ..

    I recommend this to anyone who wants a cooler computer. Previously I had about 72C when I play, now is the temperature at about 60-62C
  • Perfect
    Mkt quieter than I thought it would be. Awesome satisfied.
  • Perfect
    Lowers my computer's temperature by about 10 degrees, depending on what your computer needs to work on. When no one is using the computer, so the temperature is lowered by up to 14 degrees.
    Check this out:
    Normal load: 60 C -> 50 C
    During the rest: 60 C -> 46 C
    Heavy load: 70 C -> 60 C

    Have not tested any other laptop coolers, but the Zalman ZM-NC2000 works beyond my expectations!

    Some negative aspects are, however, not so serious (does not affect my overall ranking):
    - When the computer goes into sleep mode will not turn the radiator down but stand still and buzzes.
    - It could have got to be some more USB ports

    Top Product!
  • Perfect
    Actually works better than expected.
    Comfortable with adjustable fan speed.
    max is quieter than the right laptop is when the buzzing started.
    lowered the temperature by about 10c depending on which application you check with.
    highly recommended!