Corsair Carbide 200R (Black)

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  • Very good
    12 months ago
    Affordable and stylish chassis! Plenty of space and compatible with many different board sizes. Fairly easy to get to stylish cabling, at least not crowded to work in the chassis.

    The fans are supplied with good quality for the price, plenty of available fan sites, and the air flow in the chassis is adequate. Smooth with dust filter for the power supply.

    + Spacious
    + Nicely
    + Good airflow / fan opportunities.
    + Easy to use
    + Top Value!

    +/- Materials feeling, it feels a bit cheap. But how often do you sit and take in the chassis;)?
    -Aningens Far.
    -Lite Poor soundproofing

    Now I am very fussy with my "negative" really is nothing to complain about given the price of the chassis (629kr) Really affordable and easy to upgrade components!
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    A cheap and good chassis where there is not stingy with space. Even though the price tag is lower as the chassis feels sturdy.

    + Stylish
    + Good bundled fans
    + Properly with space
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    + Sleek, stylish
    Many + fan locations
    + Value for money
  • Good
    3 years ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    A good chassis that provides good space for ATX builds, fits with long power supply as well as two powerful video card, and depending on the cooling of the motherboard + the size of the frame you can fit a 2x120mm water cooling system.

    + Stylish
    + Very durable
    + Sheep place with very
    + Many fans
    + Fans that come with the good
    + Easy installation
    + Dust filter for PSU

    - Narrow space between the chassis and the back plate for the cables
    - No dust filters for 120 / 140mm fan that can be set at the power supply.
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Well-built, affordable and above all beautiful! Included fans are great, runs quietly and support for water cooling or 6 fans available which should cover most needs. The wiring behind the mobo-plate makes it both stylish and cool in the box. Nice that it complies with gummidämpningar for all the fan sites.

    I built my gaming rig in the here and am very pleased. Absolutely no problems getting into big graphics card or any other components either for that matter. A good, easy, cool and spacious gaming -or all round chassis simply!
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Good chassis that cools good and cheap.

    + Good space
    + Good location for the cables on the back
    + Cools good
    Is nothing more to say .... BUY!
  • Excellent
    3 years ago
    Updated: 3 years ago
    A very affordable chassis for money. There is a lot of space on the back to get a neat wiring. To get a good air flow. It's easy to move on because it does not weigh much at all. The one to go for a budget chassis, this is a very good chassis for money.
  • Very good
    3 years ago
    Good and spacious chassis, which does not stand out in the crowd. Very style-pure, and not mass fuss with gaudy details and large windows.
  • Very good
    4 years ago
    Tried to throw together a desktop for my mom with old and used parts. The secondary market for chassis was not really for the buyer, so I bought one like this chassis again. Nice build quality and it's nice and quiet. If you do not need a giant frame for a lot of graphics cards in SLI or if you want a large and luxurious of enthusiast reasons so that suffices very well to secure any computer build anything.

    I bought my for $ 500 on Dustin Home.
  • Decent
    4 years ago
    Bought this cabinet to put together a machine of old components that have accumulated as I have replaced. I considered whether I should go for this or if I should go for a good old and familiar one, Cooler Master CM 690 Did you see this when it is newer. Only on the box I could say again here it is saved on. Cooler Master CM 690 came in a glossy black solid box, but here it was brown recycled cardboard with a little black matt. Fair enough, everything's supposed to be so politically correct and environmentally friendly today, so I opened the box and got the chassis out. It is very light and very airy, something that many will appreciate. It is easy to install in, so to speak, just plug to play. However, there are some but when it comes to this cage. The goods in the cabinet is very thin and I got a real sense China while I was doing it. The front is cast in cheap thin plastic that I have a suspicion that goes fast in pieces, so be careful if you must have it. If you plan to buy housing in this price range so I recommend adding in a few hundred to buy CM 690 w The difference between Carbide 200R and CM 690 is like night and day, although the prices are reasonably similar. CM 690 is one very good chassis compared to CC 200R, and if I bought again had no choice been CC 200R. The cabinet is "fair enough" to revive some old or an office machine, but then I recommend either putting fans in the top blowing out or cover the top with something. It may be enough so much shit down your computer when it ike is no filter in either the top or sides. The only place that has the filter is under the power supply. No form of cushioning the hard drive mounts in the front or the DVD / CD player installed, so it sounds very good when you install the software. It had to be positive about this cabinet is again there are plenty of fan space and very airy, and you can fit long graphics card and a reasonably large intercooler, but personally I do not get owner of two Corsair Carbide 200R.
  • Good
    5 years ago
    Updated: 5 years ago
    Pretty good chassis! Small but pretty enough if you do not have too many parts.
    Integrated holders for SSD, which is födelaktigt and good. It did unfortunately not for me because I only had 2 pieces SATA gossip from the egg and it was too far between Sata disk and solid state disk.
    It comes with 2 fans. I would have preferred that there was at least one more. The top of the chassis has room for 2 fans (either 120 or 145mm) there is no lid if you want to put on. It does not matter because it is still "exhaust" and not much dust coming through this route. ON hand, there is also room for 2 Fans. There I had liked to have seen that there is a cap to put on but it does not.

    The whole chassis is pretty well built. Mounts without a lot of screws. Too bad no air filter included.