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Millions of consumers find, discover, research and compare products at PriceSpy, get the most out of being listed by becoming a Featured Shop.

The featured package:

  • Logo and retailer message.
  • PriceSpy Analytics (Competitive Intelligence tool).
  • PriceSpy Instore Review + Conversion Rate Checker

Company Logo & Retailer Messages

Grow your business & boost performances

No contract period, no fees and set-up costs

Get your shop and products exposed and reach a larger audience to grow your business. Signing up for Featured Shop is free. You only pay when someone clicks your products.

  • Your logo is shown in connection with all prices from your shop, along with your 'retailer message'.
  • Direct links - a clickable green button on your product listed leading directly to the product in your webshop.
  • PriceSpy Analytics - you get free access to our competitive pricing tool PriceSpy Analytics where you can benchmark pricing against other shops.

Featured store Logo and Retailer Messages

PriceSpy Analytics (Free to use for featured shops)

  • A competitor insights and price tracking service for all sizes of e-commerce companies.
  • Benchmark your inventory, pricing and click against the competition.
  • See overlapping products and identify gaps in assortment.

PriceSpy Instore

Build trust and transparency between consumers and your business with PriceSpy Instore Reviews.

Instore - show your PriceSpy rating

Instore - purchase reviews

Improve trust and show your customers why to buy from you. Let your visitors see what other customers think, with PriceSpy shop rating. With PriceSpy Instore purchase reviews users are prompt to leave a review after they have made a purchase in your online shop.

Instore - conversion rate checker

Instore - product ratings

A conversion rate checker for conversion rate from clicks delivered by PriceSpy. Show what other thinks about the product, with product ratings from PriceSpy.

3 easy steps to become featured

  1. Contact sales or fill out our online form.
  2. E-sign agreement.
  3. Provide PriceSpy with a price product-feed (if your products are not already on PriceSpy).
Pricing: See our pricelist or contact a sales representative's
Product feed: Get product feed info here  

Additional paid services

Pricespy DataFeed

Stay ahead of your competition with valuable insights data. 

With our datafeed you can get insights and automate your pricing structure and stop wasting time on unnecessary manual tasks.

  • Automate repricing to achieve the ideal pricing structure adjusts to your competitors.
  • Discover new segments to enter and products to sell.
  • Our feed contains millions of products and increases every day.

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