Become a featured store at PriceSpy!

Logo and retailer message

Your store's logo will be displayed whenever your products are listed. You can also create a retailer message, listing three top selling points for why the customers should choose you.

Direct links to your store

There is a clickable link at each of your products listed, linking directly to the product on your store's website.

Decision support system

You will have access to an advanced statistical system to optimize your product range, keep an eye on competitors and more:

  • Get an idea of how attractive your product range is and discover products which may be of interest for you to start selling
  • Compare your prices against your competitors
  • Identify which products attract most visitors to your store during any period of time

Instore services

Instore services are offered to featured stores on PriceSpy:

  • Conversion tracking - Monitor the conversion rate from clicks delivered by PriceSpy
  • Product ratings - Display product ratings given by PriceSpy's users on your own product pages
  • Customer user reviews - Display reviews from PriceSpy users who have rated your store 

How do I become a featured store? If you would like to get access to the features listed above, or have any questions, please contact us at:

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