About PriceSpy

In order to make the best decision, it’s good to have all the facts at your fingertips. We are one of the world’s best price and product comparison services, with one single goal – to guide consumers to smarter buying decisions.

Find the right product

We want you to buy the right product. That’s why we gather as many facts as we can, and that’s why we have developed one of the world’s most comprehensive filters. Our filter helps you find products that suit your needs.

  • A huge set of products
  • Comprehensive filters – find products that suit you
  • See what’s popular – the most clicked on products on top on each category page
  • Shop and product reviews, written by other users

Find the right price

We want all consumers to buy at the right price. That’s why we gather prices from all online shops that we know of. You can always trust that we show the lowest price at the top of our product pages, since nobody can pay their way to a higher ranking in the price list.

  • A huge set of prices from a huge set of New Zealand shops
  • We show shipping costs and stock status
  • Price history for every product – see if the price is good right now
  • Alerts when the price drops
  • Alerts when a shop gets a newly released product in stock
  • Shop and product reviews, written by other users

Even more advantages with our free membership

If you use PriceSpy regularly, we recommend that you become a member. It’s free and it gives you a lot of advantages. For example, it’s easier to monitor price changes, write reviews, and save product lists.

  • Easier to set up and change price alerts
  • Save and sync your product lists
  • Write reviews on products

Download our app

With our app in your mobile you always have a powerful consumer tool in your pocket. Apart from all the advantages we’ve previously mentioned, the apps also contain a barcode scanner, so you can scan barcodes in physical shops and compare the prices.

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We are free and always on your side

For you as a consumer, it’s free to use our price and product comparison service. We don’t make money on selling anything and don’t want you to buy more than what’s necessary. Our mission is to guide you to the best purchase, when you have decided on one.

PriceSpy makes money on signing agreements with shops, whereby we charge them each time you get directed to their website. Regardless, we always show all prices that we know of, and you can always trust that we show them from the lowest to the highest. We always build our service around you, as a consumer.

We started out in 2002, as a small hobby activity in Ängelholm, Sweden. The founders had the same need of making good purchases, and avoiding the bad ones, as you. Initially, the service consisted of facts and prices of products that they themselves had planned to buy. Today, we are more than 220 people working towards giving you the best possible information before you decide on your purchases, and we now exist in seven countries.

Make smarter purchase decisions with us!