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  • Acceptable
    A lot clearly overrated router according to me, not at all affordable. I have 4 old routers and everyone performs well on the LAN but gets badly on WiFi. Therefore I bought this because it would be long range and fast speed. Compared to what? I would say that it is in line with my maybe 3-5 years old routers with 1-2 antennas. OK, if I'm sitting in front of the router so have not the old AC so then this may be faster, but that's not what I normally do ... I have not adjusted anything on it, but considers that a product should be its "best I "(almost anyway) right out of the box.
    Of course I let it, however, upgrade the firmware, so it would not be the problem.

    However, what was nice about it was the user interface, in Swedish, that was clear and easy to understand. The connection was easy.
  • Excellent
    Updated from my old DIR-655 and doubled the speed for various wireless gadgets! Threw latest Merlin fimrwaren when everyone says it will be good, do not really know what the difference is the Asus own but yes, everything works like clockwork. Much better interface than 655an but so different it's five years between the two routers. Pleased so far, will return in a year or two with an update.
  • Excellent
    Replaced my aging Dir-655th Worked well over 1 year now. Very pleased.
  • Perfect
    Have enjoyed these two bridged routers in more than two years.
    Brewing in 5 GHz, connecting through 2.4.
    VPN server, USB ports, a media server, parental control, the list is endless.
    Extremely stable thanks to Linux and 256 MB of RAM, has had several power outages without reset.

    Run two different SSID for bottom and top floor.
    With extra long antennae, we can connect an entire block away.
    Have changed the firmware to Merlin on both and just dragged into the fiber in the housing 500/500.
    The routers are no bottlenecks.
    Highly recommended, you learn not regret it.
  • Very good
    Still, after a week, I'm not really impressed. The wireless does not seem to have better range than my old Linksys 54GL with Tomato, which I had hoped for. But maybe there's more tricks than raising effect? Felt in any case had to replace the old when we get fiber instead of ADSL.
    It was easy to get started, updated itself first it did, but a little trickier to get off my webcams for me that is not so familiar with port forwarding, etc. The interface could be better.
    The network printer worked, however, directly, without any action. It linked up to all devices automatically, except the wife's Asus Laptop running Win 7, where it seems to fuss a bit, but got into it.
    Stable seems, which is important, it is on round the clock without any hassle.
    Would like to have better range, but may well be someone repeater or something.
  • Barely acceptable
    Two years later - Lowers the rating further because there is a router that last. Must now often heatstroke or Internet suddenly stopped. Although the range has become worse over the years and those in the know know why.
    --- --- --- --- ---
    Had the 2 days. The speed of the network is not excessively better than D-Link 855 2008 or ZTE MF28G (4G router TRE) but RT AC66U reaches much better. Will return when I tested more but are very satisfied. Run the router AP cable from ZTE MF28G but to get fiber next summer and when it should be used as a router. (Edit 2 years later: Was worse since Asus made it legal with new FW and had to buy another router when Asus malfunctions often to unplug the Internet.)

    My ZTE is punching so using RT-AC66U 3G router. Not optimal with three. Disconnect sometimes and then gets RT AC66U unreachable. Telenor operates, however, it perfectly. (Telenor run, always on. Three disconnects when there is no internet traffic)

    The range is tremendously good at RT AC66U but the speed is only boast numbers and will do just as well with standard RT-66U will lower my rating.

    Here a test to a disk connected to the router's USB. Lan VS WIFI AC 5GHz

    Nonsense the notion that WiFi can replace fixed line.
  • Excellent
    Very Satisfied. Bought both at office and home.
  • Excellent
    Very Good Range

    Good and easy to adjust
  • Very good
    Strong and stable router. You get what you pay for. Best consumer router available 120,909th I have run the original software all the time.

    Edti 121,117:
    The first broke down so I got a new one on the guarantee. It just went out and refused to start again.

    Edit 150 721:
    The second also broke down. Again got a new one guarantee but could not pull off on to then sit back with a dead router. Negotiated with Webhallen and ordered an Apple Airport Extreme instead.
  • Excellent
    Finally stable! Has gone from a Netgear WNR3500, so now I will not have to scratch his forehead and swearing every other day due to unstable internet.
    Good graphical user interfaces.
  • Good
    My second ASUS router, the software is better than the first generation N56!
    Can not comment on the scope
    Closed AC on the 5GHz band, where my Macbook Pro is not compatible with the N-speed switches it up directly.
    AC tapped networks, and connection can take anywhere from 30 sec to 5 min, do not know who owns this problem, however, is more than I problems with the WiFi on MacBooks so assume that Apple sits with "Black Peter".
    Feels like it to be quite warm, do not want strömslukare running 24/7, too little focus on the current consumption of these devices will well happen until the EU regulates.
    Bought it for 1300 - which may be considered ok.
  • Very good
    I recommend anyone who has an AC66 and not to set it sideways to buy rubber feet and put them on the existing feet to avoid overheating.

    Like this review so maybe they do not have the same luck I had when it died of what I think is heat related.

    It worked great for 2 years, but a month ago I thought develop sidstället time table for experienced very warm, but for some reason I thought that perhaps the children overturning the router and that it is not overheated at 2 years, and it certainly is not any problems. But as everyone knows can thermal compound to dry, but the router has not given rise to any heating problems out then later gave up without warning.

    The only negative is that I never got WOL (Wake-on-LAN) function even though Asus has released firmware which states that the right WOL should have been fixed. Otherwise, it has worked really well though I set the 2.4GHz at 20MHz for that it would not lose speed when it is over 20 WLAN nearby. Then I see not how it can be sold in 1500 are still after 2 years, routers seem to be the only thing that does not seem to go down in price over time, but they run campaigns and then. Therefore I bought a ac87 I first every unhappy but now works as a bell, please read my review there by clicking on my name and seek the review.

    The daughter played games and we then went to town when we came home well then was the router completely dead. At first I thought it was the charger when it flickered, but it gave a solid when it was not connected. Searched on Google and others had the same problem where the router was dead. So I took with ac / adapter to Media Markt and where it appeared that the adapter worked perfectly.
  • Perfect
    Run this past year, tired of TP-Link WD 1043 which admittedly was an OK N router for 400kr, but that required rebooting every now and then, spec with many simultaneous connections.

    AC66U really PnP as it should be - plug in - running. Not a single reboot. No hassles when running torrents, etc. worth every penny!

    The only thing I miss is the GUI and settings from TP Linken, AC66U is effective to set but lack a bit of the "old-fashioned" interface. However, the EC did not find any settings I missed so there are words, nothing negative :)
  • Perfect
    Had this router since it was launched in 2012 and is personalized.
    Not had to reboot it once. No matter how much I charged to the network, it has nevertheless delivered.

    Had the 1000 Mbit for a short time last year, when it managed to deliver 800 Mbps via the TP cable to one of the computers. Really good throughput.

    We have a total of 11 units seamlessly connected wirelessly to the router. The computers have AC card and get 99 Mbit of 100 delivered.
    Do not use the features of the USB hard drive or media server through the router.

    Recommended sharply.
  • Perfect
    Have been using this router for a week now and I am extremely satisfied! It is worth every penny.

    Right now I'm thinking the torrent in 3 Mit / s, extracts a 6GB RAR file from the Ready NAS server, streaming a 1080p movie from HTPCn, streaming another movie from my laptop into 720p, and I have uttorent running on all computers at home (3) and uploads in about 1 Mbit / s, then I have also a wireless printer constantly connected. All this wirelessly - no lag! (!)

    The router's GUI has many advantages and Asus have really thought when it comes to ease of use. Just such a thing as being able to lock the IP addresses internally is so easy to empty Grandma can fix it.

    Another thing I use is the Asus built cloud service. I have attached a SSD hard drive to the USB input on the router and thoughts all torrents to it, and use it as backup. Via cell phone, I can then access any file from my home network via an app that can be downloaded for free in the Google Play and the App Store. It is also accessible via FTP and HTTPS: // but I have not been able to set it when it feels superfluous. In any case, it is how smoothly anytime to stream movies from SSDn to my Galaxy Note 10.1 plate.

    Another advantage is that the blue LED lights are very weak and are thus not disturbing because they are not visible.

    I can warmly recommend this product and hope that Asus soon release the wireless network card that supports AC technology.

    ### Update 20130202:

    Tested just for fun on this router remain valid, and it does! It loads equally well on rope wirelessly.

    Wireless: (100 Mbit / s down and 10 Mbit / s up)

    I'm impressed!

    ### Update 20130821:

    Acquired 200 Mbit / s s and 100 Mbit / s up. I am satisfied:
    The result shows Wireless 5G.

    Update 20150402 ###
    Run now a public server behind this router, and it still works perfectly. I've also run into Merlin on it, and it makes it even better. Had 11 stars existed had this router received it.

    Merlin is available to download here:
  • Perfect
    I have had this router for a year now, is more than satisfied, can not think of anything negative.
    Threaded performance is good, WLAN performance is extremely good, just like the range.
    There are plenty of settings and features in it, the price is reasonable.
  • Terrible
    I hereby warn of this router!
    Anyone can, and will log on to your computer with ease.
    After a year of hell finally given up. It is now gathering dust.

    It has been unauthorized logged on my network since day one. More or less. Turn on the computer. Discovering new computers and even phones in my network in Windows.

    Log in to the router. Lots of new IP numbers show up as online. Half a second later lost them.

    Apparently Asus routers are very popular among hackers. Because they have so many security holes. They are used for DDoS attacks or just to spy and transmigration fine data.

    Have gone back to my old drink router. No more ASUS.
  • Perfect
    Funegrar super.
    Easy to set up through the good GUI
  • Excellent
    Replaced by Asus RT-N56U. The wireless speed and coverage is much better due to external antennas, is around 95/95 up / down with the AC on 5GHz.

    Run with Merlin's firmware which is highly recommended! Stable, fast, transparent, trim friendly firmware based on Asus's own.

    One warning though to run this with 3G / 4G USB Modem! To say the least inferior support and buggy. Does not support Telia Huawei sticks (some later models). Buy Dovado instead! They develop ongoing support for USB modem that includes the ability to port forwarding.
  • Perfect

    + Extremely easy to set up, just plug so presto and it's up. This is something everyone can.
    + Supports all possible open-source alternatives while the built features have a lot to give
    + Can be used as a repeater
    + Provides very good rate WLAN> LAN and LAN> WLAN
    + Three powerful antennas, assume 6dB each
    + Very good coverage on 5GHz network (the higher the frequency, the lower coverage)
    + AC support, although there are few devices that support this
    + Support for external storage and printers, as well as the use of external storage via mobile
    + Wall Mount and vertical stick
    + Appearance (except that it lights up like a Christmas tree)
    + Interchangeable antennas

    Irritation danger:
    * Over Decorated with light. Lit up like a Christmas tree. Black electrical tape fixes this.
    * AI abate and AI daughter
    * Mas about DDNS

    - USB 2.0, could have placed USB 3.0, but jaja. Not optimal for pro NAS solution (do not think this was the purpose either), but keeps galore for regular use.


    Extremely much for money, swell stable, just great solution for regular and professional users, is not something you will need to replace in a good while. Very good range.

    Continued doubts? Check it out on google test winner on all serious sides

    Run and buy!
  • Perfect
    Very good router. Good range. Easy to set opp.Anbefales!
  • Perfect
    Best router I have owned. Run with Merlin 43-2 and it's really stable. AC function with the nexus 5 of 5 GHz band gives me 96 mbit wirelessly with bredbanskollen (100 mbit line).
    Nice vpn client and server function. The only sad thing I discovered is the absence of Wake on Wan but WOL works.
  • Acceptable
    Switched from an RT-N65U which have no external antennas to this and my internet connection in the basement (today is the router in the closet upstairs) disappeared almost completely. Although I have 2-3 pluppar contacts in Windows (so much like previous router had), I get extremely low transfer rates, a few kb / sec, sometimes as low as down to 80-100 bytes / second.

    Should, however, try to replace my network card in your computer to a newer one so we'll see if it gets better. But so far I am not impressed and gives the router Rating 5/10 when it works perfect closer. But the range of 10 meters should be clear even through the wood floors and some walls.
  • Perfect
    Have had my router for about 3 months now without having to restart it once!
    This is a great boost from my rather lavish tp-link router that was promised to be a very stable router.

    The router itself is very easy to configure, and the range is awesome!

    I can really recommend this router!
  • Excellent
    After 3 days of use.
    Have had the D-Link DIR 855 previously.
    Must say that I love this! Is really impressed.
    My old D-Link 855 which is still a "weak" router feels like the 1980s in comparison.

    + Features
    + Performance
    + Na Persistent
    + Interface

    The only minus is that my right is hot! Then do not know if it's some odd one!

    Worth every kr .. So buy if you can afford it, otherwise run N66U

    Updating. Have now 2
    bra..nöjd works with both ..
  • Very good
    After four weeks of use I am very satisfied.

    + Easy installation (about 1,5 hours)
    + Good coverage (have 300Mbit / s down to the cell phone (Galaxy S5) throughout the apartment (75sqm) in a subscription to Broadband company that promises 150-250Mbit / s)

    - A bit pricey (1200 SEK on Komplett ad)
    - No USB3
    - Dated design (if you do not belong to the engineers from the post-war generation that thinks it is brazenly fast motorcycles, has Chuck Norris style ideals, like Golden Smog makes good music, read PC for All and identify themselves quite often as Per Moberg or Uffe Lundell .)
  • Decent
    Bought this along with the wireless network card ASUS USB-AC53 (which supports 5 GHz speed). The range is good but less good penetration. Can barely signal in my bedroom 7 meters and two walls from the router - however, the window is the range several hundred meters (!). Additionally decides sometimes 5GHz signal for not wanting to connect to N53 adapter despite the latest firmware on both the stuff and the same signal strength as the 2.4 GHz signal. Extra odd because it is the same manufacturer. Required hard-reset before it starts up again. Well, routers are always a fucking mystery but had hoped more on this as the good grades.
  • Perfect
    After a lot of reading so landed in the decision to buy this router to replace an old d-link that had a lot of mischief for themselves. I started it, did an update of fw, peeled some of the settings just to see what it could do. Neat interface! Since I have not given it a thought the 4 weeks that it has spun, it just works and it's just what I need, no hassle. More stable connection to our new mobiles and good speed on the wireless. Have no complaints, really happy!
  • Perfect
    I tried Netgear's R6300 (V1) and TP-Link's C7 Archer before I finally crawled to the cross and bought this. A bit high price, and it has many features I do not use ... but the router works stable, went to put up on the wall and has good range. After six months, I have not had to reboot it, and it is fully compatible with the equipment I use.
  • Perfect
    Very happy, had my 3 months. Good range of wireless and stable.
  • Perfect
    All problems are gone after the last update. I get 350 Mbps between two such routers here. Max I think is at 400 Mbps to three routers / computers with the same systen
  • Perfect
    No comments needed! Best simply.
  • Excellent
    After a week's review is generally positive. Since the supplied firmware did not have the features that I needed, I looked through both Merlin and DD-WRT before I finally settled on Tomato. The chews now stable and I am satisfied and happy.

    Funnily enough, I needed to boot into an emergency mode and from there to clear the memory before it went to load the new firmware for the second time. Perhaps, remaining remnants of the earlier versions that took place. It lowers the grade a notch because it stole a few hours for me. The button for the memory cleaning was almost invisible and no text informed about possible consequences.
  • Perfect
    Update (4 months):
    Still quite smooth and fast. Run now Merlin firmware that made it a breeze to install set-top box over the network (IPTV). The loss rate of the wireless was incidentally on my crummy network card, a D-Link DWA-547. The line is upgraded to 100/100, where my HTC One located at 83 and 97 Mbit / s over 802.11n.

    A very nice router that is also really neat. Seems helstabil MMORPG's and the like, have not had a single crash or DC after one week of use. Sitting on a 100/10 to rope and gets 70 Mbps down over the wireless router with approx 2 feet from the computer, equipped with a D-Link DWA-547. Perhaps no sensation when I have 96 Mbps cable, but still a complete update from my previous crash-prone Zyxel router to junk. As mentioned earlier, however, the AC model no necessity at the moment when the AC standard is under development, so the RT-N66U is probably still a better buy.
  • Perfect
    Absolutely magic router! Run with firmware from Merlin and then increase the setting options and performance even more.

    Had an Asus RT-56U earlier that I was very pleased with. But to trade up to this was a step in the right direction entirely. Feel that everything will be faster with this router. Bitorrentklienten is the icing on the cake.
  • Good
    This is my 4th router that is quite a novice, I'm not.
    It works great when it works. Unfortunately I lose daily contact with it, both wired and otrådat. I can not log me on to the router without a reboot and get the following message (despite the latest firmware): "Settings havebeen updated. Web page will now refresh.Changes havebeen made to the IP address or port number. You will now be disconnected from RT-AC66U. " - Goggla on that phrase and you will see that it is a common error.

    I raise the rating to 4 because now it works. However, it needed an upgrade of the firmware of a standalone (from Asus) and developers called "Merlin." It's not all that you will get there and it should work from the factory.

    I change reviewed after about 1 year of use: It works great with the new firmware. Good WIFI räckkvidd.
  • Very good
    It is not without reservation that this router gets a rating of "Good", it has a few little quirks that pull down the grade. As a reference for the test have an Asus PCE-AC68 wireless card used.

    The tests of the transfer is made to a NAS Server (Qnap) that first linked by cable to the router as some sort of "benchmark" for the transmission rate. This proved to provide 75 Mb / sec (Note, megabytes, not megabits) in read speed and 80MB / s in write speed.

    Now over to using WiFi and PCE-AC68 instead ... Distance between router and test computer is more than 5 meters.

    In AC mode at 5 GHz band is the reading speed to the NAS about 50 Mb / sec (Asus Utility says that the channel width than 80 MHz and uppkopplngshastigheten is 1.300 Mbit / s), which may be considered as perfectly OK. However, it is extremely surprising that the write speed to the NAS is deplorable 7 Mb / sec. A quick test of the N-mode at 2.4 GHz show that the write speed is 7 Mb / sec here and you can see that it does not in the least faster in AC mode on 5G than in N-mode on 2.4G ... ? Oddly, surprising and unimpressive. There must be something that is incorrect on my part but QoS is turned off and no other traffic is present on the network.

    Conclusion: Around 400 Mbit / s in download and "disastrous" 54 Mbit / s in upload. (54 Mbit / sec is not bad thing, but for an AC router with an AC network cards from the same manufacturer, it is not particularly impressive.)

    The router uses a mobile broadband as the primary connection method, and it was a bit pyssligt to get to work 100% stable. The E398 used as a modem is not listed as pre-defined modem type (even though the router will find the modem and identifies it as a Huawei modem) and allows one may try things out a bit with different modem types of other models before it becomes fully functional stable. This applies even to be careful to manually set country / ISP and APN correctly when everything is not the default, otherwise the modem down every 5 minutes and the router complains that it is wrong PIN for SIM message despite the proven works in 5 minutes shock. Set however, manually enter the ISP / APN and simply enter the "correct" APN even though the default is no way to reset it and becomes stable. However complicated for someone who is not used.

    Some parts in the diagnosis leaves a little to be desired. Sure, it's "just" diagnostics and does not affect the operation, but it is annoying eg that the monitoring of throughput when "streaming" on both 2.4G and 5G while alltsom usually only get data on one of the two bands despite both going haywire.

    Otherwise, the router contains a lot of features and most of them work as expected.

    EDIT: For those of you who are using the "mobile broadband" in the form of a USB stick as the primary internet connection, stay away from firmware revision The audit can not connect the modem to the net anyway for Tele2's 3G / 4G. The last firmware that works is

    EDIT: As in magic and without updating the drivers somewhere is now the upload speed to the NAS server, 30-35 Mb / s instead of 7 Mb / s. Why it suddenly got the idea to go 5 times faster is hard to predict, but now it's really decent speed in both directions in AC mode.
  • Decent
    Have not done any proper tests. But it is stable and works well.
    However, the scope of wireless to be a bit short. Do not touch the phone while standing outdoors approx 15meter away. Inside the apartment it works though.
    Good for height adjustment. VPN server, multiple separate wireless networks and more.
    I want a router, you can set a lot and adjust, and it can be with this :)

    Update after 6 months operation:
    Has hung up 2 times last week for no reason. Have latest FW ( It gives less. Bought this for a fast and stable connection
    Noted that it is quite warm, should probably try to move it and set it up.
  • Perfect
    very good router get 97mbit wireless with asus AC53 AC adapter in 5GHz band about 5 feet between the router o adapter :)
  • Excellent
    This router can be flashed with DD-WRT software and learn when to achieve significantly higher speed, and the ability to boost the power of WiFi.
  • Barely acceptable
    Must say that the scope of both bands were lousy!
    Do not know if it's because they had to change the software because of lawsuits but the range was less than half my Dovado Pro.
    Returned and bought a Netgear Nighthawk instead, works much better.
  • Perfect
    Immediately felt the difference on this router very satisfied!

    feels quality. and the software was easy to understand, plus the software is good from the beginning, it does not usually router software as often. big plus.

    host ba purchase price be satisfied :)
  • Very good
    Very happy with this router and I have tested quite a few over the years. It is the first router I have owned where I have not felt the need to replace the firmware to tomato or dd-wrt, it works, hangs, and does not have all the features I need.

    Can agree with previous ratings that it does not have impressive transfer to any usb disk but I run a separate NAS via gigabit so it's nothing that bothers me ... But if you hope to have your router as a NAS with a simple usb Drive hitched so you should probably check on whether there are better faster / options.

    Run 15-20 wireless clients on it including all toads and telephones and a pair of threaded, it has never hung, has fast transmission and is capable of 1080p stream while doing other things.
  • Perfect
    Went from T2's slow netgear they run with this. 's That night, on the day. The speed of Asusen's just too good.

    Very satisfied so far anyway.
  • Excellent
    A powerful router with a stylish design.

    The speed of the wireless network is not a WOW moment, but an earlier version of the ASUS router performs as much as this expensive router.

    My tip, if you have a better network and higher Internet connection, so you bet on this router, otherwise you can run on the Asus RT-N66U and you get equally good conditions and you save the difference of SEK 500 in his pocket.
  • Perfect
    Have now had this router for approx. 1 month and am extremely satisfied.
    Good coverage throughout our 3rd at about 95 square meters and it is very stable.

    Love its built-in torrent client that you can use directly through their smartphone
    to download to external drive (you do not need to even start his computer).
    I have also connected my TV wired to the router and stream directly via the external
    counter, WONDERFUL!

    Have nothing bad at all to say about this little device.

    I run with merlins firmware and it works great!
  • Acceptable
    Good performance but the software is pretty crappy.
    Buggy and not thought webgui. Should be better considering the price.
    Has experienced that one can not get IP all times as some others describe.
  • Very good
    Have driven this router now for 4 months.

    About a month ago, lost the internet completely random. Updated Firmware. The same problem again, now hung it up every night.

    So was varnish and started Googling the problem, found a great tip here on-hunting and presto! Drove into Merlin's firmware in the router and the router has not jammed even once for me.

    (Merlin's firmware is made of an Asus developers, so it is installed just like an official update, it wants to delete the install you just log-fw again)
  • Perfect
    Awesome router. I went for this rather than RT-AC68-U model including page performance 802.11ac is much better on this router, in addition to the score as No. 2 performance in terms of 802.11n standard (where RT-AC68-U leader).

    The router has no USB 3.0 port, RT-AC68-U has. FTP performance against external hard drive is therefore much worse, but I prefer either NAS.

    The positive is that you also get this model with wall mount, and that this router is reported more stable than RT-AC68-U, then the firmware currently behaves unstable at times.

    This router is however very stable with good firmware free "childhood diseases", pen and watch and functions just as it should.
  • Excellent
    Incredibly fast and works perfectly with Apple products!

    + Good menus, many features o choice, good coverage, super fast

    - It gets a little too hot regardless of use.