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Philips HU4813
2 years ago
Totally useless. Can handle far from side 44 sqm. The only room it is nearby to increase the humidity in is an 8 sqm room. Our bedroom on the same floor with a closed door of about 15 square meters cannot handle it even though it runs hourly and hourly so hardly reaches 30%. Then the start was 28%. Had I been able I had left it back. I would easily have bought another brand and model but thought I paid for quality as this does not belong to the cheapest.
Dell Adapter USB-C (DA200)
2 years ago
Worst of all, DA200 limits HDMI connections to 1980x1080
WD My Book 8TB
2 years ago*
Downloaded hours comparing different external hard disks and their performance. Overall, WD discs seem to have better reliability than Seagate according to all forums and reviews I read. The choice was between this and a Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Hub 8 TB because it has two USB 3.0 ports that you can use. However, it is a SMR hard drive which has its pros and cons. Slower writing but faster reading. Performance, however, seems to be equivalent to the WD My Book. As soon as I got this, I did a Crystal DiskMark test and was reading about 180 MB / s and writing at about 170 mb / s. So I am very pleased. It was even faster than my internal Seagate 3 TB disk which I think is striking. Have just had it for a few days so can not tell anyone about the reliability or the accompanying programs but the disk is very quiet. To get full points, I would like some extra USB 3.0 ports. Note that performance can not be compared to the smaller external disks that power from the USB port, such as WD Passport. These are at best at around 120 mb / s in performance.
*Edited 2 years
Lenovo TAB 10 ZA1U 16GB
2 years ago
By far the slowest plate I have ever used. Buy one with at least 2GB of RAM instead of 1GB as in this. Takes several seconds to press buttons and get something done. Apart from this useful as a flat to children for gaming and movie viewing but not for other rap use. Only affordable if you get it on sale for max 1,000 kr. Otherwise, choose a more expensive model.
3 years ago*
Bought this one used for $ 1,000 to replace a Samsung 2350p. Very big difference in image quality. Was really surprised. Easy to adjust to height. Very smooth with 2xUSB at the edge and 2xUSB underneath. Super satisfied! It seems that the straw is even harder to DELL 27 "as I use at work. Bonus that it has built-in speakers for those who are not so picky and want it stylish around the desk. It mainly uses games and work and it works well. Would never want to change back.
*Edited 3 years
3 years ago*
Ordered on Black Friday for 13,995 kr. Replace my Panasonic Plasma from 2007. Terrifically impressed. Great nice and clear picture. Much better sound than expected. No longer need my wireless speaker connected. The remote control and webOS are a pleasure to use. Likes the menu system a lot and everything goes fast and smoothly. Really satisfied! Nice too, it is also on the foot. We used to Plasma have the natural transition to an OLED.
*Edited 3 years
Drakensang: The River Of Time (PC)
10 years ago*
Unfolding time before Drakensang although this is the sequel. The graphics are based on the same basic engine but is slightly refined. The game has been improved here and there from an interface perspective and flows very well. The graphics are approved, as well as music and sound effects. The dialogues are a little too flimsy even though everyone has spoken voices. Want an honorable role playing game where you control a group with all the development of qualities and skills called then Drakensang a good choice in anticipation of Skykrim. The game reaches obviously not up to the Witcher 2's level but is better than Gothic fourth It is well worth its cheap price.
*Edited 10 years
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (PC)
10 years ago*
Horribly good RPG. They beat expectations. Great graphics, great storyline. It is with that in a film to a large extent but still with sufficient freedom from. The only drawbacks are that it is very graphically intensive and as linearly as its predecessor, but on the other hand, is more varied. Withcer 2 beats both Two Worlds 2 like Gothic 4 and is a definite contender for Skyrim this fall that has a lot to live up to.
*Edited 10 years
Two Worlds II (PC)
10 years ago*
Very good game. Recommended. + Graphics + Large game world than first + Many side-quests + Technical bug free + Last julpatch fixes virtually all + Very objects and variety in weapons, spell system, alchemy, etc. + Ok main story and sidequests - Music is inferior in one even if it is not bad. - A bit too simple severity, should be harder on noraml difficulty level. - Useless and voice acting on the main character, the other one can put up with but overall no difference against one. - A little too banal dialogues and for children who have consoles
*Edited 10 years
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