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JB Hi-Fi
3 years ago*
Pre-ordered the Amazon Echo from their online store. They promised that they would send it the day before release but they've now missed that by three days. Exactly what was the point of pre-ordering? I'd have gotten it far faster by just going in store. I've sent them three emails now and no one is responding. Really unimpressed.
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5 years ago*
Don't waste your time or money with fishpond. I've used them twice now and both times I've walked away furious and frustrated. Their service is rubbish and their customer service is even worse. I am amazed that they stay in business. First time around they took 2 weeks to ship my items. The first parcel came about two weeks later and it was entirely the wrong item (they still haven't fixed the barcode issue that caused that to happen) and the second one, a gift for my partner, arrived too late. Silly me for thinking that ordering more than a month in advance would be sufficient! The second time around I placed an order and within hours of placing it they changed the estimated delivery date from two weeks time to two months in the future. I tried emailing them to see what that was all about but I just got a copy paste response which didn't answer my question. Since my order was fairly time sensitive I cancelled it (in the process being charged a $5 "restocking fee" for something which hadn't even been dispatched) and bought it elsewhere. Fishpond are now refusing to answer my emails. I think I've learnt my lesson now....
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