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PB Tech
6 years ago*
I bought two SDXC cards from Alpha City. Their price was good and they had a consistent reputation (via PriceSpy) of being reliable. I received good communication and fuss-free service from them and they forwarded the tracking number of the package upon dispatch. The package arrived 5 days later (to my rural address), which I feel is a little slow but not the fault of Alpha City and was faster than other purchases made on Trade Me on the same day. From past experience slow couriers are a common problem. Alpha City's service was excellent. I would buy from them again and happily recommend them to others. If they could find a faster courier I'd cheerfully have given them 10 stars!
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Direct HP
8 years ago*
Tried to purchase a computer with this company using their online shop. Unfortunately the computer was out of stock, which was communicated to me pretty much immediately along with the offer of a refund. I asked for them to wait until new stock arrived but, after a few weeks, it hadn't. Eventually I took the refund and bought from another shop that did have stock available but, sadly, at a higher price. And it turned out that their new stock arrived in their store the day after I ordered from the other shop. Anyway, these people kept me informed, were very honest and reliable, and very pleasant to deal with. So things didn't line up for this purchase but, if the need ever arises in the future and their prices continue to remain as competitive as they would have been on this occasion, I would be very happy to deal with them again. Based on all of this I would also feel very comfortable recommending them to anyone reading this. Regards, Tony King
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