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Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (EN)
7 years ago*
good keyboard but takes some getting used to, especially with the array of buttons on the left when youre used to the caps, etc being there and keys are slightly smaller than average. A little expensive, but Logitech have proven themselves in terms of build quality, reliability and ease of use; paired with a g500 mouse you'll be unstoppable. Colors are not too garish and this keyboard is definitely pick of the bunch of the top 5. The cherry browns are its best feature, no fatigue, good feedback and just the right amount of sensitivity for both gaming and typing, which is a big ask.
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Stationery Online
8 years ago*
Great Service, had my mums address from an old order on the delivery form by mistake and they managed to track it down and redirect at no charge. Also great prices used on consumables, etc beats going into dick smith even after delivery charge. Great job guys
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Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000
10 years ago*
Very decent set for the price. Suprisingly good bass, very clear, reasonably comfortable, quite rugged too. Suitable for about 3-4 hours wearing at a time. USB so you can't plug into mp3 player but who would wear a mic attached headset in public anyway. There are better headsets out there but at $40 I'm definitely not complaining... -liam
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10 years ago*
Best phone Ive ever bought. Massive 1 GHZ CPU unheard of til now in cellphone arena Customizable to Android or Windows Phone 7 if you dare Massive 4.3 inch screen seals the deal - nearly an inch bigger than any iphone screen! We all know just like real life every inch counts... Get one. Now. You wont regret it.
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Expert Infotech
11 years ago*
Top store highly recommended consistently good prices for mobiles and computer gear and always in stock You could save $20-30 and get it shipped from Hong Kong from some dodgy online only shop and wait two or three weeks for delivery.. OR you could just buy it right now from Ex Info at a really reasonable price!
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