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Intenso 2.5" Memory Station 1TB
6 years ago*
After two months of normal usage, my Intenso HDD crashed and I had to re-set it - losing a lot of my documents on it, in the process. This Should not Have To Happen. As with WD's HDD's: Not recommended.
*Edited 6 years
Remington HC5750 Pro Power Maverick
8 years ago*
Update 25okt-2014: They refuse to give me a battery (electricity. Change it) over the cost of a new trimmer. Environmental Illegal and greedily. Avoid Remington. + Design + Good power in the device (currently only when using the outlet, though) + Smart design and functionality overall + Good cleaning function - Horrible quality plastkammarna, 2 out of them is broken for me without excessive use. Of course unacceptable and directly unnecessary when the trimmer has otherwise good quality. - Poor load time, after ca. 1 year of use the battery dies very quickly. Some "40 minutes" is hardly anymore. = Good and smart trimmer (at first), but expect that some will deteriorate or break. Will look for new plastic combs on Remington's web shop, but if they are too expensive or breaks soon, I will consider changing brand.
*Edited 6 years
Philips Daily Collection HD4646 1.5L
8 years ago*
Quiet and good for a cheap price
*Edited 8 years
Thierry Mugler A*Men edt 100ml
8 years ago*
Cruel vanilla-based fragrance. Compatible always besides very sunny summer days
*Edited 8 years
Age of Empires - Collector's Edition (PC)
10 years ago*
Classics at a price that is non-existent in comparison.
*Edited 10 years
Sony Ericsson W810i
12 years ago*
Have had it for about 3 years. It has worked ok. Less, however, is Camera button does not work anymore, making it impossible to take pictures with cell phone -Charging loose, basically impossible to download now - to borrow my brother's charger, it works ok Cell Phone shuts off suddenly, especially when you're about to call / answer -Buzzing loud sound suddenly occurs sometimes when you will change your tune. Sync program disc2phone's nothing on. -Slightly large model -Plasticky middle keypad - Random function in music mode is not random Has otherwise a remarkable tendency to complicate things. Technology-wise, this phone is still in the stone age compared with an ipod touch / iphone
*Edited 12 years
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