The price history shows how the price has changed over time

Are you wondering how often prices go up or down? Our price history shows when the shops change their prices.

The price history shows when the price has been at its lowest, how often the shops have promotional offers and the latest price trend.

To see historical price changes is extra interesting before sales periods such as Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales. You see immediately if the shops raise prices before a sale period and can thus avoid the worst fake sales prices.

All our product pages on PriceSpy show the price history in miniature format.

If you click on the graph or tab called "Price history", you can see the price history in a larger format and also review in detail all shops' price changes by date.

📊 You see how the shops change their prices

😱 Easier to avoid secretive price increases

🤑 Perfect before big sales days like Black Friday

If you select "Important dates" under "Select graphs", we will show the major sales periods directly in the price history.

5 practical price history tips

  • You can view sale periods such as Black Friday and the Boxing Day sales directly in the price history. You’ll find the option above the price history in both the browser and the mobile app.
  • In the browser, we show all shops that sold the specific product. Click on the shop and you’ll see how they have changed their price in relation to the lowest price.
  • Do you want to see the median price, the maximum price and a price trend? No worries, we have all three in our price history.
  • You don’t have to see the whole price history. You can choose to see the last 3, 6 or 12 months if you prefer.
  • When you place an alert on the price of a product, we show the price history so that you always can keep a close eye on how the prices have changed.

The price trend reveals the future

Did you know that we have a price trend that complements the price history?

With the help of historical data on similar products, we can show a trend curve that indicates how prices can change in the future.

The price trend shows a red line showing the average price development and a red area for the spread.

We can’t guarantee that the price will follow the trend curve in the future, but we do our best to indicate how it could look.

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