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10 years ago

Not happy at all with InkPost. Bought a Fujifilm Z70 camera through them, a few months on, still under warranty, the camera developed black spots on the LCD screen. I hardly use it and it was kept in a hardshell cover when not in use, usually storing it on my bookshelf. I sent it to them explaining what happened and they decided i had put too much pressure on the screen & it caused the black spots. I couldn't find one person who could spot the "Indents" they claimed there were. Unless i could find a microscope, i would rather purchase a new decent camera elsewhere than pay the $150 it was going to cost to get it fixed (not a guaranteed fix either). Thanks alot INKPOST.


1 review

12 years ago

I was not happy with my purchase from inkpost. When I was looking for ink toners last year I ordered an Brother cartridge and received a generic one. There was no where on the website page it said it would be anything but a genuine cartridge. I thought, due to their claim that there is no difference I'd give it a go anyway. But it is rubbish! Don't take anything for granted when ordering from them.


2 reviews

12 years ago

Very prompt replies to e-mails. I ordered the camera at 3:30PM & it was delivered before 9:00AM the next morning. Can't ask for better that that. Would recommend.


2 reviews

12 years ago

Very good communication. Received the camera less than a day after ordering. Wouldn't hesitate to go back!


3 reviews

12 years ago

Following a few emails, which they replied to promply, I ordered a Speedlite 580EXII on a friday, it was on my doorstep monday morning :) Wish all online retails where this on to it. Also, this item was NOT parallel imported :)

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