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Edited 10/12/2018
Broonox(23 reviews)
Was shipped out within 2 hours of bank deposit! The best thing is that they provide you with the parcel tracking code so you can see where its at! Free shipping!
Zavistic(12 reviews)
Edited 28/11/2012
Fast and cheap, but I did not realise that the game cover would be both in English and Chinese... But game plays [is] the same, and delivery was fast (ordered Sunday received Tuesday).
MaikeruTech(10 reviews)
Perfect. Ordered an xbox 360 title late Thursday evening, received lunchtime Saturday. Exceptionally well packed, and in perfect condition. You even threw in some sweets? Are you kidding? Little things count. Will be buying all games in future from First Games - Fantastic work team.
Edited 11/01/2012
Unregistered88aaa2a5(1 review)
Quick delivery (free shipping of purchases over $35) and cheap prices for games!
Edited 30/11/2011
LukeSergeant(2 reviews)
fast delivery usually have cheap prices
butch161(3 reviews)
Cannot fault first games for anything. Ordered in the morning; received within 24hrs via courierpost - awesome service. Even spoke with someone on phone. They returned my call within 10mins. So far i recommend to all. Cheers.
Edited 24/09/2011
jumpindogg(4 reviews)
Ordered something one afternoon, it arrived the next morning with candy. Awesome.
TCJJ(1 review)
Fast(ish) shipping but getting a parallel-imported Chinese version of Halo: Reach was not what I wanted. The picture on the product's page was of the English version. They told me they would not refund me because of their disclaimer, which is two lines of text hidden within a bunch of other text, only accessible via a tiny little link at the bottom of each page. If you didn't know before-hand and didn't search hard for the information, you wouldn't even know that they sell parallel imports. The game still works fine but also includes Chinese subtitles if you change your console's language. It's also lovely to have Chinese writing all over my damn game's case and disc, as well as in the first half of the manual. This is pretty dodgy business practice. They should let people know that their games are parallel-imported instead of being discrete about it.
ironfist92(2 reviews)
Pre-Ordered a game, was expected to arrive on a Thursday or Friday, didnt arrive until the following Monday, without any email from them regarding the situation. Also, the game was from Asia, as it was Region 3 instead of Australia/NZ's Region 4 and had lots of Asian writing on the back. The game worked fine though and dialogue and text was in English, however I was annoyed that they failed to mention or give any indication that it would be imported from Asia.
tbonesteak(33 reviews)
Best store when it comes to buying games and console accessories. Free Shipping and no CC surcharges, A++
xforce777(1 review)
Thanks for the Super Fast Delivery the entire Purchase, Payment and Delivery in less than 24hrs! ordered a game at 2pm received the confirmation half an hour later and My game arrived early next morning How Sweet is That, Thanks First Games Team ;p
lazeraptor(5 reviews)
Usually one of the cheapest around after taking into account free shipping, decent site layout. Only issue was that I pre-ordered the game expecting it to receive it release day(thursday). Yet I received it the following monday instead.
biggs(1 review)
All went well with sale, quick communication. Great price. BUT contrary to what pricespy stated, there was NOT free postage
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