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Edited 22/09/2013
Ralph54(6 reviews)
Ordered a PSU from them and it arrived earlier then I expected! Really good service!
iiiiMagoo(1 review)
Without a doubt the worse customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered the wrong product (an OEM version of Windows 7), which when it arrived was damaged (small tear in cardboard sleeve, all seals intact and obviously unopened), I called them explained the situation, told them I would pay for the freight but wanted to return the product. They said that was fine, but when they received the product they refused to refund it because it was damaged, despite me telling them it was damaged when I received it. They were extremely rude and difficult to deal with. I would stay away from this bunch of rip-off artists at any cost. Avoid like the plague.
Edited 07/03/2013
Hemicuda(1 review)
As far as sales concerned, on par with other vendors....Now, warranty returns- that's another matter entirely. Sent the hardware back for warranty (Zcom initially told me the drive wasn't covered- which wasn't the case). Zcom's "testing" regime must consist of taking the hardware out of the packaging, slapping a sticker on it, then sending it back out. I say this because trying to use the drive in any circumstance shows at least one fault (the drive tray refusing to stay open long enough to insert a disc) of the three it developed. After contacting Zcom about the drive being in the same faulty condition as it was when I sent it back (including a short video clip showing the non-functionality), Zcom have decided to cease contact. If you value your hardware's warranty, I'd avoid Zcom like the plague. Will update the post once I upload the video showing the faults the hardware has, and initiate a legal action against Zcom.
Senna(2 reviews)
Was very happy with the excellent deal I got, service was very friendly and prompt, the best place I've dealt with in all honestly, wouldn't hesitate to go back again.
Edited 28/11/2012
h1n1(1 review)
Good experience until finalising the order, which is the reason for the one star rating. Once I payed using my credit card through their payment gateway I assumed the purchase was finalised. Shortly after I received an email stating that since this is the first time I shopped with Zcom I had to fill out a pdf giving away all my credit card details PLUS providing a copy of a photo id (front and back). On top of that they wanted to email or fax this to them. Now, this sounds very dodgy to me and is high risk to simply give away all this information about yourself. I'm not aware of any other shop where you have to do this kind of stuff. So, I cancelled my order and will never buy anything from them again unless they change their process.
Edited 03/10/2012
DZander(10 reviews)
Great service, was delivered the next day, my only complaint is that you have to ask for the courier tracking code. Nice to have stock levels.
str_mape(3 reviews)
I have ordered from them several times and things went smoothly good price, but my most recent order i got a Phillips monitor that had to scratches on it making reading documents (which i primarily use the monitor) very difficult as if there is any text under the scratch i have to adjust the page (which happens constantly when spell checking, After contacting them, sending them pictures calling Phillips twice, awaiting a new call from Phillips which i got on Tuesday as i called on Friday and the guy i had talked to was off sick, apparently it wasn't covered under warranty, so i'll have to be buying me a new one putting me further out of pocket. another minor complaint is that if you want your tracking code you have to email them and ask for it specifically.
josephgraddy(14 reviews)
Very fast on the email and clear communication. Ordered Monday night and arrived Thursday around midday to Hamilton. Excellent service. Website has up to date stock levels so there are no nasty surprises. Highly recommended.
Edited 07/06/2012
ChairmanDrew(10 reviews)
Ordered a graphics card through these guys. ZCom provided it cheaper than anyone else and delivered within a few days. Should also mention free delivery. Was at first a bit annoyed at having to email proof of credit account as a first time user but I now understand this precaution is in my own interest as well. Recommended.
mt4b3n(7 reviews)
Great pricing, quick delivery, a pleasure to deal with.
Edited 13/02/2012
jyan050(6 reviews)
You can always trust Zcom :) One of the best shops I've dealt with.
FuryUs(3 reviews)
Pleasure to deal with. Got a micro sdhc which had to be backordered and as soon as they got them in stock, they immediately sent it.
Edited 10/12/2011
TehDazMan(6 reviews)
Very happy with the service. Payment went through and I had called to confirm my payment and the lady at the phone said it would be sent shortly and received it the next day, a Saturday even. Definitely recommended.
Unregistered4a0adf44(1 review)
I found Zcom a pleasure to deal with, there responses were prompt and they kept me well informed, Delivery was very fast and FREE even other stores that have free shipping often charge extra for any kind of prompt delivery service. Less than 24hr to Otago Excellent service will recommend to my friends keep it up
geekerseeker(1 review)
100% Perfect service! and best of all - their product pricing INCLUDES SHIPPING :-) :-) Easy online ordering process; product arrived next day; excellent comms and they even threw in a USB ext hard drive cover, which was a perfect fit for my WD device! I'm rapt :-)
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