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7 reviews

3 years ago

Excellent store with very helpful staff. Have shopped here for many years.


1 review

7 years ago

I recently purchased a wireless audio receiver from Rapallo. Knowledgeable and friendly staff were able to make recommendations on the various options that were available. They were able to source for me a loss-less wireless receiver that was not otherwise available in NZ. They were able to supply it quickly and at a great price. It really sounds great and I have ended up with a much better product than i otherwise would have purchased. I'm very happy. I would highly recommend for great knowledge, excellent service and highly competitive price. Will shop again.


1 review

8 years ago

I bought the TXNR1010 from RapalloAV approx 3 months ago and all I can say is WOW! The guys at Rapallo worked with me fantastically and really helped me out, not only on the price but some tech setup too. They went out of their way to please so thats great to see these days. First the sound is amazing. Audyssey XT32 is everything magazine reviewers said it would be. The twin-core video processing.........makes my original XBMC and PS2 look amazing, it certainly has breathed new life into them.I really love the sound from the various blu-ray movies as it give a true" Home Theater" experience. All I need now is some decent speakers to go with the 1010. :)


2 reviews

9 years ago

have brought several items incl long run hdmi cables, hdmi splitter, various hardware etc and have been happy every time quality product - knowdledgeable service recommended ps: 10x guy - i call bs - and comparing the us is bogus - you get it shipped and taxed and see what you pay - yes it will be less than nz retail, but not 10x - but this is no different to other retailers


3 reviews

9 years ago

What a rip-off of a store. Their prices are about 10x higher than what you can get the speakers for from USA. Disgraceful, but I guess there's enough Kiwi suckers around willing to pay for 1 speaker as much as they would spend for entire surround system if they imported themselves.


1 review

9 years ago

not very happy with the way they do business, talked to the online live chat guy from RapalloAV, asked for discount etc, he said no and ask me if i can find anywhere cheaper. i can't so 2 days later i talked to the online live chat again and end up bought the $1000 speaker at 19/08/2013. 2 weeks later they are on 15% off on all their items for father's day. and i email them about this issues, no reply at all. no recommend to others

12 years ago

I Have bought several high end products off Murray (Oppo BD player, Velodyn Subwoofer, HDMI Cables). If you phone and talk to him he can usually better anyone elses price. I believe everything is NZ new with NZ warrantees. Before purchasing I got confirmation from Sound Group Holdings that he is an authorised Yamaha dealer. Free shipping if paid by internet banking. This guy is an enthusiast and knows his stuff. Highly recommended.


3 reviews

12 years ago

great online store.fantastic to deal with... BUT if your thinking of purchaseing an EPSON projector .....please buy sumthing else ,i've had nothing but issues with mine since day 1. defocusing, interpolation problems oh and not to mention EPSON customer support absolut shithouse. any one wonna buy a EH-TW5500

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