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8 years ago

I'm a child of the digital age and love shopping online. A lot of people do these days and with that a lot of retail businesses seem to be becoming obsolete. Or do they? When I was shopping around for my first 'serious' camera a few friends pointed out Photo & Video - these guys seem to be quite notorious (in a good way) in Christchurch! I was going back and forth whether to buy online or in-store and ended up going there and buying from a real person just for a change. First of all these guys are not at all or hardly any more expensive than online retailers. In 3 out of 4 cases they offer the best prices in NZ when I'm looking for something. But that's not even what my decision was about. The team has helped me out on so many levels, from decision making, the friendly offer of loan gear, they helped with relatively complex warranty claims and last but not least there's about 200 years of accumulated know-how working in that store. Did I mention that the staff is super friendly? They are all people who enjoy what the do - and it sure shows! So long story short - they are a friendly, competent, helpful, well-stocked and well-priced camera store and you should pay them a visit when you're looking for some quality input for anything photo or video related.


3 reviews

9 years ago

Great service and competitive prices. Their advice is top notch and they really know their stuff. Check out their website and send them an email (like I did) if you are unsure about a product or if you need a second opinion. If you spend over $200 shipping is free, when under the cost for a med-large camera bag to be sent in my case was $12. Their 14-day returns policy helped me switch a lens purchase and get the one I really wanted. Highly recommended! great service can't be beat.

12 years ago

Great service and competitive prices.

12 years ago

Great service, excelent advice

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