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David(2 reviews)
Fantastic service and fast and free shipping best customer service I've had from a PC store
Billy Zen(1 review)
Amazingly fast shipping and amazing price. Best deal by over 20%
2fst4u(1 review)
Really happy. Very low price and received the goods incredibly fast. Very good packaging on hard drives too.
Grim(1 review)
Great customer service from these guys, I changed my order after it was submitted and they were very helpful and got it all sorted for me. They list quality products with great prices, I have no problems recommending PC Force.
Benson_MK(1 review)
nice price and good service
matt_N(10 reviews)
delivered quickly and had no issues
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Ed(7 reviews)
These guys are great ordered couple of times from them no hassle good pricing.
Edited 07/04/2018
Otto-Grainer(1 review)
Just ordered a new Samsung 850 EVO SSD from their store. It was on sale cheaper than anywhere in the country, had FREE shipping, a lot of payment and pickup options, and I loved the layout of their site in general. The drive arrived less than 24 hours after the order processed. Awesome team, awesome website, I will keep an eye on them. [Update 2018]: Just ordered a budget gaming PC build, once again they had some of the best options for the price, after days of really comparing to other stores. And when it came to replacing specific parts that weren't optional online, their helpful and speedy response proved a big convenience and relief. Picked it up soon after and shook hands with the man, very happy with how it turned out. Only reaffirms my belief in these guys.
coolsuperj(4 reviews)
Excellent communication. Made a purchase for an item that later turned out to be out of stock (ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1070). They refunded my money within the next business day. Would be happy to try purchasing from them in future.
hovmoller(1 review)
Very quick and easy with good packaging.
Edited 24/09/2017
electriq(2 reviews)
Fantastic experience. Great prices and excellent customer service.
Edited 24/06/2017
J Person(4 reviews)
Top notch customer service. Shortly after I placed my order online, I received an email notifying me that their stock of a part I'd ordered was running low. I was offered a free upgrade to a better product in its place. My order shipped quickly with no delays because of the lack of stock. Most impressed by this excellent customer service. In fact, I registered with PriceSpy to place this review for them. I read these reviews when I decide whether or not to order a computer part/peripheral online, so I'd like anyone who does the same to know what a great experience I had with PC Force.
Edited 10/04/2017
dfitzy(1 review)
Very Happy with PC Force, fantastic customer service.
Edited 10/01/2017
OneSpecialDonut(7 reviews)
Really fast delivery aswell as low prices and shipped in really good quality. I would highly recommend
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