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Justin(1 review)
Placed an online order on 27/12/19, but I have yet to receive my order, customer service advises the courier is unsure where my item is. Would not recommend buying from this store.
sandeep2010(1 review)
Worst experience , placed order on 1/12/19 and today is 21/12/19 haven't got any update , customer service is even worst , please don't order anything online with this store 🥵
Lisana(1 review)
Terrible service and still waiting for my tracking info 6 days after purchase. I absolutely regret buying from them. They do not get back to you on email either so dont even try.
Chilli(1 review)
Expect to get a conformation order 5 days after ordering only because you had to call twice and ask, then wait another 5 days for your order to turn up
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Unregisteredbd4091ca(2 reviews)
I ordered monitor "in stock". They say Delivery in 3 bussiness days, but it took them 6 days to tell me, that it is not in stock anymore and i have to wait maybe month or 2. Awesome!
ClipIt(4 reviews)
Always been great.
Ershatz(1 review)
Never had a problem!
Edited 11/01/2016
b3taband(1 review)
luo(1 review)
I went to Mt Wellington to buy a cell phone, and was told to need a new sim card as the old one is too big for new phone. I confirmed this again from the sales. But when I arrived to 2 degree shop, that sim card was not that one, so I had to pay another one. The sales was too active to sell the extend warranty. About 2 ½ years ago, in another shop, an after paid extra for extend other 2 years warranty, the Indian sales face changed immediate (no smile) said: no including this, not including that…. I truly believe the sale is driven by profit rather to look after the customers.
chriswiz25(7 reviews)
They offer one of the best deal in town! Got the Vodafone Smart 4 Turbo for only $99 which includes Vodafone sim and a $19 prepay value. It's like buying a quad core phone for $75!
Edited 29/01/2015
browser(5 reviews)
Quick and free delivery of large multifunction printer ordered online. Courier with email updates made tracking easy. WS immediately answered my phone query regarding cashback offer.
Zavistic(12 reviews)
kevin7904(3 reviews)
Worst online shopping experience, ever. I have ordered Nexus 5 smartphone which was on a special and I clearly have checked its availability from their website before ordering. So, I waited for phone to arrive since the order status said it has been shipped and completed, but after a week it still did not arrive, so I have emailed them to ask for a track and trace number, but no response. After couple days, I rang customer service to find where it's at, they said they will ring me back, but no response again for a whole day. I rang them again next day and they said Nexus 5's are out of stock, so I'm getting a refund. But, their website says they have Nexus 5 in stock, available to buy online. So, I said I don't want a refund after all this time waiting, but I want the phone. So, they said they will ask their supplier and try to get one for me. After a another whole day, they emailed me saying they are sorry, but they can't get one from their supplier and I'm getting a refund. It's been 10 days since I have ordered my phone from their website and I still have not received either phone or a refund. I do not recommend anyone buying anything from their website. You never know that you'll get it or not.
Dark5tar(2 reviews)
A 10 stars store when comes to exchange/return policy. I purchased a Samsung phone from them, the first 2 units were faulty so they replaced it for me straight away (instead of sending it away to a repair shop, which could take weeks to get it back). Have also purchased an office chair from them; turned out the chair wasn't suitable for my back, so i took the whole assembled chair back and got it exchanged for a different model, hassle free! Will definitely consider my future purchases with you guys before any other stores :)
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