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nzconsumables(1 review)
NZ Consumables IT supplies Limited was formed in April 2017. We took over NZ Consumables 2014 Limited. We are an NZ based and family owned business with over 35 years in the Consumable and Hardware supplies Industry. Our philosophy is to provide the very best quality printer cartridges at competitive prices combined with outstanding customer service. We provide to New Zealand businesses, corporations, schools and homes with both genuine and generic ink cartridges and toner. Rachell and Joshua would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 0800 800 857
Edited 11/05/2014
Jukay(1 review)
Don't try to buy from NZ Consumables. They debit your credit card but you will not receive your order. I ordered 4 cartridges but 1 month later they still hadn't arrived. My emails to them were ignored. I asked for a refund three times but they never replied. Their phone was always engaged and there was no one I could talk to. Then, when I threatened them with legal action, they sent only 2 of the 4 cartridges but the 2 cartridges they sent were for some other machine and useless to me. I offered to return the 2 wrong cartridges but they never responded to my three emails. They just keep your money and give you the fingers. I have now used Ink Post a couple of times and their service is brilliant and just about over-night every time.
Edited 04/05/2014
MLC(1 review)
I ordered a Canon black ink cartridge on 21/12/13 but did not receive it and did not hear back from them. Impossible to contact them over the holidays as phones weren't being answered or emails responded to. Then between 7 and 9 Jan they made a series of promises to deliver, but they didn't, and they stopped responding to emails, so I asked for my money back and followed up with a letter. Needless to say, I have not heard from them again. Update from May 2014. Their website disappeared earlier this year and I assumed from other reviews that they had gone out of business. Recently I noticed that their website was back, same as before except that they now call themselves NZ Consumables 2014 Ltd. However, my old login still works. I wrote reminding them of my unfulfilled order from December but they have not replied. I strongly advise against dealing with this company.
Edited 10/03/2014
SHKWAV(1 review)
After paying for goods and not receiving them I tried very hard to contact someone and had no success. So I then called in at their premises as I passed through Wellington 3 weeks ago and discovered no one there . I then knocked on the door of an adjacent business and was informed that the owner only occasionally called in and he had told them that he was having financial difficulties and was handing the business over to his accountant to sort out. I can only assume from the business owners actions and lack of communication that he has gone bust! His website should be taken off the internet forthwith. Do NOT send any payment for goods! His accountant must be as shady as him and using any money received to pay off debt. If you have made a payment go to your bank and lodge a complaint as you may be able to get your money back. Please take note of the warnings on this page. We are genuine people and only wish to save others from being ripped off. Faithfully Mike
Edited 17/02/2014
Khmer(1 review)
Do Not buy from this company as they do not supply the product in my case $500 worth phone calls and email do not get answered, this is fraud, I have made a complaint with Police and have also advised IRD as GST was charged without supplying product.
hrnsm(1 review)
Do not buy from NZ Consumables - you will not receive your item. Their 0800 number and emails are not working. I called the sales manager's number and he promised to send the item immediately, but it's been two weeks and still waiting. I emailed and requested the refund, but they do not reply at all.
Unregistereda5d7377d(4 reviews)
They said that I could return Canon Ink that I had bought form them for a full credit. I returned it before Christmas 2013 but haven't heard anything from them. No reply to a number of e-mails I sent. On 3. Feb 2013 I tried to talk to them on the phone but always got a message that all their lines are busy. I left a message to return my call. They didn't. Tried it again two days later. Their lines are always busy .........
Edited 03/02/2014
Peter MacDonald(1 review)
Warning - do not buy from NZ Consumables. I ordered Toner, goods never arrived and there was no communication from the Company. Rang their number many times and sent emails. Clearly a company with poor customer service, not to be trusted.
Edited 16/05/2012
btong(8 reviews)
Took the punt and ordered from them. Prompt delivery (within 2 days of order). The only downside is lack of online tracking of the order progress. After making the order, it was missing from the order history despite getting a confirmation e-mail. And even several weeks later, my order history hasn't been updated.
Edited 30/08/2011
watqueens(1 review)
Ordered products on 12 July, it is now 30 August, still hasn't arrived would not buy again, no contact, no satisfaction, DO NOT BUY FROM NZ CONSUMABLES
Jakethepeg(2 reviews)
Have ordered once so far, delivery was very prompt. Free shipping is a bit plus - would definitely order here again!